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Dream About Mustache meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my sister's dream mean?

My sister had a bad dream last night. We think it's just nothing, but just in case it is, here it is. She was in a candy store across from a Chinese restaurant that mom and I were in. As she was walking out a strange man with a mustache and shaded glasses (obviously a pedophile) said as she was passing by "Hi little girl, how old are you, nine, ten? Would you like some candy?" "No, thanks, my mother tells me not to talk to strangers." my sister said. She sensed danger that he was a sexual predator and she walked away. He lifted her up and put her on his shoulders. She started screaming "Stranger danger! Put me down! This isn't my dad! AHHHHHH!" she tried to catch people's attention, but failed. Mom and I couldn't hear her,and trust me, she is QUITE the loud screamer! She tried to scream again, but two of his friends, (One male, the other female) put their hands on her mouth so nobody heard her scream. They put her in a black, tinted windowed, 2004 passat. Then, my mother woke her up for school. Is this a NORMAL dream for a ten and a half year old to have? I can't remember, I haven't been ten in a LONG time and I don't know crap about dream interpretation.

I had worst dreams and im only 11 not much a diffrence. Well if i had that dream i would be scared but since i had worst dreams when i was 10 i will say yes thats kinda of normal to me but you should wait till an older person (more experienced) answer this question. I even have dreams about the holocaust and me and my family dieing and worst. and i think what it means is well bad dreams USAULY dont come true but if i was her i will stick to my parent s for a while

Example: What does this dream mean?

There are many many rows of dark green chairs set up on a square padio in my backyard for a wedding. I go outside and I see three men in my backyard so I tell them to get out. One was alone, he was one the one I told and he runs to his other friends in the other corner behind the chairs.

I see a device on the grass that has one of those speedometers on the front that cars have, I pick it up and am about to throw it back to 'em but I see all three men walking up to me. One has a bat, the other has a gun and the other is unarmed.

I pull out my phone and am about to call 911 and the leader (a peurto-rican with a mustache, black hair) tells me to put down the phone and no one's going to get hurt. I nod "okay", I get back onto the phone with my mom and quickly tell her "Call 911! there are three men here and they're about to kidnap me!" Call 911".

After I say this, my body goes numb as I'm trying to force myself to move back to run. I go numb and can't move and am absolutely paralyzed, standing. I'm then transported into my World of Warcraft character, and I am tied up by the wrists on the back of a boat moving along the coast by a city.

I quickly get free and hop into the water thinking I can get away. I get onto shore and look behind me, however the three men are right behind me and are chasing me and chasing me. As I run I desperately try to call 911 but nothing happens and cops never show up. I run and run for about 100 yards and then jump into the water by a set of ladders (if you've seen the lord of the rings, it's the ones that the horde used to climb the walls in their attack) and figure if I keep swimming downwards into the bottom of the sea that they won't find me.

However, no matter what I did I was quickly subdued and instantly teleported back onto a larger boat with a machine gun attachment, I am completely tied up, on my knees, and my entire body has been paralyzed. I am scared shitless. I feel as if my life is going to end that very second and there is nothing I can do about it because I cannot move or do a thing to save myself.

Struggling hard to get free, my throat is very tight and I almost have a panic attack. Somehow, when the two main kidnappers get off of the boat I am free and I kill the man manning the machine gun with a knife, a stab to the neck. I steal the boat and ride it as far out as possible. 130 meters or so out, I look back and the kidnappers are gaining speed on me quickly in an even larger boat. One man is firing a machine gun at me and I try to call 911 again but nothing happens. I stop the boat and get into the water on the opposite side of where the kidnappers are coming from.

Once they've stopped and are looking for me in the water, I spring up and shoot the person manning the machine gun and he goes down. Immediately after he dies, both of us are transported to the three way intersection, the road leaving my neighborhood, however the roads have been turned into nothing but water.

Their boat is sinking and the last man alive is on the top, laughing hysterically. I'm really really scared of what he's going to do and he paralyzes me again and gets onto my own boat. I'm really really scared and I think nothing I can do is hopeless. Whatever I tried to do, they still caught up with me and I'm still their hostage and the police never came to save me no matter how many times I tried. I give up on life because there is no way I'm going to be saved and there's no way I'm going to get out. I might as well just not try to get out of my paralyzed state because there's no hope and no one is going to help me.

I've completely given up and am scared, cold, crying and I don't know what to do. My chest hurts, my throat hurts and I can't move a single muscle.

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok so i had a dream were me nd my girlfriend(friends not gf) nd i kissed her on the cheek...wut does this mean

Example: What do these dreams mean?

About 10 years ago I had a dream where I had really long nose hair that I would braid like pigtails and put a little red bow at the end of each braid. About a month ago I had a dream that I had an eyebrow underneath my nose, where a mustache would be but it was definately an eyebrow, and I was plucking the eyebrow for a perfect arch.

Example: If you dream about Vanna White with a moustache and Bruce Lee playing banjo, does that mean you're a gypsy?

Example: Ok, What the hell does this dream mean!?!?

So, I just had the craziest dream last night, Well most of my dreams are crazy, but this one was the craziest. I have no idea where the hell my mind came up with this ****, But I don't know would it could be, because nothing in this dream can be done in real life. Ok here it goes.

So I'm at a backyard at some house in seems like los angeles, Friends and family, and ppl are over for a BBQ, the suns just beginning to dim, were having a fun and socializing, smiles on everyones face. When suddenly we hear crackling noises all around us, I thought it was an earthquake at first, But silver somewat metallic spheres bursts out of the ground really fast go up acouple 100 ft into the sky all over LA. Were like WTF is that!?, They start to spin at tremondous speed so fast that it makes a supersonic boom kinda noise, when I see parts of buildings near it start ripping off and getting sucked into it, everything buildings, people, even sunlight. They looked like mini blackholes, I start to see my friends and family turn into a billion pieces then getting sucked into the spheres.

I for some had a weird feeling of running inside the house, into the bathroom, and jumping into a fully filled bathtub. Once in the tub, I suddenly start drowning, and im falling, getting pulled deeper into the water, it seems like the bathtub is deep as an ocean, Deeper, and deeper I get pulled into it, when I just so happen to fall down from the sky, which I thought was the sky at first, But the sky was an freaking Ocean!, THE SKY WAS THE OCEAN WTF!, Im falling backwards looking it, Until I hit and break a mirror, pass through it, hit n break another mirror and so on, Each time I would break a mirror, the broken one before that would reattach its pieces together to then I see my reflection each time i go through breakin one, Its feels like a never ending paradox, But eventually it ended up, everything changes all of sudden, Now im stuck inside a locker it was seems to be a submarine, Some guy with cpt hat and mustache opens it and he tells me"There you are, We've been expecting you, I hope the ride wasn't too rough, Come on" I follow him to the top outside deck were we see the ocean. The cpt guys says"Its beautiful isn't it, very vast, makes ya think ya know?" It took me awhile to realize that the ocean we were on is the ocean i fell from the sky!, I look up(which was down, since we were upside down or watever lol), shocked and surprised at what i saw at what seemed like earth, only it looked damaged, burnt out and destroyed, The cpt said we'll be landing in just a jiff, I need my crew to be ready" Idk what he meant, Then an explosion occurs on the submarine, which shook us to the ground, The cpt yelled"Those bastards found us, grab hold your weapons and equipment, Were gonna bail the ship!" Confused and dazed out from the xplosion idk wtf to do, The cpt says to me"We'll meet u in the way down, and stay alive, Because if you die, Then were ALL dead!" Then the everyone jumps off the sub backwards falling into earth away from the ocean, except me!, Stupid me was so scared i didn't do anything, Another explosion occured, then I woke up to my alarm.

Woah...What the hell...What does this mean or does it even mean anything? I just wanted to share because it was like nothing i ever dreamed about, its pretty weird.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was walking down an unknown street, with an unknown person, when I decided to glance up at the moon. At first, it just looked funny. Kind of like a spaceship, but a really floppy one. When I told my companion, they laughed at me, and called me stupid.

But I refused to give up, wanting somehow to believe that something was different because I was eager for something exciting to happen in my life. I stared more, and saw a light. I excitedly told my companion, but they refused to believe me, rolled their eyes, and walked away, leaving me alone. disappointed, I looked back up at the moon, which seemed to be really close, and realized that the lamp was a streetlight.

I kept on looking though, hoping, and sure enough, I saw even more lights coming from it. I decided to try to get closer, so I started walking, and the closer I became, the clearer it got. Then I saw that the lights were caves in the moon. Caved with lights on them. As I walked closer, I started to see stick figured, but they were odd, because they were covered with what looked like fire. My first thought was that they were christmas lights, but i panicked anyways, finding fire to be a more likely thing to see. I thought they were going to come down and attack earth.

Then I saw someone jump off the moon to land right in front of me. I was now facing an aged old lady who was dressed in this christmassy kind of outfit. She told me that the moon was filled with people like the easter bunny, elves, witches, wizards, and also santa clause, which happened to be her.

Then I started walking with her, and when she walked across streets, cars automatically stopped for her. We were talking about that when suddenly she gets serious, and says she has something to tell me. She summons this boy to us, who looked kind of funny because he has that poofy kind of hair, or an afro, and a weird mustache. he then tells me a story about how I was switched at birth, and my birth father was someone in the Harry Potter series. That Snape guy, which I thought was kind of creepy , because I actually read the books. And then I woke up.

I just answered a question for the strangest dream I ever had, and I was wondering what it means

Example: Pedophile Dream. What does this mean?

I had a dream about a pedophile. I was coming home late from school because I missed the bus and I was walking home alone, about 5 minutes from my house. I was walking home and a Pedophile in his Grey 90's Honda Civic was following me. He said he lost his dog and he needed help. I yelled out "NO!" and ran. He stomped on the gas and he came up to me. I asked a guy with a Hulk Hogen mustache and a mullet to help me. He was watering his lawn. He said, "I can't help." I ran home and the pedophile came out of his car, put a gun up to the door. He rang the doorbell and I went to the door. He saw me, shot the gun and i woke up. What does this mean? Also, the pedophile is the same pedophile in all of my dreams.

Example: Meaning of sexual dream?

I had a strange dream last night in which me and my wife were having a threesome with another guy. He was a stranger, and nothing bi was going on, both me and the guy were pleasuring my wife. I am a very light dreamer, if I dream at all, however this dream was SO vivid and realistic that for a good 2 minutes after getting up, I thought this incident happened in real and it took for me to get up and think deeply to realize that it was all a dream.

Now the the dream is all fine and dandy, but I am disturbed by two things, firstly in the dream, I seem to enjoying the situation thoroughly and in the 2 minutes when I was awake after the dream and thinking that it was real, I was enjoying "remembering" the incident and how great it was.

Example: What does it mean to dream of having a moustache ?

I'm a girl and i dreamt of having a moustache.. a really ugly one. What does that mean?

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