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Dream About Name Badge meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: To all you dream interpreters, what do you think my dream meant?

Last night I had a dream that I went to a place to get tattoos with two parents of a baby girl named Angel. I believed Angel had recently passed. I was watching the tattoo artist do the tracing onto the parents and when I looked down at my leg. I had got a tattoo of a police badge and the name Angel with a halo on my calf. I rushed to scrub it off and it appeared to be doing so and then I woke up...What do you think that means?

You need to be on your best behavior and stay out of trouble; in particular, criminal acts need to be avoided.

Example: What should i name my new horse?

i just bought a red arab mare, she's four years old, and i would like some really unusual names for her.
any ideas?

Example: Got any names for a male horse?

I am getting a red colored gelding (male) horse. He's 8 years old, and he's beautiful. He's 15.2 hands tall, and very sweet. Got any regular or show names? I'll be riding him english if that helps with the show name.

Example: Did I dream of my future boyfriend and my crazy dream about vampires?

I had a dream that I met a guy who was pretty big and big i mean around the waist big and he was short with short hair but he wasn't bald. We met at some event and we joked a bit then I asked for his email or something like facebook or myspace page so he gave me a name. What surprised me was when we started kissing lol! He was a funny fellow with thick eyebrows and my parents were in my dreaming saying that they had to meet his parents but he had told me that he only had a good relationship with his father and the guy who I met had a daughter too.
So is this a sign that i might meet someone?
Alright about my dream with vampires, so my friend and I were talking about Twilight before I went to sleep that evening. I was in some high school where a prom was taking place, I saw Bella in a skimpy dress so I followed her in the bathroom and I commented that she didn't look right in that dress so she changed in one of the stalls but not much was different. I walked out of the bathroom and ended up in some storage room at the end of a corridor, there in the room I saw a man dressed in a white uniform with badges as if he was someone from a royal family. Aro from the Volturi was standing behind him and so was another vampire from the Volturi was standing in a corner but in darkness. Aro said, "Say goodbye, Prince Clutz." Aro then went down to bite the prince's neck but I turned away and waking up screaming.
My friend and I didn't mention anything about the Volturi or Bella and I wasn't thinking about them before falling asleep. So maybe this doesn't signify anything.

Example: What does my bad dream mean?

I am continuously having bad dreams about my new job that I started about a month ago. I wasn't having any dreams until this week. I keep forgetting my name badge which allows me to clock in and out for the day, ans the other night I dreamt that I was dealing with a very scary looking man who threatened me and made me feel extremely uncomfortable. What is going on? Please help!

Example: What does this dream mean? So random!?

I had such a strange dream last night. I kinda felt like it wa set during the 1950s, there were a few people ina room with me who i didn't know. Then I lost this like little badge or something and I felt I had to find it, but all I could find were little earrings. Then, for some reason, i realized that if I didn't find it I would die, and the only way I could be saved was if I divorced my husband (I'm not married, but I was in the dream it appears). So we got a divorce in the local supermarket, and when I looked at the certificate it said I had three kids, and I recognized the names, one of them was of this girl I don't like, and the other two were her siblings. Then I woke up.
I know it's weird and random, but does anybody know what it could mean?

Example: What does a zombie apocalyspe dream mean?

Last night, I had the scariest dream. Like ever. It started with me packing to leave because of the zombies. I grabbed only a few things and some writing I had done. My family and I drove into our town and for some reason, there were a bunch of tame, baby wild animals walking around. I picked up a baby tiger and then I walked to a nearby store to ask for a rabbit to feed it {This, my friend, is what you call a weird dream} but the cashier thought I was trying to rob him and pulled a gun out and pointed at me. I left and then walked into a movie theater where they were playing a movie about the disease. Suddenly, a bunch of people started falling asleep and they woke up as zombies. I ran into a copy room and the room turned into some kind of emergency shelter packed and crowded with sick people who were about to turn, but they wouldn't let anyone leave. I was scared and didn't know what to do, since all I had was a baby tiger, I looked around for someone to help me. I found this guy who looked like Dean Winchester carring a little kid and, since he seemed safe, we decided to team up. Suddenly, everyone started running, and we saw a HUGE herd of zombies coming at us. Somehow, we made it out unharmed and we got in his car and drove away, for some reason I was smiling and still holding the tiger, and then it ends with me naming the tiger ' Noah'

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay so last night I had a dream that I was in my living room, which was filled with Nazi officials, Adolf Hitler, and a couple of my friends, and my house was a bunker. My house was surrounded by soviets and all of the doors were being guarded by soviet soldiers. Outside there was gunfire and bombs. I was going through a chest of trinkets that had things like jewelry and badges, but then some people told me that the soviets were going to kill us all, so I had to create a diversion so everyone could get out. That's the most I remember, but idk what it means! I haven't read about WWII or seen any shows about it recently, and I'm not scared of nor do I hate Hitler, so why did I dream about this?

Example: Weird complex dream, what does it mean?

i was walking to my friend rachaels when we were stopped by a big group of somali pirates. they asked us a question and we brushed them off, knowing it probably wasnt best tl do that. we then carried on walking to hers watching them the whole time to make sure they werent following us to her house to see where she lived. i kept looking behind the house to see if they were hiding round there because we knew we had annoued them. i went to school, which was really big and had loads of huge steps leading to the entrance and felt like i was being watched and followed the whole time. lauren my friend then told me that she had pissed off these pirates too (she did boxing in the dream) and they had then got somebody to go and train with her and then beat her to death, but she survived to warn me. we then went to this old lady who was an expert/psychics house and she said we were being watched and that they were going to kill us, but we werent being watched by them, they had other people doing it. i went out with my boyfriend who lived down the street from me and he went home. i had to go home alone to what looked like janes house (who is my auntie i used to live with but recently had a big falling out with and moved out-in real life that is) but was a lot bigger and had massive glass windows and doors so it was really open. i knew i was still being watched. i unlocked the door and walked in but the door wouldnt lock behind me properly at first. it finally locked and i walked into the living room but the lights wouldnt turn on so i could barely see anything. the tv was really really loud and i was trying to turn it down in case there was somebody in the house, so i could hear them. i then noticed the gigantic pile of washing in the hallway had been knocked over and all the cushions on the sofa were out of place and the throws were all messed up and i knew i had left the house tidy. there then was a voicemail that played on its own. it was a man talking with a lisp and he said something like 'hello sarah, it was so lovely to see you and your cousins and your nephews and your neices' i then got scared because they knew my mum. then i heard a noise by the front door and a letter dropped through the letter box. i saw a man pick up letters from the floor and look at them standing against the wall. at first i thought he was outside but then i realised he was inside the porch! he was a white, largely built bald man, and i knew he knew i was in the house and that he wanted to kill me but he was playing with my head first. the dream then seems to jump back in time to being at the old psychic ladies house with lauren and she had recieved a letter addressed to lauren. she opened it and inside were mine and laurens school badges with our names on them with the words 'murdered' on them. and then starts talking about the trial.. i shout nooo! and the psychic lady just smiles and says its true it will happen. i then woke up still feeling like i was being watched.

Example: What does it mean when I hear my dead relative call my name in my sleep?

Okay so I was in bed, sleeping and I was dreaming that I was laying in the dark on the sofa in my mum's TV room. I heard my name being called in the distance by a woman two times, first my nickname then my full name, when the woman called me by my nickname, I didn't reckognize her voice but when she called me by my full name, its sounded a lot like grandmother but she died years ago. I then woke up & felt very uncomfortable. The strange thing though is if it was my grandmother, why didn't she call me by the nickname my family from my mother's side calls me? my grandmother was my mother's mum. I'm not scared or anything, the paranormal world doesn't scare me. I just want to know what it means when you hear a deceased relative call your name in your sleep?

But wait, plot thickens, I then have another dream where it's night time, I look out the window & the main gate is open, I then open the front door & proceed to go close the gate, I first check if the coast is clear, LOL just a old habit, night time makes me a little nervous. I then close the gate & attempt to lock it but for some reason it just doesn't want to lock, I then spot something from the corner of my eye, vague image that kind of looks like middle aged chubby man with a black hat, mustache, badge coat & black umbrella starring at the house, I then look in that direction, where he seems to be standing & there's nothing there, just a shadow that's made by the outside spot light. I then continue attempting to lock the gate & still no luck. I then walk back to the front door still seeing this vague image of that man in the corner of my eye, I turn around once last time & nothing, just same as before, shadows on the wall caused by the outside spot light, I then wake up.

What does all this mean? I started goggling for meanings, answers & was given 3 possible answers... 1. The dreams serves as a warning of my own death, health related issues,etc. 2. The dead needs me to help them, still attached to this world & 3. The person the dead is trying to contact is closed off from hearing their message, they then turn to the next person, relative close to the person they trying to contact...

Please no crappy answers or say something stupid because that would just be a waste of my time to read it and a waste of your time to write it.

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