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Dream About Napkin meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my crazy dream mean?

My dream last night: My family and I were in a car sorta late at night and we were driving to out house. There is a 3-way intersection near where I live. A man was standing in the middle of it shooting everyone in sight. My mom tried to run him over to stop the shooting but missed. He got angry and chased up our big lane to our house.

I must have been scared cause I woke up right there, what does that dream mean?

Hopefully it's not a sign of the future. The way things are going may be right around the corner. Should you see someone doing that I wouldn't advance towards them and give away where I live. I'd try to turn around and go the opposite way as fast as I can.

I say sign of the future because I had a dream a few years ago that terrorist dressed in black with the black hoods on their heads kicked in our back door with A-k's and ordered my family to the floor. (Meant they were taking over)

Had another dream that I was somewhere outside and a mam dressed in a white suit was sitting at a table with a white table cloth and had his hand under a white cloth napkin. Next thing I knew an old truck overloaded w ppl sped by and began shooting everyone. Looked like Middle East decent people (civilians)

I looked and turned around to the white table and the man in white suit shot me in the neck. Stunned with disbelief I couldn't move and couldn't ask for help. I put my hand over the wound and bled out. Finally I gradually made it to a neighborhood with a lot of people partying outside and no one would help me. I squawked the words ambulance and they laughed so hard at me; crying, I made it to the back door and they told me to go inside so I passed thru all the people and see the man in the white suit inside laughing at me. Everyone laughed and I woke up. Never have figured that one out but still bothers me to this day. Maybe I'll post it here and see what reaction I get.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that me and my friend were sitting in a car, I was eating Mac and cheese that had melted plastic over the top, and I was picking it off while we laughed about it. Then I laid my head on his chest because I was tired, he started rubbing my face with his hands, and then I felt him hesitant to kiss me, and then he eventually did, and I opened my eyes to see if it was him that was kissing me, and it was. Then before I could react I woke up.

Some info, we're both guys, I've always suspected he might be at least bi. I guess you could say I'm bi as well but never had feelings for a guy before until I met him. Now we have a very strong and open friendship, but the sexuality thing has always been an elephant in the room.

What could my dream mean?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I was sleeping then I heard nosies...I woke up looked out the window and I saw 5 guys coming in my house.I was home alone.I don't know why I took the phone and tried to dail 911 but the guys disconected the phone.so I ran in my closet to hide.Then they found me their and told me to go downstairs.I when I sat down.and one of the guys asked me what is my pride.I didn't say anything and he was like thats what i though you have none.I was crying.They where eating bananas and drinking this red drink that my dad makes all the time..Right now we have bananas in our house and the red drink.so I said can I go get napkin they were like yes.I got up closed my eyes and said how did yall get into my house,How did yall get the password to the alarm system.One of the guys screamed my name and I woke up from the dream.I don't know why but when I woke up from it my heart was beating really fast and am shaking.I don't know why.What does it mean

Andd yes my dreams are stupid

Example: What does the dream mean? HELP!

i had a dream and i have no idea what it means, or like, what it means with my life right now. so here it is: i was in the parking lot with my mom, and an RV with this girl i know as the driver, trying to get out of a parking space, and in the process, she runs over alot of cars, including my moms. then, this other girl i kno says and does something (i cant remember). then, my mom's like, "what do we do?" and we walk to the front of the shopping center and stand at the curb. then, a guy i know pulls up and i say, "lets hitch a ride with him, then call a tow truck." at first she's like, "no, i dont think so" but then she said "sure". then, the dream cuts to a different thing. and i'm not sure but i think the restaurant it cuts to was in the shopping center and we were standing in front of it when we decided to hitch a ride. idk though.so here it goes: i was at a restaurant with alot of my family and relatives, and there was this guy sitting with us, he was hot and blonde and a jock, and i liked him, my family kinda did too. but then, in another room of the restaurant, there was another guy, brown hair and i really liked him too, i think i liked him more than the blond, but i cant remember. so i'd keep going back and forth to talk to them, and so i was with thte brown hair guy, and we were messing with packs of pens in bags, and i've got them between my hands, and i ask him, "how old are you?" i can remember what he says, it was like, 18 or something, and i told him to guess how old i was. he said 14, and i said, "close, 13." (which is how old i really am.) and i said, "i'll be 14 in 10 days, wait, is today july 31? (which was yesterday, today is aug 1) i dont know what today is." and he held my hands aroud the bags of pens, which were very slim, and then, i had to go back to the other guy, and my family. there, one of my family members came in and needed napkins so i gave them to her, and she complains about how all this food that fell off other plates is in her area, and all that, so i'm standing up and talking with the blond, and something bounces and hits the top of his head, and i'm like, sorry, and my mom kinda laughs, and then, i ask him how old he is and he doesn't reply (i'm not sure but he might have said, 18 or somewhere around there). then, i go to the brown hair guy, and i say, "write your number down really fast on a number or sumthing, and he does with one of the pens. then, i go back to my family, and my mom says, what are you doing over there? and i say, "oh, my friend jessica is over there", and she goes over and i say" look, its eugene-ee" and the guy turns around and its not him, but it looked like him from the back. so then, we go into a room, further into the restaurant, and i'm lookin for this girl that could pretend to be jessica, and this girl waves to me, so i'm like, "jessica!". then, she goes somewhere, and i'm like "where'd she go?" and my mom says,"yea, where'd she go?" (she said it in an attitude that was like, "i call your bluff".) then, i see her and i'm like, "she's right there, in the pink shirt with blond hair". and then my mom goes up to this random table with a man and his family i think and says" my daughter wants to be the kind of girl who is over here with one guy, and when her brother's friend is over, throws her brother out to be with that guy". and i'm lookin really embarrassed. then, the dream ends. please help me figure out what it means to my life right now! or what it means for my near future! sorry if it was confusing and ask if you need any more details in some parts. THANKS SO MUCH~

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I always have these dreams, where I'm in a play, or musical, or a dance show, but I never know what im doing. Like in the dreams, ill be on stage absolutely clueless of what my lines or moves are. It's like I signed up for a musical without learning what I havet do, you know?

Example: Dream interpreters what do these dreams mean?

Two dreams. The first one happened the other night, the second one happened last night.

First dream: a fire broke out, i don't know where it happened, it was on grass. Anyway, i tried to put it out with my foot but it didn't work, the fire just spread. I remember thinking to myself "Oh no not again", in my dream i had a memory of it happening twice before.
Anyway, the fire was pretty intense. There was a load of people from the community trying to put it out, my brother was one of them. His friend was somewhere in the fire and i remember panicking and telling him to do whatever he must to get his friend out (i really like him in reality). My sister was also in the fire but for some reason i didn't care, all i cared about was my brother's friend's safety. Anyway, i started running, i had my phone and was trying to phone him but there was no answer, by this point i was nearly having a panic attack over his safety.
Finally it answered, but some man answered and said "sorry but we are unable to take your call as there is no-one in the world available at the minute.
I then ended up in a hospital, my brother was in it, he was in ward 8, and i remember walking up the corridor, on each door i recall seeing ward 3 and 8.
Inside he was laying on a bed, beside him on his bedside was a ridiculously large book and on top of it was a pane of glass.
Btw, i didn't see anyone get burnt in the dream.

Second dream: I don't remember a lot about this dream, but i do remember that:
The guy i like was in this dream again. It was dinner time, he was in another room and his dinner had gotten cold, so i reheated it for him, there was chicken on the plate, i set the table for him with napkins and a knife and fork and made him a cup of coffee. I didn't have any dinner, instead i just ate a banana.
The dream changed, i was walking through the city centre to go to college. As i was walking, i had a plate of food, a fried eggs two sausages and bacon which i was eating whilst walking. I thought it was weird, but i looked round and someone was walking along drinking something from a mug, so i didn't think anything of it.
I also remember at some point during my dream that i was reading my horoscope, i can't remember what it said but it was something good, like good news.
That's all i can remember, maybe this dream doesn't mean anything i don't know but thought i'd ask anyway.

Could you please interpret these dreams?
Thank you

Example: What does my dream mean?

so in my dream
i was with my friend From church.. we were going to our friends house.. and for some reason i was walking with my pants down and my butt showing.. and i was cleaning my butt outside while standing and talking to my friend, in front of our friends house.. i had poop... i used some napkins and a rag to clean... I felt little embarrassed and then i acted like it was normal..and He wasn't disgusted.. as we went inside the house, i was still had poop..and i went into the restroom to sit on toilet..

and the restroom was beautiful. it was big. it had a closet that lead to the sink and mirror...in front of the toilet was a big open space, and a table shape floor was connected to the floor... meaning the floor had another layer over it...the bath room also had 2 step ways (meaning like a porch) (practically the bathroom was big enough to be a room that can hole a large bet, tv, shelves, sofa.).

what does this mean?

Example: What does this odd dream with puppies mean?

I had a strange dream and I don't know what it means,

My three dogs, my Mother and Me all left Nevada to go to California, I guess I fell a sleep and when I woke up in the car with a blanket over me and a pillow in the front passenger seat and asked what city we are in and she said 'Poke, California' we joked and I guess I went back to sleep, I then woke up again and it was like 6 in the morning but I was in a I don't know, a little old RV and we had our car attached to the back with the dogs and when we checked them, my Chihuahua had puppies? I was delighted but my mom wasn't, they also had strange eyes and she said they are deformed and we can't keep them, they looked like baby rats with small Chihuahua ears and one looked like a rat type puppy with my Poodles hair, my mom yelled at me and said ''ugh! if you weren't so irresponsible and have took her to the vet this wouldn't have happened' then we cleaned the bedding because she just gave birth? And then my mother got a napkin and grabbed one puppy at a time and threw them down a toilet somewhere, I think it was in the RV and only left one white one before I woke up, what does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I saw myself building/going through a city, then find myself on the top of a tower. I'm standing on a balcony viewing an entire city, then I find this guy I know, his gf is impersonating him, dressed as his favorite singer, she was staring at me and walked towards me, giving me a set of small boxes covered in a white cloth or napkin and left standing by him. Then I saw this guy again he was standing next to me, and saw two dogs, they were small with golden hair, long ears jumping from one balcony to another joyfully, a little boy was leading us to them. What does this dream mean?

Example: What do you think this dream means?

I had a weird dream last night. I was in my high school gym and I was sitting down on the gym floor around a bunch of my classmates but I was off by myself. This play was going to start soon. Two guys that I know in real life and am friends with, Justin and Tyler, walk by me trying to find a place to sit. While Tyler goes off and sits by his group of people, Justin says "I'm going to sit here" and sits next to me. In real life, me and Justin don't talk much but I kind of like him although I am in a relationship. Out of nowhere this sandwich appears in my hands (it's a peanut butter and jelly sandwich). Justin then says "Oh, napkin" like he wants the napkin but I give him a piece of the sandwich instead. The dream ends there. What the heck does this mean?

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