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Dream About Napkin meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean? crush and dream question!?

i had this crush on my cousins best friend (cousin is a girl, my crush was a guy) and my cousin and i would go to sunday school, she had this friend there and i liked just when i met him. anyway we were together alot, he told my cousin he liked me and she told me. so that was 4 years ago, now im seeing him alot lately we dont talk but i see him around at church, church picnics and i saw him at my summer school. so i had 3 dreams about him. the first one i was standing outside of my summer school and it was raining. he looked through the window:
Him: Hey
Me: omg (his name)
Him: you remember me?
Me: ya from sunday school right?
Him: ya

and then i asked for his number and he wrote on a napkin:
22 no attention
what the heck does that mean?!

the second dream i was sitting on a couch with my cousin and she was waving at someone and telling them to come and it was him again! he came said hey and we sat

the third dream... my 2 cousins, my crush, and i were walking to the mall and i was with my crush. we were standing in front of a fountain and then we went into hollister and he was about to kiss me! but then he said we shouldnt. then we walked and he put his arm around me and i woke up

these dreams werent all at the same night. but what did all this mean? and on 8/22/2010 i saw him at this church picnic and he was right in front of me. and he was watching these kids in this big blue castle trampoline. and you could see through it so i walked past and he looked at me for a while then turned cause this girl was talking to him. and at sunday school he didnt get along with my little brother he went inside the blue castle and my brother didnt see my crush look at him (im very open with my brother and i told him me and my crushes story) but he might have recognized him.

what do the dreams mean? does my crush still remember me? please help me!

The dreams simply mean that you have a crush on him
You can casually say hi to him if you see him around and see if he remembers you

Example: What does the dream mean about seeing a used sanitary napkin?

Example: I dreamt a wowan give me her baby to carry with so many pampers or called napkins. what can this mean?

i have being trying to conceived and just had a dream when a lady offered me her child to carry including her pampers . what can this dream meant. i had been desiring for a baby all this while. Please can someone help me to determined this dream?

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

I had a dream that my boyfriend, my friend Kristy and her friend Nicky(who doesnt exist) were traveling across a bridge called D'Napkin bridge. The bridge was like a walking escalator(like at an airport) and it swayed. We were sitting on the bridge traveling across and 2 times all 3 of them fell in the river while I managed to stay on the bridge. I googled D'Napkin(i dont know where my mind came up with that one) and found nothing. Also by the end of my dream my best friend Kristy was all of the sudden black and she had red hair. Anyone who loves dream interpreting...help me out! haha

Example: What does my dream mean...?

I was in this park at my old school and in the back there are trees and a lake and its creepy and i kept thinking about that... then all of a sudden the lake was right next to me and there were 2 people a lady and a guy and one of them threw a ugly napkin with like a rock inside it into the dirty brown lake and it turned out it was a game... they wanted me to go jump inside the lake and get the rock. i kept looking around wanting to leave and then started to think about me jumping into the water to get it.. but i kept thinking 'youll get hurt' 'theres sharp things down there' 'there is big fish in there' and i didnt wanna get it... then the lady put another rock in and jumped in for 5 seconds and came out and had got it.. im not sure if i jumped in or not though.. then it ended and i woke up. what does my dream mean?

Example: Does Anyone know What This Freaky Dream means?

Even though I just had it, I have already forgotten a lot. I was talking to someone, complaining about the fact that I was being blamed for something I hadn't done.

I said to the person, "It's not my fault. I'm rotting." I then touched the top of my head with a napkin and realized that the top of my head was putrefying! Everything else on my body looked (and felt) fine. I don't usually have such vivid dreams, let alone nightmares so I am quite freaked out.

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok it starts off like this: i was sleeping on the bus and my crush sat down next to me. he took my bag off my lap and shoved it in the hole in the seat. then he reached his hand toward my chest. i woke up and looked at him and asked him what he wasa doing then he asked me if he could touch me there. i said no and he said please it went on for a little bit. then i looked around and saw my bag was gone so i asked him where it is. he pulled it out of the seat and gave it to me. then we appeared at school and my bus was late but it wasnt my watch was wrong so i went to homeroom. then i sat by my friends. then we were in the band room and there were piles of clothes all over and my crush kept following me and i kept hiding. then we were in the lunch room and in the napkin thing there was moldy corn dogs and the line was clogged up and we were waiting and i was close to my crush. then we went to our last years english teacher because she was our teacher again this year. i dont know why. what does this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

It hard two parts. First part involved me at a hotel with my dad, mom and a family friend. We were in the swimming pool and I ran into my ex who I always had feelings for. My mom and dad stayed down at the pool and me and him went up to my hotel room. The matresses in the hotel room were all stacked up and the room was very messy. Our family friend was sitting on top of the matresses and my ex and I sat on top of the matresses talking to him.
The second part involved my going to my parents house with a baby shark stuck to my leg. I was asking them to get it and kill it. It was an acid shark and could sting and cut people by shooting out these arrows. My mom kept getting it with a napkin but she kept dropping it. Everytime she dropped it, it would always come after me and my legs were cut deeply and I could feel the pain. She got it after the thrid time it escaped and flushed it down the toilet.

What does my dream mean?

Example: REALLY weird dream. what does it mean ?!?!?!?!?

okay this is a very strange dream i had last night and i was just wondering if anyone knew what it meant.

i started off singing in a band in front of a huge audience and after wards i walked backstage. then the scene changed. i was lying on the side walk in front of an apartment. an old lady came by and i went to live with her. then the scene changed again. a cop was chasing me across a field but i got away. the scene changed again. i was at my band's concert but my manager was singing in my place. my outfit for the concert popped out in front of me. i put it on and crawled under the benches and jumped on stage. i jumped on stage right after my manager fell off and i sang a song. then i threw the audience my napkin from my water bottle and my crush caught it. then my guitarist brought out a cookie cake and i cut it and we all ate it. then i woke up.

weird huh? if anyone has any ideas about what this might mean please tell me. if you've had a dream like this please tell me.

Example: Dream meaning of possession?

i had a dream that my 6mth old was walking but something or someone i couldn't see what like holding her arms back behind her and hand (pams) facing up like wrist bent back ugh she she turned and the look she had was idk i think her eyes where black and then she fell and ... i blow it off in my dream and then i went to the restroom and there was a fire and it was her shoe just one on fire and a napkin.. ive been having trouble sleeping like i knw this sounds very crazy but i feel like someones watching me .. it could just be all the scarey movies i watched or maybe Ive been trying to get back into church and put god in mine and my children life's and i just want to know if n.e.one knws what this means these are the only part i can remember but they are in my head like if i can see them and everything in my dream is the same as it is in my house and i've never had that usely things are some what the same but change aswell .. :C

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