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Dream About Narrow meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Alligator Dream Meaning?

I had a dream that i was helping an alligator give birth.
Whats weird is that i know alligators lay eggs, but in my dream the alligator was a mammal and it kept giving birth to live young, and every time i thought it was over, another baby would come out. It was pretty strange...

what could this mean?

An alligator in a dream is unfavorable and means to proceed with caution. Midwifery- as in birthing theses alligators- "signifies unfortunate sickness with a narrow escape from death."
It sounds like the alligator is represtening a person or situation that brings nothing but misery u feel u have to, not only endure, but assist in.
Sorry I couldn't find anything positive, but I hope all turns out okay.

Example: I had a dream-me & my 2 frnds chased by bull & we escaped by narrow margin -what it means?

i had a dream that me and my two friends were chassed by bulls and we all escaped by a narrow margin -what is it means pls give answer

Example: Birds in dreams? Whats the meaning?

I had a dream that a Morepork/Owl looking bird come through my glass door that slides open and while i lay on my stomach i put my hand out and it clung on real tight to my Index finger.

I let outside. Then welcomed it back in to see if it would come. It perched back onto the same finger i held out for it

Later i found Paper with a sketch i drew of it on it

What could this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm not expecting to find a professional psychologist or something of the like, but I am curious of the opinions of common people.

In this dream that I had a while ago, I am walking through a dim-lit house with hay covered floors. In my arms I hold a baby which I then lay down on a table and leave behind as if where I could go, the child could not. I continue on into a narrow hallway where I begin to walk slowly as if I expected something to happen. And, after only a few steps, I fell through the hay covered floor and into a sort of basement. After gathering myself, I looked forward towards the other side of the room and saw a man. I didn't know him but I felt like I recognized him (although this isn't so strange since people we see in our dreams are most often ourselves in different forms). The man held a small animal in his hands and ripped at it with his teeth. I remember blood spilling onto the floor and dripping from the man's mouth. And as he realized I was in the room, he stopped, looked up at me, and very seriously said, "You know what you are."

I've had many dreams similar to this since I was thirteen, all involving dark creatures, wolves, blood, forests, etc. Some have been so vivid that they took me the whole next day to return to this world.

If you have read this and are prepared to answer, I'll let you believe what you want to believe. I am not inforcing my personal thoughts or suggesting what these dreams mean, I just wish to know what the common people think.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that makes me feel very uneasy. I cannot go back to sleep. In my dream I seemed like I was keeping a very low profile in a huge but confined city. I had ragged pair of jeans with white t-shirt and a black jacket (seemed like leather). I walked into this dusty pub looking for someone but I don't know who I was looking for. I sat at the bar and before I could say a word to the bartender, a vampire sat next to me. The vampire didn't have any interest in sucking my blood or anything like that. He just looked straight into my eyes and told me that "I should watch my back". In my dream I began to think about what the vampire said rather than getting scared. Then soon after, when I left the bar, I woke up.

Now I am awake and I cannot fall asleep for some reason...I cannot put my finger on it. Please help...I normally don't dream but when I do they always mean something.

Example: What do your dreams mean?

I had the craziest dream that i went on a road trip with all my friends. To make a long story short, they all got killed except my best friend Brianna. The "killers" gave me the option of killing her and living or both of us getting killed. Of course, i couldn't kill her, so they killed me. I don't know if this has some secret meaning, or if it was just some weird random dream. and its not like i was watching some scary movie or anything before bed. Please decode my dream!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm walking alone in a small, narrow hallway and it's like all dark except this one light at the very end.

I always keep walking towards it and eventually start running towards it but it has like a tredmill effect and it seems like it's getting farther and farther as time goes by. It feels creepy and I have a feeling about what it means but I'm not sure.

So if you know what it might mean then thanks.

Example: What do dreams of obstacles and narrowing passageways mean?

I often have dreams that I am exploring a new place, a huge building complex for example. Everything is going fine, and then I come to some sort of obstacle (gate for example) that I have to squeeze past to go any further, past the obstacle the path gets narrower and narrower and feels claustrophobic. I have to crawl through really small, long and winding tunnels on my belly. If I decide to avoid the obstacles and narrow passages to go back the way I came, I find that the way back has also changed and become full of obstacles and narrow spaces.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I often dream about buying a house. the houses usually have rooms that I didn't know were there. Some times the passage ways to get into these rooms are very narrow (some times it's scary to get in because it's so narrow). Often there are allot of showers or bath tubs or a big, ornate swimming pool with antique tiles. I dream this allot and would love to know what people think it means.

Example: What does my dream mean?

So every night I have this same dream. Does it mean anything or is it just a dream?

Everything is very flat, so I can see a long way. In the distance, I see a group of people, so I run towards them. I get closer and see that the group of people is a bunch of people or monsters preparing to kill someone I love- be it my crush, best friend, whoever. So I run faster trying to get there in time to save this person. I'm almost there and the group kills the person I know. And now I get there, and take revenge by killing the people\monsters, but more and more of them come and eventually I'm overwhelmed and they kill me, in a different way each night. Shot, burned, drowned, cut up until i bleed to death... not nice, but true.

Soooo... What does it mean? Any suggestion would be very appreciated...

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