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Dream About Nasal Mucus meanings

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Example: Zyrtecs, kittens, and wheezing, oh my!?

I have cat allergies, which have in the past been mostly respiratory with a bit of sniffling included as well. However, the allergies didn't stop me from adopting two adorable kittens this year whom I love with all my heart and would never dream of giving up! I have found that taking two Zyrtecs every morning prevents me from reacting to the cats almost at all. BUT- I have also noticed that since beginning my daily Zyrtec x2 regimen I have had multiple instances where I am waking up in the morning with really bad wheezing. Twice in the past 3 months it has turned into a full blown bronchitis type situation where I have a lot of "junk" in my lungs that I need to cough up. I have two questions concerning this - #1 - could taking 2 Zyrtecs per day when the bottle recommends 1 every 24 hours be the cause of this? and #2 if I were to take a Mucinex or equivalent tablet once every two or three days to try to prevent this from happening, would I be harming my health in any way?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Time for a trip to the doctor for a different antihistamine. The two doses of Zyrtec is not recommended, but is likely not causing that wheezing/mucous situation. It's allergies that the Zyrtec is not controlling. Just went through this with my doctor - but my allergy is molds and pollen, and our humid weather has made it especially bad for me this year. I am on a prescription antihistamine and nasal spray, and an inhaler for when the wheezing is bad. It has made a significant difference! I was taking Mucinex for the junk in my lungs - my doctor advised me not to as it is meant to make a dry cough into a "productive" one - meaning that if you have mucus and you are already coughing it up, then the drugs like Mucinex will make that worse. A doctor is your best bet, so you get those allergies under control and can enjoy your kittens. Try wiping them down with allerpet wipes, and getting a hepa-filter vacuum bag and vacuuming daily. That will help with the dander which is what you are reacting to. Good luck!

Example: Nasal block - Need home remedies?

I'm getting nasal block frequently for the past one week and breathing properly is my dream now. I used the nasal drops for 4-5 times a day and now it is also not helping. Some times the runing nose is clear and sometimes thick mucus. But most of the time the nose is dry, but blocked. I mean no mucus really. Please help me providing any home remedies. I'm afraid the nasal drop spoiled me entirely :-(

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