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Dream About Natural Disasters meanings

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Example: What do my disaster dreams mean?

Ive had dreams about pretty much every natural disaster there is:

Deadly pandemic
Nuclear warfare
Asteroid impacts

In all of these scenario's lots of people die and sometimes i escape and sometimes i die and wake up.

I quite often have dreams about being hunted by dinosaurs too. Ive had far too many dinosaur dreams to count. Sometimes i have zombie dreams too. about %80 of my dreams are about some sort of disaster, the other ones are just pretty normal.

Im from england and the closest thing to a disaster ive experienced was a 4.2 earthquake

I dont mind them so much, sometimes they can be pretty intense, but if it gets too bad i simply wake up.

i would guess you are suffering from mild Anxiety that is affecting your dreams.
when you are afraid for no reason your mind will conjure up its own horror scenario's
see your Doctor, you need to take something that will chill you out a bit

Example: What does this dream mean (natural disaster)?

I dreamed I was in some sort of bus and suddenly the earth next to the road started to fall in, like it was sucked down from beneath, it was dust everywhere, people screaming and trying to save themselves, I remember jumping out of the bus and running away where the earth wasn't falling down. It had a end-of-the-world like atmosphere, what does it mean?

Example: What does a dream about natural disaster typically mean?

I had a dream that my family went on a road trip to Alaska (we're in NY) and I decided to stay home. I went to the mall on some weird boat/barge thing, really old-fashioned and when I got there I was chatting with my best guy friend. Then we could see over the horizon (there was like a whole wall of windows so we could see that far) a storm coming. This huge lightning bolt struck and started this enormous fire. It was far away, but it was huge. Then came a tidal wave that put it out. I turned to look at my best friend but he wasn't there anymore. It was my boyfriend, who then whisked me and a few passers by to safety. What does it all mean?

Example: What do natural disasters in dreams mean?

I've had many dreams involving humongous tsunami-like waves and tornados. With the wave dreams, i feel as if I'm hopeless. There's this wave towering over me, and i don't have enough time to run, i just have to stand there and let it wash me away.

Example: What dose it mean when i dream of a natural disaster.?

i dreamed there was heavy wind and that i was buy the see and my brother was in a box with sand.i wanted to help him leave to a safe place but i left him and ran while i left i was crying looking back and elling him i love you...can someone please tel me what that means?

Example: What does it mean if i see natural disaster in my dreams?

Example: Frequent natural disaster dreams?

Ever since I was a kid I've dreamt of natural disasters. The dreams all feel extremely real & it takes me several minutes after waking to calm down.
I would often wake screaming at the top of my lungs & my family had to calm me down.

Common themes have been: giant waves, tornadoes, storms, wild fire, lightning storms that seem to catch the sky on fire.

One that shook me up the worst only last a few moments.
It's night time. I walk outside following a loud rumble, I look around & notice neighbors walking out of their houses, screaming looking at the sky.
The moon is shaking & bouncing in the sky, appearing to also move in closer.
Then it turns red, explodes & everything goes dark.
I woke up shaking & disoriented & didn't sleep well for weeks because I was afraid of what I might dream about again.
Although not a natural disaster it sticks to the same theme & gives me the same feeling of: this is the end & there is nothing you or anyone else can do to control it.

Any thoughts?

Example: I keep having zombie dreams and end of the world dreams, like natural disasters? What do they mean?

Example: Dreams or natural disasters?

I have to write my senior research paper and I'm trying to decide which topic to go with. I want to use dreams as my topic because I've always wondered why we dream the things we dream, what they mean, etc. and I just think this topic would be really interesting. I was also thinking of doing natural disasters because the information would be really easy to find and is still somewhat interesting. What do you think?

Example: Reoccuring dreams of natural disasters?

I have a few reoccuring dreams, but the ones that stand out the most are the ones of natural disaster.
I'll dream that there will be 50 tornados ripping through my town and Im trying to find shelter, but Im not always scared. Sometimes I can tell myself in my dream "this is a dream".
I also have dreams of Tsunamis, and fires breaking out every where.

In my dreams im usually trying to take pictures, of the tornados, or of something that is so AMAZING and beautiful, but I can never get the picture in time, or my camera wont work for some reason.
Im really into photography, so this usually really upsets me when I cant get the pic I want!

WTF do these mean?

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