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Dream About Naturalist meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Consecutive dreams, what do you think?

I had two dreams in a row, in the first... I'm at a place next to a street, there is a house nearby that looked pretty active inside, it seemed they were throwing a party outside. A man was drumming and I asked him why, he said ''to keep the coyote away'', he had stopped and a wind blew a white whispy figure resembling a canine or a skull appeared down the street and looked at me, I felt a heavy pressure on me as if I were going to freeze... the dream ended. In the next dream I was being chased by someone at the mall and hid in a trashcan, I heard a voice it told me that I had gone into it's stash of food and that it was a coyote spirit, also warned me that it may ''nibble'' on me if I were in there as it ate, it got darker and deeper in the trashcan a few seconds later and I woke up.

Is there anything to this, can anyone make anything of it.

Ok, so its established that
1) there is a coyote after you
2) that #1 is scary for you

This may seem confusing, but just because something is scary in a dream, that doesn't mean that it will harm you. It could just mean that you are scared, and that it is quite reasonable to be scared. If you go slow, and figure out this coyote, I suspect that you may eventually find out that it is an ally. It is a heavy pressure now, and threatening, no doubt about it. I don't know what it is, but I would tend to believe that it is something within you, that is wild like a coyote, but that, like a coyote in the ecosystem, has a legitimate place in your psyche. Be a coyote naturalist (I mean symbolically). Study and respect your coyote, try to learn from him, get a little closer, while keeping a safe distance.

I wonder if the drum scene is to say that if you get busy with the rhythm of life, the coyote will be kept at bay. But that isn't right - we need to pause and consider things, the busy-ness of life (like the party) is not really where its at.

In the second dream, hiding in a trash can: how is your own image of yourself? Is there any sense in which you feel like you deserve to be hiding in a trash can? If you came out, you would meet the coyote spirit, but look at what it said - it is only going to nibble. That's not so bad, come out and endure a few nibbles in order to discover what this is about, I think it would be worth it.

Go over your own associations with coyotes. Certainly, they howl at the moon, they represent some kind of connection with deeper things. May I suggest? On the next full moon, while no-one is watching, go out and howl at it. I am not trying to joke, but suggesting it as a way of trying to feel what the coyote might represent, as a way of getting in touch with it.

Hope that helps.

Example: Why is it called "birds and bees"?

I mean could that be any more deceiving? Who and where did this phrase come from?

Example: Help me this dream that I had about daffodils and cancer?

I prayed and ask for a dream telling me when I'd see the guy I like and what I needed to do so he'd marry me

and I had a dream that I the cancer society called my house 3 times and asked me to volunteer for them but I wasn't available to answer the phone because my uncle kept telling me not to reply and answer the phone that was ringing next to me (from a different person) and I was trying to keep my uncle happy so I didn't answer the phone.

Then I went to the cancer research society physically to volunteer but they told me when I got there that they weren't accepting volunteers that day...

So based on this I think the dream is either about him or me or both...

I had 3 chances to date this guy, but each time, I threw the opportunity away so that could signify me ignoring the phone

On the other hand, he was single 3 times in the last year and pursued another woman instead of asking me out, so the three phone calls could symbolize him...

It could mean that

a) He ignored me when he was single 3x
b) When I was single he tried to date me but I ignored him

or it could mean that

a) I had three opportunities to date him but didn't take advantage of it
b) I wanted to date him but discovered there was no opportunity or availability for me... either he had moved to a different city or already gotten a girl pregnant

Example: Can someone take me seriously please?

Since I have absolutely no Dream Job where I interact with people,
does that mean I should give up and become an Accountant since it will easier for me.

Honestly, my dream Job is to be a Farmer, a Naturalist, a Plant-Sculpture, a Gardener.

Does that sound Pathetic or am I just not Cutting it? Am I doomed to Failure?

Example: Naturalists, Existentialists, etc. Since thoughts are immaterial, how do you fit them in your paradigm?

Example: Overrated animal dreams?

i really want to work with animals, i have a true passion for them, i own many exotics and have wanted to work with them since i was little, but i feel like everyone wants to do it too, like im just like everyone else. its not about them, its about the animals. but i feel like people dont really really have a passion for it and they just wanna play around in shows with dolphins and play with other exotics bc they went to seaworld or a zoo and dont really understand its not about that.. its about the animals... so is my dream of actually doing something for animals and becoming an actual trainer/ caretaker overrated? if you dont agree explain...

Example: Poetry Analysis Help?

Can anyone tell me what this poem means?
Thanks a lot!

Pray to what earth does this sweet cold belong,
Which asks no duties and no conscience?
The moon goes up by leaps, her cheerful path
In some far summer stratum of the sky,
While stars with their cold shine bedot her way.
The fields gleam mildly back upon the sky,
And far and near upon the leafless shrubs
The snow dust still emits a silver light.
Under the hedge, where drift banks are their screen,
The titmice now pursue their downy dreams,
As often in the sweltering summer nights
The bee doth drop asleep in the flower cup,
When evening overtakes him with his load.
By the brooksides, in the still, genial night,
The more adventurous wanderer may hear
The crystals shoot and form, and winter slow
Increase his rule by gentlest summer means.

Example: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck - Help?

This is a homework question I was given...

Think of one word that describes all the characters in the book—one
word that somehow captures what they all have in common. Then write a paragraph
in which you apply it to the characters and include examples that show
what you mean. Here’s a sample:
All the characters, including Curley’s wife, are x. Curley, for example, shows he is x
by . . . And Carlson is no different. While different from Curley, Carlson . . . Several
others, Candy and Crooks, . . . Finally, Lennie and George, despite their differences,
are both . . . For example, . . .

Example: What is the meaning of life... how do i live it?

Well... this all started when i saw a question asking if this outfit is alright. Some answers were saying it's weird and some were saying who cares. You do what you want.
And then i thought to myself, why does everyone want to be the same as everyone else? They want to be accepted and just be the norm. They all follow the trend. Buy the same brand clothes. Shop at the same stores. Etc.
So i thought, i want to be different. Just somehow, i wanted to be unique.
So... in my own sort of way... i changed myself to be slightly different. I bought make-up from brands that i havent really heard of but seems pretty good. I bought unique keychains and other small accessories from ebay in designs that no one really ever finds or buys.
I never bought famous brand clothes and shoes anyway.
I became a vegetarian, not necessarily because i wanted to be different and unique but because i saw something online that sparked my love for animals. Plus, i kind of thought beef and pork was disgusting anyway. I just wanted to put a little more effort to do a little better for the other animals too. And after i became vegetarian, i developed a little more love for nature. And i wanted to change my pink room to something more green and have like tree and leaf designs and stuff...
And i started listening to jazz or more quiet indie type or music instead of hiphop.
And i would just like to add here that my interests just changed and went more toward that direction not because i WANTED to change but it just sort of happened. I wouldnt listen to indie music when i hate it just to change myself.
And then i realized that... i've just moved to another category, but i am still the same as all other vegetarian nature loving hippie.
And no matter how i change myself, i will just be following the trends of another category. If i was ever to love metal, i would just be following the trend of all metal lovers.
I can never be truely different in this world with 7 billion people.
If i earn a lot of money and buy the biggest house, the fanciest car, and have the prettiest garden... i will just be fitting in with the rich people.
If i give all my wealth to charity and live somewhere in the green, i will just be like any other naturalist.
No matter what i do, i will be like someone else. I can never be different.
I dont know what my goal in life is. Am i just wanting a great husband, dreaming of having two children, a nice house with a big backyard with maybe a dog?
I don't know what i am striving to do. Till now, i've been working hard in my studies to become something that makes alot of money and just... make alot of money... Cuz that's what everyone wants... money...
But i dont want money anymore...
I dont know what i live for. Why am i living. I can't find my reason to live.
I am just a lost soul. Living my everyday life like everyone else, but i dont know where i'm going.
I imagine myself when i've achieved all the typical achievements like making alot of money and having alot of wealth... and when im on my death bed at the age of 80... would i be happy and feel accomplished? I just... i dont know...

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