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Dream About Nature meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this disturbing dream mean (sexual in nature- you've been warned)?

Last night I had a... very disturbing dream. I remember it in great detail, as it freaked me out. I won't give all the details, but here's a synopsis:

There's a girl I've had a crush on for a couple years IRL. I'm a minister, so I'm not into the whole sex-before-marriage thing, and I'm 17, so I'm too young for marriage, so I've never seriously considered dating her.

Anyway, we're having some sort of party for her in this backwoods town somewhere in South America. It's the town's religious custom to, every so often, have a person sacrifice some part of his or her body to some god or other they have. However, this year/decade/whatever's candidate has somehow died. The high priest, or someone, decides to let my crush pick who loses what as a replacement- apparently it's in honor of her party. She chooses me, and she chooses for me to lose my genitals.
The town has apparently done this before, for they offer her a choice of what to lose: one testicle, both testicles, both testicles and scrotum, or everything including the penis and pubic hair. She goes for everything and grins at me. So I'm grabbed from behind and put on this altar, and while I can't see it happening, I can feel every second of it (this isn't unusual, I've felt pain in dreams before). Dear God, it was the creepiest thing ever. It felt like my junk actually went dead- I couldn't feel it anymore, as if it really had been removed. In my dream, I looked, and they hadn't even left a scar- nothing left at all. Apparently my crush had to lose something too, since I saw them cutting off one of her nipples.

At this point I woke up, shaking uncontrollably and heart pounding harder than it does when I'm in the gym. (In fact, my hands are shaking a bit as I type this.) I'm not sure I can look at her again, I'm so shaken up by this dream. What in God's name could it mean? Or does it mean anything? I don't normally remember my dreams this vividly, so I get the feeling my subconscious is trying to tell me something.

You're a minister? Crush your desires, or else you will regret it later. She took your Virginity, thats all that sacrifice meant. You gave what God gave you as pure and let a sexual desire take preference to what you promised God you wouldn't do. The high priest was the devil.

Example: What does this dream mean?

last night i had a dream that i lost all of my teeth...what does that mean?

Example: Dream meaning?

I keep dreaming of the colour green- what does this mean?

Example: Dream meaning-pregnant?

i keep having dreams that i am pregnant or have a newborn. I mean it is so clrear, i even remember the babys name and everything.what does that mean?

Example: Dream meaning?

So there's a boy who i really hate, but he keeps showing up in my dreams. Like in the first one, he's playing xbox with my dad, and in the next he's apologizing to me for being so mean to me. In my friends dream, we got married. Does this mean that i have repressed feeling of a lovish nature?

Example: What this dream means?

ok last night i dream that i had a baby what that means?i dream that because i love my boyfriend and i want to have a baby with him?

Example: Can anyone tell me what this dream meant? Seems spiritual in nature...?

Hello, I really need to know what this dream meant last night. I dreamt about a really polluted water hole next to a hotel. It was so polluted the water had turned red and you could pinch the top and lift up a weird textured film that would stretch accross the water. I was actually walking on the water and talking to ...my dad about how people say that the nile had turned red because of red algae. Then I called a reporter to come report on the water but when she got there it was no longer dirty enough to walk on. Suddenly I was in the water and she was on the shore crying because she felt like her life was a failure. Then suddenly it was like I was channeling and telling her that she was a beautiful person or something like that but I was still aware of what I was sayng, then I pulled something that seemed like a rock out of the water and handed it to her. Please can anybody tell me what this dream might have meant? Love and peace~ Heidi

Example: Holiday dreams meaning?

I had a few dreams about Christmas. I was with family, opening gifts, and the house was beautifully decorated. I also had dreams about my birthday. What do they mean?

Example: ...meaning of dream?

2 questions:

if u have a dream of same sex relationship(not friendship) what does it mean?

have a dream that ur teeth fell, what does it mean?

Example: A mother nature related dream do you know the meaning?

Hi, so last night I had a strange dream. I dreamt that I was visiting the Statue of Liberty (but I don't think it was in New York) anyway it was like we weren't allowed to go near her like everything was closed up and it was like there were no guided tours allowed anymore. So, we stood at a distance a tried to take photos of her.

I remember in my dream standing in awe of the statue and later finding out no one was allowed to go near her because she represented Mother Nature?

Can you interpret this dream for me?

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