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Dream About Navel Pain meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Having a dream about my navel and gunshots, what does this mean?

I had this weird dream a few days ago that was so vivid for me. I was basically in a county which in real life is fine but in my dream was full of bad guys with guns and whom were very angry. I remember sneaking around them and then being on a train or bus with some people... I can't remember entirely everything but I remember that they were shooting at the bus (I think that's what it was) and then I remember feeling some pain knowing I got shot somehow and when I looked down I saw my belly button kinda 'ripped' open I guess you can say, and I thought it was next to my bellybutton but it actually WAS my bellybutton... It was yellow and pus-looking the interior.
The rest of my dream was odd as well with an airport, an escalator with clear glass sides and I kid who was being a smartass towards me and I think he tried to shank me or shoot me. BUT that's besides the point.

Can anyone tell me a meaning or something close to why my bellybutton was ripped open after that shot in my dream and why it was so graphic? (like the coloring, it was so weird)

Any answers would greatly help! :)

Sounds to me like your dream is involving two groups of people with opposing ideas. This can be in reality also. Your group and this group are taking shots at each other with insults maybe and are expressing your opposing ideas which is why you all are in battle with one another. You've become "wounded" by something that someone has said and it stuck with you. That's why in the dream you were struck by the bullet. What they said must of hit a core since the belly is the core of your body. All the traveling in the dream indicates your group is trying to go somewhere with your ideas but you have opposers. The kid is just someone young or who you think to be immature that stood out to you and had something against you or against what you had to say. That's why he tried to stab or shoot you. The words he said, as with everyone else including your group are symbolic to weapons. Words are weapons in this dream.

Example: What does it mean when i had a dream of getting blown up and dying but still feeling pain?

I guess i have a job at the mall my and my friend were on break outside when she gets out of car and says its time to get back to work but another friend of mine pulls up to the side of the car so i jump to the back seat to talk to her when all of a sudden i hear some say omg did someone just throw a bomb? next thing i know i feel something go boom along with that i feel this enormous pain but im dead right when the bomb hit and they're still trying to rush me to the hospital and my body's split from my collar bone to my navel area and I guess i grow impatient don't know why if I'm dead but I get off the stretch tilting my body to one side so it doesn't fall apart and then I wake up.

Example: What do you think on my views on "life and all that"?

This will be simple. There are two things. One is awareness. The other is belief.

Awareness is something (like a brick wall) and knowing it exists.

Belief is what something meant to you (the brick wall has healing powers).

Awareness is truth. Belief is neither true nor false.

You can “believe” the brick wall has healing powers. Your friend does not believe that. It does not matter. Beliefs can change.

The brick wall is there whether you “believe” it should be or not. The brick wall will not suddenly disappear because you suddenly “believe” it should.

This list will be of my awareness.


#1: The universe consists of astral energy.

#2: PARTS of that energy turn into dense physical matter (like rock). OTHER PARTS of that energy remain astral (like our souls) or fluid (like water) or vaporous (like steam).

#3: Our physical bodies are solid. Our souls are astral.

#4: Our souls enter our bodies to learn lessons in the physical realm (Earth). Our time on Earth is our “schooling”, so to speak.

#5: We do not have one time only in a physical body on Earth. After the current body dies, the soul goes back to the astral realm until it enters the next body. This is because we cannot learn everything we need to learn within one lifetime.

#6: Souls are not created with bodies. A soul enters the body about two or three months before it is born (pulled out of the mother).

#7: This lifetime of yours on Earth will be different than the next and was different than the previous. You might have been poor and in bad physical pain during one lifetime and rich and in good health during another lifetime, like learning one subject and then learning another.

#8: A “new” soul (first time in a physical body on Earth) tends to be self-centered, possibly paranoid, and thinks about trivial issues (like, “If I comb my hair properly and wear the right suit, everyone will like me.”)

#9: An “old” soul (lived many lifetimes in physical bodies on Earth) is more understanding, wise and perhaps passive. (“It doesn’t matter whether I comb my hair or wear certain clothes. It’s not going to make the sun stop shining.”)

#10: Our souls are fragments that split apart from astral entities. Each entity splits into about a thousand parts. The eventual goal of each soul (after living all its physical lifetimes on Earth) is to combine with other souls and re-connect into entities.

#11: Marriages (and even friendships) are like this Earth’s rehearsal for that type of “combining.”

#12: When two people share a “common bond”, they might also share an astral bond (having split from the same entity).

Example: Help Me With The Meaning Of This Dream... ?

I just awoke from a nap about an hour ago and I had an incredibly vivid dream.

I was awake while I was getting a tummy tuck surgery... It didn't hurt when the doctor was stitching me up and I was looking down at him stitching me right under my new navel.

Afterwards it hurt my new stitches to breathe... right on my sides.

I woke up because I was in extreme pain...

Quite a shock if you ask me...

What do you think it means?

Example: Can someone please interpretate this dream or give me a website to do it? PLEASE HELP!?

Last night I had a dream that really has me worried. In the dream my husband and I were driving a pick up truck. In the dream I am pregnant and all of a sudden my water breaks and I go into labor. As im laying there in pain I suddenly see a head poking out of my navel. YES MY NAVEL! LOL After that the whole baby comes out and I died or pass out and when I wake up the baby is laying in my arms. As I'm laying there I look out the window and I see my husband walking into a grocery store with a child that looks about 3 and im assuming it's suppose to be our child too. After i see that I wake up. what does it mean or does it have any meaning @ all? Thanks

Example: I had a dream that i was pregnant?

and while i was walking i ened up in this room with a doctor and a guy i was telling the docotor i was in labour he kept telling me not yet i could not hold back so i took off my underwear as soon as i did the babys head poped out and the baby started to cry i was hurting but as soon as the baby came out the pain ended instantly the guy was sitting infront of me kept staring at me he never took his eyes off of me the docotr seemed startled the guy wanted to cut the navel string of the baby but i screamed not wrong place and then the doctor cut it but the baby has little to no blood on it just slime but it was a beautiful bay what does this mean i feel really terrified and mostly because i am single and not pregnant
i do hope to find a good partner but i am waiting for that person please assist me

Example: Plaes help i am so scared!? COULD I BE PREGNANT?

Okay so i had intercourse exactly 14 weeks ago on the day my period ended and i took plan b after it (within 72 hrs). i waited till my period came and when i didnt i waited a couple days and i took a pregnancy test(first response) which was negitive, than i waited a week for another one and again negative. that night i got my period! it was slightly light but still filled up a tampon. so i was very relieved but i was still having the same symptoms (abdominal pain, sore breats, back aches) 6 weeks after intercourse from plan b. so i took 4 more pregnancy tests and still all negative. the abdominal pain was not sharp or constant but it would be on and off. so i tried to wait it out. it would go away for a week but than come back. it didn't seem to be agitated from snowboarding everyday for a week which is good. so than my next period came and it was a full on period which last 4 or 5 days with heavy cramping and with some clots(exactly like a normal period) i took midol and all the period cramps went away. so i really dont think im pregnant because i had sex the day my period ended (slims chances), i took plan b, got both periods, NO weight gain at all, no nausea/throwing up, no cravings. BUT i still have back aches and my boobs have gotten bigger(im 15 so maybe im just growing?) and right now my stomach is tender to touch and it hurts when i press down near my navel (belly button) iv never been pregnant before (obviously) but i dont think that pregnant bellies are supposed to hurt this much when you press down on it. so i just want to know do you think i could be pregnant? could plan b have caused something serious? has anyone had bad experiences with plan b? thank you for reading this all and all answers are very much appreciated!



I was three when my old man left in the wind
Pushed me in the ocean, turned around and said "swim"
That's what I did even though I was scared
I kept kickin 'cause a person only floats when he's dead

If I had one wish, It wouldn't be wealth
It would be that if we could just love ourselves
Cause every day it's like we kill a million dreams
and it seem everybody on different teams
I don't mean to get deep, I'm just speakin the truth
we in a two-bed traila with a leak in the roof
I ate potatoes every way you could ever make'em
When you're hungry gotta use your imagination
My mom did her best, she would hug and kiss me
Even though we had more ****** mice than Disney
I still had some polo's and plenty new draws
While she was livin life with the same tow bras
The lighting strikes like Garth say thunder rolls
Life is cold like an Eskimo in summer clothes
I suffa softly, but never let nothing stop me
And I miss my little girl like somebody shot me

[Chorus x2:]

I be prison made cross, **** diamonds and jewels
Still flya then Jordan when he was runnin with bulls
So many shots had missed, so many cops was pissed
So many songs I have written in the past on this
It's a lot of impostas tryda tell you the same
But how the **** can I explain, no one knows my pain
From the cord on my navel I was G from the cradle
I don't snort'cause they say that ***** Caine killed Abel
I'm not sure you understand it but I must express it
Santa Claus is on heroine, there ain't no presents
And Mom all this **** makes my eyes so watery
Now I understand why you tried to win the lottery
We gon' make it I promise, don't let the memories haunt us
I remember we was at the bus stop in pajamas
Tryna run from a home that brought so many tears
Bad luck like we musta broke a thousand mirrors


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