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Dream About Navel meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dreamt of my navel being kissed?

it was incredibly vivid, a guy I have known for a while kissed my cheek, neck, then my navel repeatedly (there was a lot more focus on the navel)
It felt emotional and was incredibly vivid. possible symbolic interpretations? thank you

Kissing can mean approval, acceptance, respect, sealing a pact or coming to an understanding.
The navel, belly, abdomen can mean the emotions and repressed feelings - (gut feelings).
The boy you know is an aspect of your personality which you are learning to understand.

So you are learning to understand and respect your emotions and feelings.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about. . ?

I had a dream where i had gotten piercings on my hands.
In my dream there was about 40 piercings on each top of the hand [oppiste side of palm)
What does this mean?

Example: Having a dream about my navel and gunshots, what does this mean?

I had this weird dream a few days ago that was so vivid for me. I was basically in a county which in real life is fine but in my dream was full of bad guys with guns and whom were very angry. I remember sneaking around them and then being on a train or bus with some people... I can't remember entirely everything but I remember that they were shooting at the bus (I think that's what it was) and then I remember feeling some pain knowing I got shot somehow and when I looked down I saw my belly button kinda 'ripped' open I guess you can say, and I thought it was next to my bellybutton but it actually WAS my bellybutton... It was yellow and pus-looking the interior.
The rest of my dream was odd as well with an airport, an escalator with clear glass sides and I kid who was being a smartass towards me and I think he tried to shank me or shoot me. BUT that's besides the point.

Can anyone tell me a meaning or something close to why my bellybutton was ripped open after that shot in my dream and why it was so graphic? (like the coloring, it was so weird)

Any answers would greatly help! :)

Example: I'm dreaming i have 3 belly buttons/navels, whats it mean?

I have googled and the explanations seems to just be very vague and for just seeing 'a' navel not multiple navels. Was rather weird.

Example: I keep dreaming about my navel...and apprently it means I a laten lesbian...I attracted lots of girls in early?

I attracted allot of girls in my early teens obviously I exuded some kind of lesbian bi vibe anyways so I think I might be a lesbian but I dont like kissing or oral sex and think being a lesbian is immoral, so what do I do?

Example: I dreamed that my navel(belly button) had some sort of infection, and it hurt. What can this mean?

Example: What could this odd dream mean?

I had a dream it was odd and somewhat sexual. In the dream I was at this guys house talking with him (in real life I found him on Facebook) about a girl I like and he had a model railroad layout (he does that stuff too) and the odd sexual part was when I saw a toy battery powered train he was running I told him (we both have navel fetishes) about the girl I like where I tickled her navel and her belly a little bit, and from what I remember she laughed and said it tickled and I told him what I did and about her reaction and he just laughed and said "I bet it did". Btw we weren't gay because I only found his fb page by accident and he has a fetish for female navels just like me. What could this odd dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was in a bathroom and my belly button was hurting because of my belly ring so I looked down and my belly ring was stuck in the hole so I pulled it out and it started to bleed at first it was a little bit and the I had to keep using paper towels and I walked out of the bathroom and I was in the middle of the hospital asking for help and noone would help me so I stood there almost bleeding to death the blood soaking through a lot of paper towels and blood was coming out of my mouth too.

Example: Can anyone tell me what this dream could possibly mean?

I've had this dream twice where a small, dark green snake is crawling out of my navel. It's pretty much the only dream I've had more than once, and I was wondering what it could mean.

Example: What is the meaning behind this dream? ANSWER MINE AND I WILL ANSWER YOURS!?

I had a dream that I went to a large 'crowning' of Girl Scouts and we had to spend the whole day at the place in small cabins. It was a really hot day. For some reason, there were girls from a camp that I went to in Summer 2013 and my best friend was there too, but she really is in Girl Scouts. Also instead of my troop leaders, there were leaders from my camp in 2013. This camp that I went to in 2013 was in Ukraine, because I that's where most of my family lives, but me and my mom have been living in CA, but for the past two years, I go to Ukraine for summer vacation to see my dad who lives in Ukraine. And in the dream, I was really scared and frustrated. I kept losing things that I need in order to be able to be at the ceremony (I don't know why there was a ceremony to crown Girl Scouts, because there is nothing too formal to join Girl Scouts that needs to happen in reality). Then in the dream, some leader from the camp that I told you about (Ukraine 2013) said that in order to get to the ceremony, we had to jump from one side of where all the cabins were to the other side, where the ceremony was going to take place. In the dream, it was already almost sunset. I was really scared cause I had to make a huge jump. Other people would jump halfway and land on a rock below, and then jump from the rock to the other side. I was almost about to not do it, but a leader came over the loudspeakers and said that whoever didn't jump, would not become a Girl Scout. For some reason, in the dream, I thought that this was life or death, but I decided to jump over the cliff. I tried to jump to the rock that was halfway through the jump, but I didn't jump far enough and fell. As soon as I fell, I woke up from my dream. What could any of this mean, it seems really strange. I WILL ANSWER YOUR GUYS' QUESTIONS IF YOU ANSWER MINE!

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