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Dream About Navel meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: From Vishnu's navel, there is a lotus on which Brahma is sitting - What is the meaning of it ?

I want an esoteric discussion on it.

Vishnu dreams the universe. The lotus is his divine energy. Brahma sits in this energy and creates the world.

Example: What does it mean if you have a dream where you and some of your family members are dying?

The dream started kind of fuzzy but I remember that I was somewhere with my dad and brother but we were hiding because someone was trying to hurt/kill us. This girl had syringes full of something lethal and then we fought and she threw some and my father was hit, then my brother got hit in the eye, and finally I was hit but I killed the girl in the end! Afterwards my mom shows up and we cry then I mention I would love to get my nails done and she agrees but we end up at the hospital. The doctor is my middle school guidance counselor and she tests my nerves but says they are slow and I'm dying and she will make it as comfortable as possible.

Example: What does it mean when i had a dream of getting blown up and dying but still feeling pain?

I guess i have a job at the mall my and my friend were on break outside when she gets out of car and says its time to get back to work but another friend of mine pulls up to the side of the car so i jump to the back seat to talk to her when all of a sudden i hear some say omg did someone just throw a bomb? next thing i know i feel something go boom along with that i feel this enormous pain but im dead right when the bomb hit and they're still trying to rush me to the hospital and my body's split from my collar bone to my navel area and I guess i grow impatient don't know why if I'm dead but I get off the stretch tilting my body to one side so it doesn't fall apart and then I wake up.

Example: I saw a dream,i was sucking green painted boobs,what does that mean?

also i was kissing my girlfrien on her navel,ears and she was painted green on boobs and yellow on the remaining body

Example: Any ideas? Belly button dream?

Last night I had this dream where I saw my belly button, but it was an outtie. In reality I'm an innie...what's does this mean?

Example: Can someone PLEASE interpret this dream?

Okay, this is the dream I had two nights ago (so details may be foggy) and it made no sense to me. I dream, at most, twice a month (that I remember). When I do remember my dreams, they always seem to be eerie-ish.

PLEASE give detail. Search for the symbolism that I can't find.

I was at the beach with (real life best friend) Jackie and a guy named Jake. (Jake is in my theater class, but we never talk) Anyway, we were at the beach on this boardwalk. There was an area right in front of the water that was flat and quiet. We were the only people sitting there. There was an area up a large flight of stairs that led to a small circular platform in front of a fake volcano, that was where a ton of people were. Jackie, Jake and I were sitting on the ground talking. I ended up laying on the ground between Jake's legs with my head resting on his lap. We all were quiet, watching the ocean. I looked up and met Jake's eyes. We stared at each other for a while. He was wearing loose basketball shorts and I could feel his "member" beneath my head (which I think he noticed, it would explain why he said what he said next even though we sat like that for a while). He looked away and said "we shouldn't be sitting like this, we don't know each other". I moved aside and he got up and left. I sat and talked to Jackie awhile before getting up and going to find Jake. I found him later that night on the circular platform with a ton of other people watching this one guy get his navel pierced. Jake turned around, looked at me and smiled. As he smiled, the fake volcano erupted behind him.

That's when I was rudely awakened by my cat.

Like I said, foggy details and terrible spelling/grammar

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