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Dream About Nazis meanings

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Example: What does dreaming about Nazi's mean?

I always had this reoccurring dream that I am a Nazi soldier but I wasn't any ordinary soldier, I was directly under command of Hitler himself. What is more is that the world wasn't in ruins or anything. In fact, everything was bright and cheerful, people cheering for Hitler, confetti everywhere, and I was there, right beside Hitler like I was his best bud or something. Hitler even said to me "This future is all thanks to you." (or that's what he said, it was like an automatic translation in my head. I don't even speak German.)
I'm confused about this. Help, Please?

Maybe you read about Hitler an he is in ur unconscious mind. Or maybe you are a reincarnated German
N soldier although I personally don't believe in reincarnation I do believe we can connect to other souls in the past or present
Most people don't believe dreams mean much but I do. It sounds to me like u connected somehow to a Nazi murderer an if I were u I would cut the connection because the nazis were evil and misguided liars who tried to trick Germans into believing they were Aryans when they were actually teutons. He even put s picture of a blue eyed Jewish baby out and pretended it w
As. A picture
Of an Aryan child. He was a terrible twister of truth. H
was the result of generations of incest and married his own niece.

The peoplevof aran/iran are the true aryans an iranian once explained o me . They want to destroy the people of israel and america. Because they think they are superiir and non aryams should be mervilessly squashef like cockriaches.Hitler himself was not an aryan and he used to force tall blonde peple to submit to breeding exoeriments stripping them of their human rights.
He was a sadistic monster so dont believe whst he tells you in those dreams and chhose good over an evil.
Power hungry madman who murdered millions of innocent people.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at some government sponsored program with my group at this moderately large facility that was created for entertainment purposes and I got on one of the trains thinking that it would take me along a scenic tour of the entertainment / camp grounds but after getting on the train I realized that the train was going in a straight direction rather than a circular round direction and that it wasn't going to return to it's original destination. I figured I would get off the train before I left the camp grounds (and assumed that the train covered a small section of that camp ground) but I stayed on the train too long and got way off the camp grounds. Then I called them to ask them where I was, and I realized I was lost.

Somehow, I ended up back at the camp grounds. I was at this old camp that I went to a couple of months ago, and the guy that I was crushing on was there too. We were going through this obstacle course that was supposed to simulate what life would have been like if we had lived in Nazi Germany during world War II as a Jew and I felt uncomfortable going through the obstacle course cause there were times where I felt like they were using the leather head rest they placed around my neck to choke me for the purposes of making me uncomfortable and nauseous. In my dream the rest of the park was normal and created half by technology and half by nature but it wasn't extremely technology or extremely natural.

Afterwards, I was hanging out with a bunch of people who belonged to the same government group as me and I told them "I want to go visit that park again just so I can talk to Toni" (which was the guy that I liked) then David looked at me very smugly and said "beauty fades" and I realized they all thought I was an idiot for basing my romantic relationships on physical attraction.

Then I dreamed that I was walking around the shopping store with a Dan (another guy I used to like) we were walking from left to right and I told him "I'm a loser, I'll do anything for a good looking guy." and I started telling him about my obsession with this really handsome, skinny, fit, tall and perfectly dressed guy named Tyler (who is German) We were at the Eatens or the Bay.

That's when I woke up

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was coming home from work ( Im still a child with no work )And I went on the elevator to my hotel that I live in.I lived on the sixth floor.You couldnt enter any door on the sixth floor because it was locked.So I went back down with 2 other residents on the elevator to the lobby.There was a child near the buttons who stared at us for a while then pulled out a yellow piece of paper. He wrote down an "x" and told us, " You will be conquered and eliminated, good luck" We exit the elevator, and we see a bunch of people. I hear the boss yelling ,ADULTS WILL BE HANGED, CHILDREN WILL BE BURNED, AND ELDERS WILL BE THROWN OVER A CLIFF. I just woke up from that dream. Whats wrong with me?

Im a child
I live in an apartment on the 4th floor.

Example: What does my dream mean?

had a dream where i was in my home with my family. it was me, my mother sister, my mother's boyfriend, and his daughter. all of a sudden people wearing masks and machettes in their hands starting taking to the streets of my neighborhood and broke into homes and were killing people. I got everyone into the bathroom and got the gun that was under the sink and shot any of the killers that got into the house. after a while, they were called back by someone and left. i took a carepackage and blew a hole into the floor of the bathroom revealing a tunnel that would lead to our escape. Moms boyfriend and his daughter did not wish to go and i didnt make them.
The last thing i remember after that was being in a dark room with a little girl, a woman in a nightgown with blood all over it with a machette of her own, and a mother being held with the knife to her neck. the room is very dark so i dont recognize any of these people. the woman says the girls name, then slits the mother. blood splatters on the walls and before i wake up the woman just stares at me and says nothing.
Can somebody please explain this to me? it has been bothering me for weeks

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream were a was in a soda/gator aid/watermelon wharehouse where I was folowing a man (who reminds me of James bond) around who was sticking sticks of dyminite into water melons and threw the watermelon in to a crate and shout EXPLOSION OF FLAVOR! As it al blew up. Then out of nowhere a bunch of nazis start marching in so I hide inside a giant water melon that was split in half this whole time a all the kids from my school where there and one caled Matt dovpisdick ran up and but. Raped my ( btw I'm a 13year old guy)

Example: Weird dream meaning!?

I had 2 dreams last night.

First dream, my family and i were at my aunts house trying to keep zombies out. It was basically like the end of the world.

Second dream was about nazis. Nazis were searching houses to make sure you didn't own a cat. And if you did have one, you had to go to a concentration camp for 30 days, and they would kill your cat.

Really weird dreams.

Wonder what they mean.?

Example: I had a dream that I was in WW2 battle on the nazi side!? What the heck is that post to mean!? Dream help!?

Blargh! IT was just so bloody and ahh!

What on earth is that post to be mean!?

I gusse I was a nazi shooting at the americans it was just really awful bloody and argh! I'm little freaked out by it

I kept waking myself up 3 times and each time I went back to sleep

TA da! Nazi!

And I come from jewish family T_T

I watch an adolf hitler movie last week

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was at a party and there were two of my asian coworkers (I don't talk to them in real life at work as we're not friends but they are best friends with one another) who were sitting on a couch, then I was searching for a bathroom but they were all out of order, so I got frustrated and then told them I was leaving the party.

I some how was at girlfriends' house and I started to feel weird and I told some guys that I think something is wrong with me, then this caucatian male (he also works at my work place but I only talk to him sometimes because he is crazy and takes every drug in the book in real life, so I keep my distance) comes and tells me to lie down on the floor because the baby might be coming, so I lied down in labour but the labour was only three minutes, he tried to get the abulance but the baby was pushing out head first and then hands. The baby came out with some teeth and a full head of hair, and could even crawl a bit as well. The baby was biracial because strangely that weird caucasion coworker was the dad! the baby was well advance and able to say mommy, and had a nice caramel skin and light brown eyes. The dream felt sooooo real, and I felt the maternal instincts as well. Wow what a dream... What does it mean someone please tell me?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok so i had this dream about me and my friends (and my crush) walking outside in a HUGE lightning storm and then we went to the mall then too this really muddy lake and we all went into the middle of it and stood there (during the storm )?That was dream one here is two. Me and my crush were talking alone and this guy comes up ands starts hitting us with handcuffs.? What do they mean. Thanks SOO much!

Example: I had a dream I was Adolf Hitler and I was chased by Nazi's, what could it mean? 10 points!?

I always have weird dreams but this is by far the weirdest. I'm a 14 year old girl, if thats relevant. Anyway so heres what happened.

-I was Hitler, but I was a science teacher at my school.

- I was teaching a lesson but then a lot of men with gas masks on (maybe they weren't nazi's) started chasing me and my class.

- I ran up about 4 flights of stairs and I was planning on going to the roof of the building where I could jump off and commit suicide.

- But when I got to the roof, it was my front garden (yard). Also a boy/man was with me.

- There was a coca cola truck on the roof so I hid in there, but the people chasing me found me and shot me.

Any ideas what this could mean? Thankyou.

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