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Dream About Needle meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about needles/blood/IV's?

I had a dream that there was all these IVs in my arm and doctors were drawing blood and giving shots and all. It wasnt a bad dream, it was actually kind of peaceful. What does it mean to dream about that though?

Needles, blood and IV's are found in hospitals. You may be ill and your subconscious mind knows it and is trying to tell your conscious mind, so you might want to get a check up. Or you could be that you are in nursing school, and will be taking an exam about when one needs to give these types of injections, or IV's or blood. Or you could be donating blood at the Red Cross, for needed use elsewhere. As you are dreaming of doctors, I don't think this has anything to do with an illegal drug overdose. Your feelings are rather calm, so it is not an emergency situation. It seems to be a Life saving action which is taking place in a quiet, dignified and peaceful atmosphere.

Example: What does it mean to dream about eating needles, and having them stab my fingers?

I had a dream that some guy told me to eat this little container of needles and that it will help me feel better and as i was eating it the needles were stabbing my gums and tongue. I also got some stuck onto fingers. was this like a way of drugging my sadness? it was weird. I usually look up meanings to my dreams but i couldn't find what this one meant.

Example: Dream of pulling needle from skin and heart means?

I had this dream that I was sleeping and I found myself awake with needles in my hands, arms and feets.then I try pulling the needles out and realise some were broken and then I realise there were needles in my chest area. I was still feeling calm in that dream and begin pulling out needles again then there was this needle that was near my heart area and when I pulled it out it was stain with blood and its 2-3 inches long. the weird part is that all the other needles apart from the one that is near my heart area are relatively short or normal sized and clean. then I started dreaming that my bed is full of needles and I was again stabbed by the needles again. what does this all means? thx in advanced

Example: What does this dream mean? A needle was stuck in my leg?

I dreamed that a needle had gotten stuck in my leg and I could not remove it. I remember thinking, "I'll have to go to the emergency room to get it out."
What does a needle signify in a dream? Pain? Some kind of problem?
I think that having to go to the emergency room signifies needing outside help for whatever problem the needle represents.

Example: What does this dream means,necklace of needles under my skin?

Thank you so much Bob, i don't remember other dreams from the same night but i remember some details of this dream. When i pulled out the first needle from the necklace i almost started to bleed but then when i pulled the other needles i didn't feel anything at the end of the dream i was smiling but i didn't feel good, it was a sarcastic smile, i succeed in pulling all those needles but there was redness around my neck although it wasn't painful.

Example: What does my dream mean? First I accidently broke my fast and then there were needles?

It was reallt weird. Im fasting ad cant eat meat or dairy products till the 23rd so maybe this is why i was dreaming this, bu first I was eating with my dad and he deliberatley gave me a bologna sandwhic. Balogna! I was crying because he made me break my fast after I had kept fasting for such a long time-and he funny thing is I dont like bologna. Then my dream swiched. I was looking through my eyes and there was a long neddle through my second toe from my big toe and even though I wasn pusing in ever time i moved my leg, even though i wasnt standing on it it would go further in and i was freakin out on the inside. Then here was also a piece of lead stuk in my foot, then all of a suden i put a neddle in my mout, but it was like all the neddles wee magically moving through parts of my body, and the neddle went hrough my tongue and I freaked out! I thought my tongues going to bleed, while looking in the mirror at my pierced tongue, what if I die?, then my eyes rolled down and all i could

Example: What does it mean when you dream about sweeping pine needles from your front porch and seeing a beehive Attach?

my husband also saw in this dream a beehive attached to a semi truck and one of the bees a huge bee went inside a hole in our porch.

Example: Dream meaning stabbed by needles?

i had a dream that i was stabbed by needels they went all through my skin and my mom tried gettting them out, and she did
i was so scared throught the dream that id have AIDS or some other desise from the needels because they were dirty
the actress from bruce almighty (hot reporter) haha for somereason she was there and she was crying and tlling me she hopes the needles arnt infected

what does it mean? so weird!

Example: Needle dream...?

I had a dream I got too close to a bird and it put a needle on the top of my right hand. He did it again, and pretty soon I was removing needle after needle out of the top of my right hand.

The needles also changed from looking like a porqepine quill, to being stainless steal literal needles.

It was very painful in my dream and I kept rubbing my hand when I woke up because it still hurt in my mind.


Example: What does being pricked by several needles in a dream mean ?

was accidently pricked with a drug needle once then watched someone jack up then was pricked by loads more needles

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