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Dream About Ninja Stars meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What in your opinion is the WORST kids TV program on TV ever?

Freds Top 10 worst kids T.V. Show

1. Oobey Wooby...(How do you spell it?) I mean honestly its a guy speaking in like alien language running aorund with googly eyes glued to his hands teaching kids nothing. Its on noggin but that show doesnt even use the noggin. Its that stupid.

2. Teletubbies - The olny thing they say is bad or good the rest is like alien language...They have a cookie eating vacume dog thing...And they live in like a dome in the middle of nowere...What?...That show confuses me...It teaches nobody anything...Its just a bunch of aliens with antennas on their heads running around acting like 2 year olds. England why did you bring youre show to America?...

3. Fosters Home For Imangnary Freinds- Sorry, but its true...I mean honestly...How can 7-10 year olds find entertainment in ''Imanginary Friends'' living in a mansion ruled by a strict bunny named Herman who was ''owned'' by a old midget named Madam Foster...Their ''funniest'' charcter is a yellow babyish thing called cheese who olny yells random things such as ''I love cereal'' or ''I love choclate milk''. Then theirs this big blue thing who acts like a moron and using sarcasim in every sentance. Were have you gone wrong Cartoon Network?...

4. The Naked Brothers Band - Were can I begin with this T.V. show?..Its just plain horrible...I mean who in the right mind would watch a T.V. show about two boys who are less then 15 years old who talk about ''Puberity'' and are so immature they want to race to see who can grow the first armpit hair...They live in a house with a circular T.V. and some people think thats their real house. No, thats not their real house its a set that Nickeloden rents out...And they say their such ''Rock Sensations'' and they said they were on the MTV awards and won the best song award...Uhh...What did I miss?...The whole show is pointless..Its a band of like six year olds pretending their rock stars. Its like dress up but as a show.

5. Hannah Montanah - Stupid, Stupid, STUPID?! Whats up with this show. Its a teenage girl hiding her real identity as a ''Rock Star'' called Hannah Montanah..She has a brother named Jackson who acts like a moron the whole show and has a dad who pretends to bne a ''country'' man...The show is just very horrible...One day ''Hannah Montanah'' hates someone then the next day she loves him...Then one day she goes on a tour and then her best freind finds out shes Hannah Montanah...I mean in reality do you honestly THINK anyone can hide their true identity from anybody if their such a big rock star as she is in that show?...

6. Power Rangers - What is up with this show? Not olny does it teach kids violence and fighting moves, its just pointless..I mean their basiclly ''Ninjas'' who are colors and run around the globe fighting robot machines...

7. Lazy Town - Ok, this is just insane...Who in the right mind would watch a show about puppets who live in a town called ''Lazy Town''...The plot is pointless, it starts out as a town thats just really lazy and then a new girl Stephane (She has PINK hair) moves in with her uncle whos a fat puppet who runs the city of Lazy Town..Then she tried to do something about the laziness in the town and sends out a ''letter'' into the sky to a super hero named Sportagus, a guy whos a health freak ands a big muscular guy with a musctache...Then he decides to live in Lazy Town and promote Activeness and trys to stop Robby Rotten from encourging Laziness in the town...I mean have you heard of a worse plot?

8. Pokemon- Its beyond me how this show became such a magor hit world wide, but its so stupid, its a Japenise kid named Ash who dreams to become a ''Pokemon'' trainer, a Pokemon is a monster things that he stores in egg shaped ''Poke Balls'' and he takes them out of the ''Poke Balls'' when he faces other challengers in ''duels'' and if he wins he gets a badge and they keep traveling the world until he wins more badges...What is up with that?...

9. Totally Spies - Its a bunch of girls running around in a one peice clothing with a zipper...With '' fashion gadgets'' such as lip stick that they use to beat what they call '' the bad guys''...It doesnt sound so bad by the way im telling it but when you see the show you will get what I mean. Its plain horrible and im not the olny one who thinks so because it olny lasted one season.

10. Peppa Pig- Its litterly a Pig with a fat ''Pappa'' Pig who snorts all day long and a ''Momma'' Pig who reminds me of ''Big Momma''...Its really pointless...Its on Nick. Jr witch is suppoused to be educational but that show it pointless because it doesnt teach you anything except what sound a pig makes!

O.K.. so those are my worst Kids Television shows in order..

Have a nice day!

Example: I've got a 2007 Chevy Pickup, Black, chromed out...what should I name it. Best answer gets 10.?

Example: Tell me what this dream means please?

You guys seemed to skip right over my first post...

So there i am, standing in an arena (just a big bowl, Gladiator type arena). I walk across into the middle of the arena and look to my left to see 3 SUPER HOT asian chicks dressed as ninjas.

The ninjas seemed to be guarding some person i could'nt make out, but for some reason i had to save that person. So I start walking toward them when all of a sudden the ninja in the middle jumps out in front of me with 2 swords.

I have nothing of my own to defend myself with, but out of no where i remember acquiring 2 swords of my own with double blades. I charged at her, and we dueled it out for like 15 minutes. It was the most epic battle i've ever seen in my life, non-stop for 15 minutes we were just fighting like you would see in some anime cartoon, i dont watch anime by the way.

Well we lock up swords, kinda like if you have ever seen Star Wars 3, the final battle between Anakin and Obiwan, where they lock up light sabers for a few seconds and kind of pause as they gaze into each others eyes. That's exactly what happened.

We broke off of it but at that moment i knocked her swords out of her hands as she stumbled back and leaned against a wall, panting for breath. I walk up to her, and she had this most innocent look in her eyes, like she was'nt trying to hurt me, And i kept hearing this deep, scratchy voice yelling "finish her".

I kept telling myself "NO! I can't do it!". And it was really strange because the more I looked at her, the more attracted I became to her, as if she was a lover i had lost but still was deeply in love with, yet I'd never seen her before. I felt as if someone had betrayed me and turned her against me, and i felt terrible because we just had this big giant duel to the death like something you would see in the movies.

Then all of a sudden i jump at her to start making out with her but as i got ever so close a football helmet appeared on my head, cage and all, and prevented me from kissing her. Then i woke up.

As you might have thought i was kind of mad the dream was over but i was also kind of sad.

I just want someone to tell me what this dream meant because its been on my mind all day long.

Example: What do these 2 dreams mean? they were horrible and one true?

ok so last night i had 3 dreams. but theres only 2 i want to know the meaning of.

the first one was about my family. i cant remember it much though. i think my mum was trying to kill me,my dad,my brother,my nana and grandad. i think she had help with other people though. but we manged to find her and have a gun up to her neck. then my nana and grandad (who were sitting on a bed in the same room) said i want to die. then i saw these 2 pills. 1 pink and 1 blue. then i woke up.

then my last dream was about the killings in the batman film (im sorry for all the family and friends of the people in that showing). anyway,it was a beautiful grand cinima with all carvings,velvet seats. but it wasnt dark like they uselly are. i was sitting on the right side at the very end of the 3rd or 4th row from the cloeset block (the cinima seating plan had a big block of seats in the middle-a smaller bit in front,side bits and higher seats behind).then i heard gasping as i saw someone standing up in the middle of the big middle block. then i heard screaming. i waked up to the man,bardging past people all the way. i saw him kill people. but it wasnt just 12 people. it was thousdands. one killing i saw was a boy. he ran up to me. then one of then ninja stars came and killed him in the head. at that point my dream froze,it went black and white so could see the pain on the boys face,with the star in his head. then it went black for a second and i saw news head lines. it said "if (his name which i cant remember) is not exiled to night,then citizens swear they are leaving tommorow" then i woke up.

pleas can you tell me what these dreams mean? thanks

Example: What do these dreams mean? (3 dreams)?

A recurring dream (not the SAME exact dream happens, but all are very similar):
Some guy is chasing me and he is armed. I always try to get help, by means of phone or other people. It all started in the mall. This one guy was trying to chase me down and stab me. I momentarily lost him and phoned 911. Nothing happened. Then he finds me again. I run and tell my Mom. She lets us leave. We drive home and I'm like "Phew we lost him". Next thing I know my door swings open right in front of me when I'm taking my shoes off with him smiling. Him and my mom both have grip of the knife trying to stab one another by tilting it in the other direction like movies. He ended up hitting her on the head with the handle of the knife knocking her out. I run out of my house to a neighbor's house. He was like yeah I can handle him. He got a gun only to get killed by some ninja stars. I get out of the house by a window then he throws the ninja stars at me then my whole dream went red, and I transitioned into some dream with pandas which is so weird I'm not even going to bother to try to find it out. A dream similar to this happens once every other week sometimes more frequent.

3 nights ago:
I lost my thumb. I didn't feel any pain though, and I didn't wake up when I lost it. It kind of just fell off. I don't really remember how it fell off well, but it was really mysterious and I think it just fell off. For some reason in my dream thumbs have no skin where the actual joint is. I thought my dream of being in the NFL was crushed. My Mom took me to the hospital and they simply wrapped it up in gauze+medical tape were it would be if it were connected. No blood at all, again. I kept checking to see if it went back connected and it just slips off. This dream caused me extreme dread during the dream.

Last night:
I pretty much re-lived a near death experience by my sister. What happened in real life was my big chocolate lab blind-sided her when my sister got in the way of her chasing a squirrel (freak accident, my lab would never harm any human, and probably not even that squirrel) and my sister fell, hit her head on the pavement, came in screaming and my Mom took her to the hospital. She had to stay like 3 days over-night due to a fractured skull and brain bleeding. Now she is totally fine and more annoying than ever. But I want to know why I relived this dream.

Example: Crazy dream translation?

My dream last night was TWICE about the world ending and I was at the beach. It was apearently saved. Now, I had a second dream...I was possibly supposed to be katniss everdeen but I still had all my features and name. It was mostly my friends in the games, and it was timed, it wasn’t last one to live wins, it was possibly a quarter quell, it meant whoever was last there when the timer went off, won. My friend Trynity Redmon said that she got chased in to New york by a pack of cyotes...and my firend caroline said she saw a vampire and had a narrow escape. At the end I found out that I was in the games before becuase right before I woke up I said ‘I have already one the games once, and I won them again, Effie must of gave me the odds. AS you can tell this is like a Hunger Game lovers dream! Also, I do not remember if it was in the first dream or not...but somebody was trying to kill me with a ninja star. And early on in the games, I got cuaght by my friend garret, but I killed him...so yeah!

Example: What does this dream mean?

There are little parts I cannot remember. But I remember I was at some place like a restaurant or something with my mom and my brother...And as I approached our car to go home I saw my mom is the front seat murdered, and my brother was in the back scared to death. I forget what happened next but I was in my neighborhood and I was walking around the block and I saw inside of someones house and there was a married couple with a 2 year old son. As I watched, I saw them kill somebody in front of there son and I knew that they were the ones that killed my mom...then I remember that I became a cop and I was calling backup to arrest them. Then at the end of the dream I only remember getting the son away from the parents and taking him a couple houses down away from the scene. There were gun shots fired back and forth and both of his parents were killed. He was going baserk and crying and I remember just comforting him and feeling so bad.

Example: What dream mean?

Ok im in kate skate a roller rink and having an awsome time cuba gooding jr aproached me and told me he loves chocalate ice cream then he died from a stry ninja star then i woke up

Example: What could this odd dream mean?

Not kidding here , odd dream here. My dog meant back up with here mother... the owner of my dogs moms suggested to my dad to breed her.Plus my dog fought with her mother. I know it's her mother since the dog in the dream looks like my dogs mother. My dog then goes onto to get breed'ed have puppies. And she had 10 (Shes little dog so this is highly impossible) they looked nothing like her. They looked like shepherd's. Then oddly enough guy with Ninja star or bladed weapon he throws it smashes threw the window. We all leave take areas of my house getting ready to fight him. This is the most odd dream I have had it years. Does anybody have a idea what the hell does this dream mean?

The only things that could help with why I had this dream.

over the past few weeks we were talking about it getting my dog fixed not to have puppies or be able to.
My dad likes German Shepherds.

Example: Please Interpret My Dream?

I woke up in a battlefield, I saw a couple of kids my age (15 years old) on the top of a military hummer using a 50cal. machine gun and killing a bunch of other kids. I ran to the other side of the battlefield to try and get away from those kids. I dove into some bushes and my friend walked by and saw me. He looked at me hiding and he put his finger up to his mouth (telling me to stay quiet). He grabbed a machine gun and started firing at the kids on the hummer. I went up a hill and ended up on the 2nd story of s motel that was on the battlefield. Three girls standing in a line next to each other were walking my way, but something in the back of my mind told me to turn right as the were next to me. As they walked past me, I turned and one of them threw a ninja star at me which would have killed me if i didn't turn. I walked to a group of my friends and there was a kid i had never met before. He looked at me and threw several ninja stars at me to try and kill me. I reached into my pocket and found a Swiss Army knife that I ACTUALLY OWN and stabbed him. The Swiss Army knife is next to my bed in my nightstand. The kid i stabbed looked at me and said, "Dude, it's just a game," and then he died. A girl i have a crush on was standing next to me, and when all the other kids looked at me in disgust at what i had done, the girl I have a crush on said, he is just taking this too seriously, she was referring to me. A man walked up some stairs and tried to hit me and I grabbed him by the throat and punched him until he was out cold. I then dragged him off into the battlefield, but my crush followed me. As i dragged him away, she followed me and stayed with me, and we talked to each other. The man woke up and tried to run away and turn into a girl for some reason, but i caught him. I hit him which made him change back and then the dream ended.

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