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Dream About Nipples meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Meaning of Dream: Second Nipple on Right Breast?

I dreamed that I had a second nipple that appeared on my right breast. (the color and shape was totally normal). My left breast was normal.

What does it means to dream of having a second nipple on the right breast ?

Two more possibilities for you to consider--

1) You may be feeling like you can't "give" any more (like you've nutured all you can.) Like you're giving all you can, but it's still not enough. (Or like the 'ever-flowing' breast has dried up.) Self-care would be the answer to this problem.

2) It might be a hint to see your doctor. Make sure that you're up to date on your "well" visits. I know, I know-- not a fun thing to do, but you owe to it yourself and everyone you nurture to be sure you're taking care of yourself.

Example: What does this wired dream mean?

frist of all, PLEASE! answer kindly and NO rude comments. This dream is bothering me and I wonder if it has a meaning:

I had a dream that I had breast milk and a guy on top of me, we were both exposed. "mmm...I'm hungry..." he whispers. His lips slowly come and sucked on my nipples drinking from them. He was enjoying it. I moaned a little. The dream ended.

Please don't take this as a joke. I need some answers.

Example: Why does this WEIRD dream mean?

What does it mean if you dream you have extra nipples?

Last night I drempt I had very thick black hair all over my chest area( I am a girl)...so I started trimming it down and in the process I found 2 extra nipples on one boob! 3 nips on one, one nip on the other. What can this deam possibly mean?

Example: What means dream with nipples?

is not a joke

Example: What does pierced nipples in a dream mean?

i had a dream about my ex last night. It was the first dream in a long time where we were having sex instead of fighting. She was being very aggressive with me which is strange because when we were together she was submissive. I remember vividly that she had two barbells going through her nipples. I have no idea why she had her nipples pierced i just thought it was weird.

Example: What means dream with nipples?

is not a joke

Example: What does it mean when you dream your nipple hair falls out and youre using it as dental floss?

its been a very repetitive dream and im starting to think it has a meaning behind it all. like a hidden purpose for my future.

Example: What does a dream where you have too many nipples mean?

I dreamed that every time I looked in the mirror I'd find another nipple somewhere on my torso. I'm male. Is this is a common dream that represents some deep psychological fear, or is this just my brain entertaining itself?

Example: In a dream, what does it mean to pull pistachios out of my nipples?

There I was, standing by my kitchen sink, when to my astonishment I squeezed a very sore nipple and out came a pistachio (I thought I was ovulating). This continued for about 10 minutes as I threw them into the sink, complete with shell. I am a 20-year-old male. Not concerned though maybe I should be.. any input would be great.

Example: I dreamed that my nipples were bleeding from the very tip. I'm a guy. What does this mean?

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