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Dream About Nit meanings

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Example: What does it mean when you have a dream about...?

what does it mean when you have a dream that you have nits/ head lice?

To see lice in your dream, signifies frustrations, distress and feelings of guilt. You may also be feeling emotionally or physically unclean. Alternatively, the lice my represent a person, situation, or relationship that you want to distance yourself from. You may be feeling used or taken advantage of.

Example: What does it mean to sing in a dream?

I love to sing, just nit in front if my family, or anyone that's judging me. I'm in my school choir, and I love it! I've gotten really good at singing since I joined. I remember the last time I had a dream where I sang, I was in school, and a man had a gun to my head and told me to sing the national anthem, so I did, and I was really good! (although i was uncomfortable)But that was 2 years ago, and last night, I had a dream where I was auditioning for some sort of talent show, and I was with a friend of mine, and some girl that
looked like willow smith (lol) anyway, the judge was harsh, but the 3 of us auditioned, ( i was really comfortable auditioning)and halfway through the song, the girl who looked like willow smith sat on the floor and gave up, and at the beginning of the songg the 2 were outdoing my voice, but I tried hard so my voice could be heard (I'm an extremely quiet singer in real life) and by the end of the song, my friend quit singing, and I belted out the last note of the song amazingly and everyone's jaw dropped. The judge lady said she wanted me in,(which was also odd b/c I never make auditions or win anything) but then I woke up...what does this mean? Any dream interpreters out there?

Example: Can any tell my what my dream means?

This is the second time I have had this dream and both times I have woke up in tears. Me two friends and my 2 youngest children both girls are at what seems to be a street carnival. I know its after halloween because all halloween stuff is half price. One of my friends starts pushing my girls in there stroller while I look at some pants for my son that were on sale. All of a sudden I hear the crowd gasping. I turn around and my friend who is pushing the stroller with my girls in it is walking backwards with the stroller and a semi truck is coming. I try my best to yell and run towards them but I can't seem to get there. The truck hits them my youngest (1) gets thrown from her seat to the side walk and my oldest girl (3) gets sucked under the trunk and ran over. They are about 20 feet apart. I run to the youngest first because she is close to me and see she is moving, my friend that was with me stayed with her while I run and check on my other little girl, she is nit moving. No one around me would help I am worried if one of them died I wouldn't be there I try and pull the little one down farther so I can be with both of them. My oldest dies in my arms and them I wake up in tears.

This is such a scary dream, and I can never go back to sleep after I have it. Any help with what is means would be a great help.

Example: What did my dream mean please help?

(Not the dream; background information about my life)
I am in a new relationship, I am 14, I have being wrong, Everybody told us that we would go out, and we always denied it, then we started to hang out more, and we decided to go out.
I was wearing a dress, like a nightgown, and I was at a child's playground. There were people from my past, I don't remember all of them, but I specifically remember two, one was my friend, I will call her Stacy,(before i fell asleep me and Stacy decided that we are going to go to the movies the next day, Stacy has hurt me before, very very deeply hurt me) In this dream Stacy was standing calling my name, and then I don't remember seeing her again. Then was my ex-boyfriend, he gave me my first kiss, and i haven't seen him since then. We were talking, allot, like it used to be. We even talked about relationships NOW, i wanted to tell him i was seeing somebody, but I didn't. Then we both stood by each other and it went black from there. Please interpret my dream!

Example: What does it mean when you dream about kissing?

Last night I had this strange dream that I was making out with a random guy (I'm a girl), while we were outside in my back yard. He kissed me first, but when he went in to kiss me, his mouth had an awkward taste. It wasn't necessarily a bad taste, it was kind of salty I guess. And the weirdest part was that we had to keep stopping every time because every time we kissed it made my spine hurt. And each time I pulled back from his lips, the pain stopped. What does this mean?

Example: What did this dream about this guy mean?

Ok I have a crush on this guy. We were sitting down and talking it was me, my friend, another girl, and him. Then finally she introduces him to me and we shoock hands but the look on his face was normal nit excited though. So what could this dream mean? I'm sure it's probably not too important

Example: What does this dream mean?

I see therapy for my anti socialness and fear of the dark and men. Last night I had this rlly weird dream that my entire family was over and my second cousins were over. One of my second cousins started chasing me and I ran up to my room and tried locking the door. My door was not locking (my doorknob I'd kind of broken but it still locks in real life) and I started freaking out but then I couldn't here him coming anymore but I just sat at my door to make sure he couldn't come in. Well he pines the door rlly hard and got in and then he grabbed me brought me to like this rlly old bathroom in the basement (like tree were pumps that were used to make the shower go on) then he took off my clothes, threw me in the shower and tried to rape me. All of a sudden I wasn't the one being raped it was some girl and I was just watching. I ran away and when I went up stairs I was in some cosino and I ran to the elevator and went up then when I got to the floor I found out he was chasing me again and some other guy was (I don't remember what he looked like) so I ran back to the elevator and got in butthen that other guy came in and I pushed the button and he struts to attack me. Finally the doors open and I ran out and my second cousin grabbed me. I got loose and started running again and then I woke up. What does this dream mean? Btw when I was little (this is real) my second cousins were over and we played hide and seek in the basement in the dark. So while I was looking for a place to hide my second cousin the one who was in my dream told me to hide under a blanket with him and did and when his brother found us and lifted up the blanket he called his brother a pervert. I don't remember anything that happened under the blanket and I'm nit sure if he hurt me or if it was just weird being under the blanket. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. My second cousin acts like he hates me and he always teases me to a point where I just want to cry. I'm scared to tell my therapist this cuz I think I'm just being paranoid and I don't want him thinking I'm a sex freak or anything lol. Plzzz tell me what this dream means and what I should do and if I'm just being paranoid

Example: How do you say 'I had a dream' and 'We had a dream' in Latin?

I was searching and it seems 'somniavi' means 'I had a dream', but I don't know Latin so I'm not sure (if it doesn't mean that, what DOES it mean?). I am working on a painting and need a title. I also like possibly tying it in to the motto of the U.S., "e pluribus unum". How could you say "out of many dreams"? Sorry for all these questions, haha. I wish I could learn Latin sometime in the future. Thanks so much for your time!

Example: What does this dream mean?

Well i can only remember some of it but what do remember is weird,well i remember a parking deck and then it just crumbling just destroyed out of nowhere,and then i was back at my house with some of my friends and there was a blond little girl in the bathroom with the lights off and the door open playing with a doll and some water the doll was in the water,and I said hey and she said hey and then she said something else that im forgetting,and then I looked at the mirror my face didnt show up,and then I remember some palm trees on fire because of a storm or something,crazy right.

Example: My dream - what does it mean ?

there was a big flood in a small ally, 2 cars tried to go thru it ( very narrow) and one car was trying to give side , but not enough space for other car , so the other car got

drowned ... then i saved her ... it was a women... and then this women...and me were sitting together..she was looking at different animals floating downwards...She had a

cell phone..after a while some guy came towards us..so i told her to hide the cell phone...Then he came and started talking...i think he saw the cell phone ..somewhere... so

i was acting all stupid ..there was a fireworks going on sky..me stupidlytold this guy to Look up..thinking it was the stars..but it was the fireworks...so he said something and

started walking...

there was a meeting or something...she and me come into there , she tried to electricute herself ( testing if i know her ) ..so me ( like a wimp ) tried to tell her no no no..
then she left with her friend , to somewhere else...then this actor came after the group .

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