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Dream About Nuclear Bomb meanings

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Example: Atomic bombs dream meaning?

okay so last night i had a dream that i was in this town over the river from where i actually live, and there was like a nuclear bomb went off quite far away and was heading toward me so i'm running the opposite way when another ones goes off in the direction im going so i start running to the river kind of even distance from each explosion.. but by the time they get to me its like just abit warm and i dont even die.. so does this have i meaning cause i rarely have dreams i remember

To dream of a nuclear bomb suggests feelings of helplessness and loss of control. You are experiencing some strong hostility and rage, where it is nearly destructive. Important changes are about to occur.You may also be expressing a desire to wipe out some aspect of yourself. Alternatively, the nuclear bomb serves as an indication that something crucial and precious to you has ended.

Example: Meaning of atomic bomb dream?

Had a dream last night that I was watching rain from my sisters bedroom window with my sis and fiance (get married in a month) when we saw a mushroom cloud and white light rushing towards us- I knew we were about to die and I remember murmuring to my fiance I love you- then I felt this slight heat but nothing happened and I woke up and my whole body was in pins and needles- I wasn't paralysed just really tingly. It really freaked me out- anyone know what it could mean?

Example: What did my nuclear bomb dream mean?

last night i had a dream where i was walking along normally in a big crowd of people, then i hear a faint plane sound, and then people started screaming, i turned round and saw a nuclear bomb hanging off the plane ready to be dropped, then it was dropped and just before it hit the ground my dream changed?

Example: What does my dream mean of nuclear bomb?

I had a dream last night that I had set off a nuclear warhead to my neighbor's house. I had this bazooka looking thing and it was controlled by computer. I ignited the head and it didn't go off, but I had it pointed at my neighbor's house. When i found out the bomb would destroy the entire state, I tried to cancel it but it was too late. The bomb wasn't going off, yet it was inevitable. I kept it pointed at my neighbors house just in case it went off. I could hear it sizzle like it was starting to go. As far as my waking life, i had sex with a girl without a condom on Saturday night, but I didn't *** in her and I am taking the bar exam a week from today. Anyone make a connection? Do you think the girl is prego?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a nuclear bomb?

I dream that I was at a family party, and then I had a vision in my dream that something bad was gonna happen at the party and people will die. So then the vision was over and I got out of the party ASAP and then I ran out with one of my sisters and her kid, I haven't seen my sister for about 7 or 8 years in real life. So we where running in my dream and then a nuclear bomb was coming down and blew up into a mountain and me and my sis where hit but survived and I was dressed in a military uniform. And the US army cam and saved me. Then I woke up? What does it mean?

Example: I keep having dreams about a nuclear bomb, what could this mean?

Ok, i just awoke about 10 mins ago. I keep having dreams about a nuclear bomb exploding far off in the distance. It's funny because before this i always had dreams about the moon exploding, or flaking into dust..(End of the world scenarios) Anyway i always remember my dreams plain as day:
It was mid day, about 2pm. Blue sky, with just a few clouds. It very warm out. It was so warm and so humid that it kinda gives you a feeling a nausea. I walked into store to buy a pack of cigarettes, and as soon as i walked in i felt the rush of cold air on my face. And i thought to myself, "Air conditioning is nice." A few seconds later a friend of mine came up to me, and we starting talking. I bought the pack of cigarettes from the woman at the counter, and headed out towards the door. Outside the store, with the pack of cigarettes in my hand i tore the plastic wrapper, the foil, and flipped to luckys all in one quick motion. Like i've done it a thousand times. I was getting ready to put one to my lips, when i felt the ground underneath me slightly shake. If i wasn't standing still i know i wouldn't of even noticed it. Then i felt odd. Like something was different and i needed to look off into the horizon. My head felt so heavy that it wsa hard to even lift it to just look up. All of a sudden i see tons of birds flying all in the same direction. And i think to myself,"deja vu, i swear i seen this before." Next thing you know theres a massive mushroom rushing towards the sky, and everyone, and i mean everyone in cars, people walking everyone stopped to look at it. Everyone just stared at it like it was Jesus returning from the dead. Next the air im breathing goes stiff, and stale and this brings me back to reality. I'm pounded by a horrible ache in my stomach followed by a rush of complete adrenaline. I spun around i swear 5 times looking and thinking of what to do. I spot a fiberglass horse trailer hitched to the back of a red pick up, and i see the pickup owner about to take off in the truck. I run towards the truck screaming, "STOP!" But he just keeps going. My head is racing again, i can't think straight. Across the street there's construction. Huge mounds of dirt, a porter potty. Without thinking any longer i sprint to the biggest mound of dirt and dig a little burrow. I can feel the ground start to rumble again, and i know that this isn't going to keep me safe. But i just give up, and stay put. People are screaming all around me. And i just cuddle up into a ball behind a giant mound of dirt. The shockwave hits. I start screaming! But i can't hear my own voice. Or Anything but a loud continous ringing. A few seconds later the shockwave passes, but the ringing in my ears doesn't go away. I'm still alive unbelievably. I crawl out to look around and i what were once buildings now lay in rubble. I look back at my mound of dirt, and feel accomplishment, proud that my little mound stands where buildings have fallen. I look up into the sky. No clouds. I look over and woman just sitting and rocking back an forth on the ground. Slowly i make my way to her. Half way there i think to myself, "I dont smoke!"
::I wake up::
I always have dreams like this. Something bad happens, yet i manage to survive. And theres always a young woman at the end like shes waiting for me.. What do could these dreams possibly mean?

Example: Dreaming about Nuclear bombs?

Ever since I was young, I've had continous dreams about this (I am talking since I was 10), I am currently 17 and had one last night, it was the first in a few months now actually. These dreams vary alot, the location is about the most persistant variable, it's usually infront of my house, its the same old red sky that follows, blinding light source, BOOMING sound, massive vibrations, discintegration and screams of pain.

One time there was the whole country being bombed and I could see this to the horizon and 6 bombs being the closest blasted all over.

Usually in the dreams however, I do not die, but I have in a few. Its not that I would have survived the blast, they just go right through me and usually documents my family dieing.

The wierd thing is, the adrenaline produced and even wierder is that I enjoy the dreams, they come every couple of months now and just wondering what this could mean, I've read up on a few signs on google, some do apply but was looking for more insight.

Example: Dream about a nuclear Bomb?

In my dream I was walking in a building and you could see outside through the glass. All of a sudden people were dropping from an explosion but I guess that I was far enough away because it did not break the glass.

Then I felt this wave hit me, it felt really weird, no pain but I some how knew it was a wave of radiation from a nuclear bomb.
I had this sick knowing inside that I would die because it was radiation that went through me.

Then I just woke up and have had trouble shaking this dream for days.

Example: I keep having dreams about nuclear bombs?

Like, it's happened 3 times this year. And the same thing always happens, like, first a bunch of bombs go off and I keep trying to avoid them by running, and then at the end of my dream, a giant bomb went off and killed me. haha xD

what could this dream mean?

Example: Nuclear Bombs dream?

I get this dream relatively often, maybe 2-3 times per year. It always took places in my childhood town and i'm seing planes and nuclear missiles fly over our city and land not far from us. In the distance i see mushroom clouds and i'm anxious that a bomb might soon land directly on us.

Last nite i had that dream again, and i saw lots of futuristic planes (more like spaceships) flying over, some sort of air battle with nuclear mushrooms clouds appearing on the horizons. A bomb drop close from us cause i felt the heat of the explosion. In my dream i really felt it was a conflict between 2 or more opponents.

Any ideas what's that about ?

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