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Dream About Obscurity meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok i had a dream that like i saw alot of
famous people like andre 3000 jay-z && ETC and i saw
interviews with some famous lady i think it was MC lite iono
and i saw beyonce in the back dress in like guy clothes
like in her upgrade you video when she did jay-z part.
and i was on a dance show watching people dance kinda like
americas best dance crew & so you think you can dance in one
show. and i saw this girl. like i seen her be for but not in person
but she didn't see me then i woke up. but i was standing
up and laughing in my dream like i was happy
sounds really weird
but can any one tell me what it means?
or if it means anything at all


This is what my dream dictionary tells me:

To dream of famous people means you will rise from obscurity to places of honor. If you see a festival (music, show, etc) means you are indifferent to the cold realities of life and have a desire for pleasures that make one old before ones time is due. You will never want for anything, but you will likely depend on others.

Hope this helps!

Example: What does my dream mean?

okay i dreamed that i was at my cousins house, right next to my uncles and i wasn't myself, well i was just something was different, then i was walking into the back yard and i saw this man that i have never seen before and i felt a strong emotional and physical connection to him. Then my cousin was there and she wasn't quit herself either, and two of her friend's i think, i've never seen them before but they knew her. And i felt a little crowded. As i was about to go inside i ran into my dad, who didn't look like my dad, but i had been hiding from him, and i also ran into my dead grandpa who was half bone and nothing and half him. he did say something but i can't remember. And then smoke started coming out of the house down the street and it stared to roll down a hill but then came back up as i was running down the street to it, there was someone beside me but it was either the man i didn't know but felt a connection with or my grandfather.

Please if anyone knows what even part of my dream means can you please tell me because i am so confused and really really want to know...thank you

Example: Do colors mean anything in dreams?

My grandma and uncles and aunts have told that depending on the color of clothes the people in your dreams are wearing then your dream has a meaning to it I just want to know if its true and I forgot what the colors ment

Example: What does this dream mean?

I typically only sleep for a few hours out of the night and my dreams usually don't effect me. And when they do its in inspiring ways that help me write short stories or help with problems with Friends or family. But for the past few nights I've been scared half to death by this same dream. In the dream I am walking in a foggy forest under the light of a full moon. There are no stars and I can here laughter in the back ground. The laughter of little girls. As I get deeper into the forest I see minor glimpses of these little Navajo girls running pas the trees and vanishing. I then turn my head and see these wolves trying to direct me somewhere. I actually love wolves so you think I would follow them? But I don't! For some reason I look away and keep heading in the same direction. Eventually the laughing stops and I hear these voices. I did my best to translate and most of it was stuff like "he's coming" and "behind you, wolf hunter". It really starts to freak me out. Then as I get deeper into the forest I start seeing glimpses of my father (A man I've clashed with before). Its just shadows but I can recognize him in a dense fog. Nevertheless I kept moving towards him against my will! I tried to wake up and just I get within striking distances of my father he vanishes in gust of wind. At this point I am sweating and freaking the hell out! Once again I start walking through the woods and voice come back. But there are saying more intimidating things in Cherokee. Stuff like "TURN AWAY!" or "he he your going to die" and I can't tune it out! Once the voices stop I find myself in a large opening in the forest. I start to hear sinister laughs that appear to get closer. I then see a large wolf standing on the hill side. He then howls and vanishes. After that I can almost hear this demonic force moving racing behind me. Just as I turn I wake up before i can see what it is. This dream has actually detoured me from sleeping to night! I haven't watched any horror movies recentally, my life is normal as it should be, my family is doing fine and there are no major stresses at the moment. All I can relate this too is my Cherokee heritage (50% cherokee). Should I be preparing myself for something?

Example: Wha did these dreams mean?

when i was little i had this weird dream!
it was a lunch room with people eating around me..
when the time struck 12:00 (lunch) we all hid under the tables..
the bad guy (scary kiler or something) would look around searching for us...
the thing was when i was little everyonce ina while i had this dream...but it got longer each time...
till one day i had it agai and what happened is i pocked my head out from under the table to see if he was gone when he stood there i remember looking up and saw a face that was slurred in black so i didnt see a face...
that was the last time i ever had that dream...

what does it mean?
ive been wondering my hole life...

Example: Dream about hatching eggs?

i had a dream a while back,
i was in my school cafeteria and there were eggs on peoples trays and they all started hatching, the chicks didn't look cute and fluffy either, they were gray and wet looking and this girl i have a crush on was everywhere, it seems like she had clones walking around and they all looked very happy. what does this dream mean?

Example: Dreamed of a woman killing people.The horror movie the ring lady.what does this mean?

Example: Hair color changing in my dreams. What does it mean?

For the past couple of weeks I've had multiple dreams about my hair changing color. I have white platinum blonde hair and in my dreams I try toning it to get out the golden hues to it. Every time my hair turns dark and I end up hysterically crying/ become super sad. Is there some meaning to these dreams or no?

Example: I was wondering what my dream means.?

I'm riding my bike down a very narrow road that has houses pressing in on both sides. It's a dirt road. In the distance ahead of me, I can see smoke billowing into the sky. I finally reach the burning house, and it's fully involved. A woman is standing in the front yard weilding a shovel to bury two people. She's covered in dirt and ashes. She looks up and sees me, then she's suddenly beside me, trying to force me into her yard towards the house and bodies. I get away and start riding my bike back the way I'd come towards a city. I take out my cell phone and try to dial 911, but can't get the phone to dial properly. I started to cry in my dream in frustration. Then I woke.

Please, I want only serious answers.

Example: What does this dream interprets?

Last night i had a huge argument with my bf before going to bed.but i fell asleep really fast aftr dat.then I had a dream of 'Sketching a spider wid a pencil'.i was sketching it myself.n my sir said it looks wonderful,n i'd have won the 1st prize if it were sum kind of compitition. Anyway, I jst want to know whats da interpretation or significance of this dream of sketchin a spider?plz help.n its wierd that me n my bf r back to normal behaviour said sorry n all.is there any deep meaning or connectn?

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