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Dream About Obstinate Person meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Really really strange dream?

i dreamt that me and my sister were being chased by a midget with a skin disorder that turned him red, so we hung out in a train station and found this little homeless boy that stole my ring, and i looked and he had a bunch of rings so i put them all on and then adopted the boy.

one time i dreamt i was a cubs fan(i am really a die hard cardinal fan). and i was wereing a red jumpsuit, and my mom got mad at me and told me i had to forgive the amish. and then wer bought waynes brother bread, it was regulare bunny bread but i had a picture of the waynes brothers ont he package.

what could these dreams mean?

I am thinking that in this particular case, you are probably watching way too much TV, and your brain got information overload because you are popping from image to image to image.

The two key things that stand out are that I get the feeling that you have a strong need/desire to nurture (that's a good thing). But you are still going through an obstinate and defying phase and trying to figure out who you really are as a person.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I keep having this dream like 4 times a week where I am in the desert, and I see an old gas station with only one pump, i feel at peace until I go into the gas station, than everything feels all sad and ominous, even though nothing is really different than any other gas station. soon my parents walk in and we all get some snacks. every time I have this dream, in the dream i rip a dollar bill in half and set it on the ground before I buy something. everything is only like ten cents. And after we order, the person at the register always says "your brother sometimes comes here, we'll keep an eye out for him"

and than it ends, it doesn't even make since, what does it mean?

Example: Tarot: Will we love?

I went to the gas station today and the guy who works there was gourgeous. I have seen him before but didnt find him as gourgeous as today. He is around 37 years old. The tarot cards have been talking me lately about such a person of an older age (i consider 37 to be older, though i am 31). But they have also been talking about someone younger. I asked the question if we will love and this is what they are saying:

Queen of cups
Two of cups
Knight of pentacles

I like this guy, but then I dont really like him. When he turned around, I saw his back and you know. I think there is a lot of stuff that I just dont know about him. And I even suspect he is seeing someone (even though, he might not be really happy with that person). Wow, I can tell so much from just seeing someone once or twice. Its frigging amazing.

Example: How does Randy Taguchi's novel 'Outlet' end?

Example: What Does it Mean When You are born Year Of the Rat?

Example: Whats the personality traits of a person born year of rat?

Example: Can somebody explains me with details what means by having scorpio moon in the birthchart?

Example: Poll: Whats your take on this?

The old ways of being male have apparently disappeared, leaving modern man to find a place for himself as best he can. Many have discovered that it is not enough to simply denounce the old ways and cultivate the opposite qualities. Denying the existence of an aggressive, potentially violent component within the male psyche is no more enlightened than the opposite course of equating manhood with aggression. A man unable to recognize and come to terms, on a level much more personal and direct than a "politically correct," guilty acknowledgment of collective male misdeeds, with his own aggressive and destructive impulses, with his capacity for wildness, will be unable to access and use his deepest, most instinctual masculinity for fear it will get out of control. Beset by guilt, fear, and shame, he dares not venture out into the world or down into the dark wilderness of his own soul, but shuts himself up, safely impotent and lifeless, within the walls he erects around himself.
Women this gives you a chance to sound off on this one, Men the same,As a man why do we fight of showing our real emotions, Have we been so conditioned, that men don't cry or show their emotions? Do we accept the norm?

Example: Are there any anime like?

Hi everyone, I watched Angel Beats! a few weeks ago, and I just finished watching gantz. Are there any more anime like these two? With a group of people put in a place with alot of blood and action and a romance side to it as well?

Example: How can i get an aries guy to like me again?

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