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Dream About Octagon meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Bull fights and saving small children! What does it mean?!?

I had a dream that I was in an octagon with about 50 people of all ages to watch the bull fight. Suddenly everybody started running into this hole in the wall of the octagon (just like a small porch) and I saw a little girl running towards it on her own. She was wearing a bright yellow dress. I ran and grabbed her, and once I got into the hole, I curled around her into a ball and sat in the corner, to protect her if the bull came.

What could this mean?

Bull=lies, or bully depending on situation.
octagon is probably a gazebo (gaze-boy... look at this).
yellow=fearful, scared

The concern is in the future, you may recognize it as it arrives, and can preempt the situation or at least protect during it. Does that give you what you need?

Example: What did this dream mean about building out of like lego's?!?

It was totally weird! so a while ago i was totally normal(not sick or anything) and i had a dream that i was in my middle school parking lot(which i havent' been to in 2 years since 8th grade), i had these little magnet toys kids play with like they connect(theres like magnet sticks that connect to a silver ball and you make things with it), so i had these magnets and i built a big octagon ball out of them and there were boots and shoes at each of the corners connecting the ball together, i had the boy that i liked accross from me building the ball, and two girls on each side of the ball(and it was being built in the parking lot yes). it was the weirdest dream and when i woke up i felt sick, i ended up not eating for like 4 days because food make me sick, i got a cold after, and when i woke up my legs were REALLY sore cause i think i was rolling around all night trying to build! i still remember EVERYTHING that happened and my mom thinks it is because i was trying to build my future? idk what does a dream about building like this mean?!?!?!?! it was really weird and now my family and friends joke that i am a good builder?! sorry it was so long, it was just a weird dream!

Example: Dreamed about wolves in sheeps clothing... what does this mean?

I had two prophets warn me to be weary of false christians who would deceive me... or as Jesus would call them "false christs"

And then I dreamt that I was back in school (I keep dreaming that I'm back in highschoo) it was an adult night class. There was this very intelligent, successful, humble doctor that everybody liked and respected taking a class there... he had a 98% overall average in highschool and epitomized moral goodness and virtue... He was wearing a business suit the same type of uniform he always wears to church... and in my dream... I was taking on his body, and controlling his mind... that is in my dream... I was a man (in real life I am a woman)

We were working on a late night project, something artistic and related to making art forms... One was a wreath which I made in class on the day it was due and succeeded in (while everyone else took their wreiths home with them) the other assignment we made was an octagon / pentagon, where we were supposed to draw and add certain things to it... I made the second on on time as well even though I was late... and my partner was worried I would not get it down.

Then as we were at class late night, some guy who reminds me of a former drug dealing friend that I had who had the hots for me 2 years ago... (a very ugly, poor, agressive heathen guy that had no religious belief and slept with any thing with two legs) Well he came to our school and told us that he had something to tell us... I asked what it was about and he said he wanted revenge... I got an eery, uncomfortable, feeling that a murder or something horrible was about to take place so I left the school, and drove off.

Well I was trying to escape this guy, he brought some of his friends along who were also looking for revenge. I learned over time that he likes to start confrontations with others, and slanders his chosen victim to his friends so that he can get people to gang up on them and beat them up... and that there was no moral basis for why he was angry at the people he was angry at. I tried to escape him in a tunnel... that was very short but he got to the other end, and trapped me... somehow I managed to evade him and he was on my pusruit again.

And then god revealed to me that when He was talking about the "fruit" of the prophet by which you would recognize who was a sincere prophet and who was not, he meant that the offspring of the prophet... That is if the words of the prophet bring you closer to God, or His will for your life then they are a real prophet... if the words of th prophet bring you further away from him, then the prophet is a false prophet. And God also revealed to me... that the Chrsitians who did not want me to join them in church (because they thought I was unworthy of God's love) were false prophets... because their speech (you don't belong here) was designed to bring me further away from God. And then I started to think that all these false prophets (people who tell me I have no right to seek or believe in God or fellowship with people who believe in him) were actually wolves in sheeps clothing... And then I realized that the people who pursued me... (that is the ones who want God to puinsh me for my sins and pay for my mistakes) were like the Davey's who were out looking for revenge. I also realized that a prophet in this context is not necessarily somebopdy who divines words from God, but simply somebody's whose speech is designed to represent God... For example a Christian who says "God never punishes anybody." is a false prophet... even if they do not claim to have prophetic abilities.

Now this is what I can't figure out... I don't have any friends but God keeps warning me over and over again to be wary of false christs and false prophets... so who exactly is he talking about since I dont have any friends anyway?

And why am I being so heavily pursued by Davey who wants revenge? Later on he continued to pursue me... and got all of his friends to pursue me... and the only way that I managed to escape... was by driving to another provine... far in the east coast... like Prince Edward Island or something and then driving slightly back... and taking a round route so that none of the cars that were pursuing me would find me?

Can you pray about this and tell me what you sense about this dream that I had?

Example: Dreams about beautiful buildings made me happy?

I had a dream where I was in this building that was shaped like a "regular" octagon, that was made of redwood and towered up really high into the sky, about forty stories high. The building was about fifteen feet wide all around. Into the ground, the building had a really beautiful, victorian style basement with torches and long rugs, but no furniture (just plants). The basement was shaped like a big square donut shape with a ladder to lead up to the tower... and where it wasn't the tower, there were really pretty octagon shaped ceiling windows. Like this:

l...l-----l...l <-------
l...l l...l basement

In that dream, I was with some unknown people, who had odd tattoos on their faces and stuff, wore exotic clothes, and stuff, and I was wearing odd stuff too. But I was really happy, thought the building was beautiful, and I was with this guy with blue hair. I think I might have had superpowers and stuff, but I don't remember.

What do buildings mean in dreams? The number 8? Why do people have dreams about beautiful buildings?

Example: What could my dream mean?

I had a dream where I was apart of some movie. The people there dressed me in a Dark purple bunny costume and told me to go inside this huge and odd looking building. It was kind of like a short 3D octagon shape. And on the inside it had on the roof, a small opening. There was a bath tub of white dye sitting at the back of the building and  before the bathtub and to the left, was a small table with chopped carrots on it. They said it was for them to throw it up the hole to make the explosion more believable. So apparently I was supposed to be seen as exploding in the building while it stayed in tact. After they told me this, they told me to get in the tub because I was supposed to be a white bunny. I asked them why they didn't just give me a white costume in the first place, but they never answered. So i slowly got in. Then, they threw the chunks of carrots through the hole and I could see smoke out of it.

That's where the dream ends.

Oh, and I've been wanting to be a film maker for a few years and recently, I've been worried about if I'll actually do well in such a competitive market. (if that helps) :D

Example: What do these dreams mean? ?

Ive been recently having the same dream everyday can you tell me what it means.

ok im getting ready for a fight i come out i see on the opposite side of the octagon someone who looks exactly like me like a twin but i dont even have a twin we battle it out till round 2 and i get knocked out with a rear naked choke what does this dream mean?

Example: Last night I dreamt about a red octagon, with the word STOP emblazoned across it in white...?

I think its a sign.

Example: Dream meaning? Help me translate or understand?

So I had this dream about an *internet friend* and a friend that I had never met before...ok let me start from the beginning, At the dream I was at our house in Dunedin (I live in Philippines btw...) and I was sitting and I saw my internet friend at the table! I was shocked, he isn't literally and internet friend, i just talk to him sometimes on formspring and reblog him on twitter... but I saw him and I didn't even ask him what he was doing there I was just like, "Hey, wanna go out?" Then we went out we saw this girl, And in my dream she was my friend! although I have never seen her before we were pree close on my dream, then we started walking around Dunedin, we were going for the Octagon but we got lost and we tried to find our way back to my house, it think it rained or snowed...and we saw my mom and we walked back to my house and we were silent along the way..then I woke up, ok some more details. that internet friend really wants to go to new zealand, and I will go there in 2 years. I had this dream after I didn't talk to him for a while, but I doubt that he actually knows me, I went kinda anon on formspring but sometimes i send questions with my name on it, shared how i love that musician and talked 2x on tumblr so he doesn't really know me... haha I know It's a crazy dream, I would love to know what it means though (:

Example: Can any1 help me interpret my dreams?

I'm having a LOT of apocalypse like dreams lately. Tsunamis, sudden vacant towns, and last night I dreamed of two large buildings ( like the twin towers..) and every1 in it died of carbon monoxide poisoning. (The buildings were kinda round and had a octagon roof. Know of any..?) I tried looking up the meanings online, but no luck. I always have vivid dreams every night, and while conversioning w/ a friend she said dreams were more about how you feel. But in these dreams I'm thinking of nothing but survival. (and cool things I can grab in stores 4 free!) Mass death, family surly gone, and I'm not sad or panicked. I look 4 guns, food, and massive vehicles to move about in. Last night I was just watching ppl die in the building. No emotion. These Apocalypse dreams have been going on 4 about 2 weeks now. Help me out!

Example: Can anyone enlighten me about this dream?

Alright, the other night i dreamt that I was in a large, octagon shaped room and the ceiling was at least 5 stories high. The entire floor was a trampoline (I don't know why, but the trampoline floor seemed VERY important) and I could see people bungee jumping off of a stretched out ledge at the top. I went through a door and began climbing steps to the top of the room. My brother and his girlfriend were suddenly with me, urging me to talk to another girl that was in front of me. I did, but the conversation felt somewhat awkward. As we got to the top of the stairs, me and this girl became close (holding hands, resting her head on my shoulder). We were then in another room at the top, sitting on a couch getting ready to bungee jump together, but right before we jump, she lets go of my hand and I begin to fall from the ledge and wake up.

I've had this dream before, a few times in fact which is why i'm asking here. I'm single, and have not yet had a girlfriend if it helps.


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