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Dream About Oil Press meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: How "wet" is a wet dream?

This question is trying to figure out what happens normally to guys who get wet dreams, so you should be a guy who gets them or at least had one to relate their experience. What I want to know is that when you wake up after the wet dream how much wetness will you find, compared to if you wet the bed? I know it is sticky, but is it just a spot the size of a quarter or maybe 2, 3, 5, 5, or 6 inches wide? How many layers does it soak through and does it make a difference what kind of underwear and shorts you wear? Does it help to lay on your back instead of your stomach? Do certain color underwear and sheets hide the stain better?

I think it matters on a lot of things because different people ejaculate different amounts, and it might vary in viscosity, or how thick it is. If you spill water it soaks in very quickly and "wicks" outward to drier areas. Since urine is like water that way a little bit goes a long way to make something wet (and you urinate much more than you ejaculate, on top of that). But if you take any other liquid that is thicker, like oil or honey and it won't spread out as much. Which is why the wet spot is very sticky and heavy when wet and crusty when dry. It also depends on how thick your underwear is. If you have thin material like silk boxers there isn't much to hold the moisture so it will spread farther than if it was on a thick flannel underwear.

Hope that helps.

Oh, not sure about lying on your back or stomach. That guy who said laying on your back gives you more wet dreams is how he is but not everybody. Some say a wet dream is triggered when your penis rubs or presses into the sheets or mattress and this seems like it will happen to you more on your stomach. And if you are on your stomach and have a wet dream the weight of your body and pressure of your erection pressing into the stain will force more to seep through onto the sheets.

Color of sheets or underwear doesn't help much. White underwear hides the stain best when wet but if it dries before you wash it can leave a light yellow stain. It is the opposite with colored underwear, which seems to show wetness stains much better (darker) but are harder to see when dry. Best is if you wear something with colorful patters which will hide any stain better.

Oh, and beware if you are wearing new colored underwear. This happened to me once where I wore them without washing them and had a wet dream. I was on my stomach and the semen took some of the dye from the underwear and transferred a colored outline onto the sheets. Yikes!

Example: Frequent dreams of Acne break-outs. What does it mean?

(Please read full details) I suffer from Acne Vulgaris. I was on medication for a month. Later on I consulted a gynecological to check out whether hormonal imbalance could be causing my acne. So again I ran through blood tests & now I am on new medicines.

I HAVE BEEN VERY WORRIED OF ACNE & ACNE SCARS. It affects my self-esteem. I am struggling a lot to get rid of acne & acne scars. That's all I can think about day & night. And these frequent dreams of huge acne break-outs are scaring me a lot.

Why am I having these dreams?

Example: Really long weird dream, what does it mean?

me and a couple people i know decided to fly to egypt, and it seemed that i could only fly because i had a cup of some kind of chips. anyway, they all started in a line, counted down there takeoff, everything they did seemed well calculated, while i was just flying around enjoying the experience, but still going in the same direction as everyone else. they stayed low to the ground and didn't go very fast, while i was going up so far i could no longer see them, flying upside down, backwards, sideways, anything, and by the time i found them again the cup was empty, i was going backwards and didn't (couldn't?) keep a straight line. I was going extremely fast and the wind was blowing my dreads in front of my face, and i went down and landed on my back but that didn't hurt at all. I watched everyone else fly away, it didnt bother me one bit. One other person seemed to have fallen as well, so we walked back to where we came. the cars on the road seemed to be going hundreds of miles an hour. when we turned off the main road, there was a street vendor selling something out of a small train buggy thing. we asked if he made the stuff, he said "no, no, my grandmother did." then he pressed a button and part of the train opened up to reveal a decomposing corpse of an elderly female. The person i was with freaked and grabbed me and we ran away. for some reason i wasnt bothered by the corpse, i was just a little hungry. we were back on the main road, and a normal sized train was going down the road, and we noticed some tracks going down the road. we stepped off the tracks, and when the train reached us, it turned off the main road. we noticed that the tracks didn't turn. the next thing i know were in a junkyard, and there's another person there i know. the train has since taken to chasing us, and it has excellent maneuverability. i jump into a car with the person i was with first and hot wire it, just as we start speeding away, the train hit the vehicle the other person got in, and the vehicle erupted into a shower of sparks and metal. at this point, im still not bothered by any of this, but i do decide to drive very fast away from the train. we drive through a town, and the person im with starts trying to fight me for the steering wheel. i said fine, f*ck up my coordination. while i was on the pedals i looked back and the train was a few inches from the back of the car, and it had changed into an evil satan looking train. i then told the person to get the f*ck off my wheel, im driving this b*tch, then the person started being a backseat driver. im doin good drivin for about 10 minutes, then i take a wrong turn, and the road drops about 20 feet into a sand pit in front of a rednecks yard. we get out and run, jump a fence over a hill, and another fence at the bottom. a couple seconds later, the train comes out of the ground at the foot of the hill.(were in a suburban area at this point) it has demon horns and its on fire. the other person is about to give up hope, and bam, right when we turn around this thing that looks like victor crowley grabs the persons head and rips it off. then he grabs my arm and i look at him and say get the f*ck off me, a$$hole and yank my arm out of his grip, and just walk off. i entered someone's house and just went to sleep, then woke up in real life. then i went back to sleep in real life.

theres another dream in the same night almost as long, but with a completely different story line. i had it after i went back to sleep after the first one

Example: Healthy cooking oil that is safe to fry at high temps?

Thanks! :)

Example: What does my disturbingly, violent and vivid recurring dream mean?

I keep having this very disturbing dream that i am in a big manor house with bright red carpet, and i am creeping around. I never remember why i am in there, just that i have to be quiet about it. I'll go up the stairs, and from upstairs you can look down onto the first level and there's a bannister around it. I look around and i see oil paintings on the wall, and the house feels very wrong like i shouldn't be there, and something is going to happen.

With a feeling of trepidation, i am leaning over the bannister looking down, i hear this low growl and as i turn something knocks me hard onto the ground. I fight out to get it off and turn over but i don't have a hope in hell. Its claws go through my shoulder, then with exquisite ease it turns me on my side where i can see it's a full grown tiger. I'm still fighting a losing battle and instead of delivering the coup de grâce it starts biting down on the back of my head. It's absolutely terrifying and i can feel the pressure building and building and i'm preying to die by now. I can actually FEEL my skull cracking, it's hot, fetid breath on my face, the teeth scraping across my scalp and the thick blood pouring down my face as a result. Everything will slowly fade to black, me still panicking and writhing in fear and pain, thinking what will my last words be? I shout out 'I love you Mum' and it ends with me dying in this horrible state of fear, panic and pain.

Can anyone interpret it? I had it several times, some details change, but this is the long and short of it. It's bothering me, and making me worry.

Example: Good, cheap drugstore pressed powder that I can wear alone to cover shine?

Rimmel stay matte? Covergirl clean for oily skin powder? HELP! haha
something to stop my shiny/oily tzone

Example: Who has better powder? Covergirl or maybelline?

ive always used the covergirl pressed powder for oily skin but i was wondering if maybelline makes a better powder. any suggestions?

Example: Scary Nightmares What do they mean?

Ok recently, i have getting weird dreams. Here is a description of them.
A friend from the states flew over and me and my friend picked him up, we drove to London and pass buckingham palace and to essex where i live. We camped outside in the forest and stuff. One morning we got up and went to a library, it looked like the one at mine which is 100yrs old, but all rearranged, there was a massive dark crack across the ceiling which was really creepy, I was flicking through vampire books and my friend came up behind me and put his arms around me really sexually. I pulled away and ran down the stairs. Then the next thing i know i am in this deserted place with my friend lucy at a race thing, there was machines we had to fix or do something to as we ran, behind us was a creepy person in metal armour on a shiny motorcycle, he had a sword on him as well he was a few meters behind me. Then we started to run, we fixed the machines really quickly then the creepy motorcyclist started the race, Lucy found this machine and climbed in which secured her life and she shouted run and at the end was a machine that flung you into this circle full of pictures of people. I notice one of taylor launder but i don't get why ha ha. When i got there the wires were out of place i started to panic and the my friend ran over and put me in the chair and fixed the wires for me, he pressed the go button. He technically saved my life because the biker was about to come at me with its sword.

Second Dream.
I was in a dark room i could barely see, there was three doors, i tried all of them but they were locked. I began to scream then it was a painful cry like someone had just hurt you. There was blood on the floor a violent red colour. Then a pair of big freaky red hungry eyes appeared and i woke up screaming.
The last dream
This was in a field of white roses i was wearing a peach flowing summer dress and i have a pair of angel wings, on the hill there was a boy he was waving to me and i broke out in a sprint towards him, when i got to where he was the white roses was a horrible icky red colour like blood and he had just disappeared, i woke up crying and couldn't sleep for about 3hours after i woke up.
Can you please help me? I am a bit freaked and want to know what they mean, i have asked friends they don't have a clue. The dreams seem more real than reality most of the time and sometimes the dreams last for ages it seems like they are reality and i don't ever want to wake up in eternity.

Example: Good make up for greasy skin.?

Hi :)

I have quite naturally greasy skin and have some lotion that is perscribed by the doctor to help this. However, i don't think the make up that i use is particularly helping. I have tried Revlon colourstay for greasy skin and am currently using Maybellene Matt Mousse which isn't too bad, but i'm wondering if anyone knows any foundation which is good for this? Something which i could be able to go and buy in Boots/Superdrug.

I'll be greateful for any suggestions. It's driving me mad!

Example: Foundation help?! cosplay?!?

Today me and my friends are doing a cosplay day.. and my skin isn't great.. when i apply foundation it goes weird around my nose and upper lip it looks like i have loads of spots when i don't... anything i can do?
i use dream matte moose as my foundation.

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