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Dream About Old Age Home meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Weird dreams. Any meaning.?

Night before last i had a dream that i was 17 && already had a 1 year old (i'm 16 && have no kids.!)
Now last night i had a dream i went to an occult store && stole 2 blue && black pillar candles && walked home && no one was home so i summoned this weird demon. Any kind of meaning to both.? btw i do dabble in witchcraft && demons. No criticism or gtfo.

Dear Awesome?
I do not know what gtfo means. However why dabble in the "darkside" when it is so much easier to enter the Light? Why risk screwing yourself? Are you looking for excitement? It is so much easier and more rewarding and full of far more awe and wonder to open yourself up to positive higher powers? Do you fear Mercy? Do you fear Enlightenment? Do you fear help and healing you can have every day? Why waste your time on confusion and babble? Why be used by what seems to wish to get you knocked up and have a life that would spiral out of control at such a tender, meaningful age when you could be enjoying both your spirituality and physicallity without risk to your longevity here and beyond?While we all lose our temper with the powers that be and endure feelings of helplessness and rage at almost every age of our lives ~ why pollute ourselves? Clean out your awesome temple and invite the good help in to dwell. There are so few choices open to those who walk in the dark or choose to make themselves blind. Ask, Seek and Knock all you want but show some good sense. Life is short, easy to lose, and no else can live it for you so do not throw it away. Your inner self is frightened of the direction which seems to entice you at present. So stop scaring yourself. Life will still be exciting and you can still be awesome! Close your eyes and look for the light that is inside all of us. Candles are not necessary. Does your environment get you down? Bad smells? Grimy conditions? The endorphins you release with a little elbow grease and some nice soap and the pleasures of a job well done will lift your mood! Weird friends? Volunteer somewhere to help the less fortunate and you are bound to meet some that make you feel good : friends that can show you paths to a bright future. Listen to the fear and do something positive. Blessings!

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok ever since I was 5 years old (i am 15 currently) until the age of 13 I been having thses dreams where this person is telling me and "showing" me my past life. All I can remember is that person keep telling me that I am a witch and a princess from a long time ago. And I always get Deja vu a lot like everyday and even my plam readinds say I have a physic powers so what are these dreams telling me?Am I really a witch? Or is it a dream of wanting it which I doubt it because half the thigns in my dreams are extremly freaky.

Example: Does my dream mean anything?

So, I'm 14 and a girl. My friend is 14 and a boy. I like him and maybe he likes me back, he told me "if I go into the military when I get older, I'll come visit you". I thought that was sweet. We been friends since we were 9. We still are close friends. Now, I keep having dreams about me and him 8 years into the future, at age 23. (We turn 15 this year)

So, I'll tell you my dream.

We were 23 yrs old, he visits me from coming home from the military, and he proposes to me. We get married and have kids.
Does my dream mean anything? Would we get married or maybe get mrried when we get older? I do want to marry him when I get older, but, does my dream mean anything?

Example: What did my dream mean?

The other night I had a dream in which I was introduced to a new boy by a friend. The boy was about my age maybe a year or two older than me and would wait to chat with me after school. One afternoon he gave me a present, a little velvet or twill box (like a ring or cuff link box) and told me to open it on the way home. Any idea what my dream meant, or what was in the box?

Thank you.

Example: What does my dream truly mean?

I felt really weird for asking the question. So no false or sarcastic answers please.

Last night I went to bed kinda late for my age. I had a very weird dream consisting of my old pet rabbit ( that I gave away a while back; apparently he is in a happy home now) and another rabbit that I've never seen before. Both were in a cage starving and thirsty. They were both dirty and the cage was also dirty.
one rabbit ( the one i gave away) had three eyes and was blind with two of them.
The other rabbit later on got a massive spider bite.
They were light brown rabbits.
In the dream, I then cried because I felt very sorry for them.
The dream set place in my backyard.

the reason i was so scared about this dream is because I read that if you have a dream about rabbits in a cage it means you will have heaps of kids. but my rabbits were injured and deformed/mutated. I want to know what that might mean for the future.
Any extra info woulod be great. Thankyou! All help is appreciated!

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

I've had a dream where I was a spirit and I used to try and get contact with my loved ones but I couldn't talk, and I actually cried in my dream.

The most creepiest is this. (This part isn't the dream) When I was three my brother played a song on his keyboard and it reminded me of a king in a castle/palace and I always cried because it sounded familiar.

A few years later I had a dream that I was in a castle, similar to the castle from the keyboard, and I got shot by a cannon.

Another few years later, I had a dream that I was in a huge castle/palace, similar to the ones from the past two incidents, where I just explored.

Last month, I had the exact same dream as above.

The weird thing is, I love listening to old music and plays from the olden days - such as Greensleeves and Shakespeare. I also have very similar beliefs that Queen Elizabeth the First had, and because of that I have a sudden interest with learning about her.

Does this mean anything?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Hey, So I have been having the same dream over and over for about 3 years now, and its starting to bug me as I don't know whether its a good or bad thing, So what does this mean?

I am in a boat by myself going down a narrow canal. The canal is actually the roads of my Local Area of where I live. So I am rowing down this canal, its very dark and gloomy the only light is coming from my boat. The silence is weird all I hear is the boat shuffling through the water, that is all. I don't recall any smells. I start moving down the canal and it starts to get even darker (bearing in mind it pretty much pitch black) and something starts following me, its a shadow. I start to move faster going towards this tunnel getting more worried and scared then the shadow catches up with me and starts to circle my boat. I keep looking over the boat to see where or what it is but unable to get a clear image. Its horrifying. Then the shadow starts attacking the underside of my boat and I start screaming for help... but there is no one there. I am trapped. The shadow then topples me over of which I wake sweating.

Quite an intense dream, someone know what this could mean?
If you need any more details Email me: Keiron.Cooper@yahoo

Example: What does this dream mean? (long)?

I'm a 15 year old boy. I met a really beautiful girl my age. We hit it off, but her family was extremely affluent and well-mannered. I was also well-mannered, but not affluent. She eventually had to leave, and gave me her home phone number. I called, and her brother picked up. I asked if I could talk to her in person later. They agreed, and I went to sleep. I somehow forgot her name, and one of her sisters delivered me a tied, frayed red ribbon. I had to figure out what it meant, and it meant that I could talk to her, just later. I went to her house (actually a huge mansion) and went up to the door. I was in full camo, because I thought the dad hated me. He locked the door and said I needed to find a way in. I had brought screwdrivers, because I anticipated this, but the one I needed was broken. Then one of her brothers let me in. I talked to him, and he let me know this was all a joke and the dad didn't really hate me. Than I talked to one of her sisters, who'se name I thought was the girl I originally had met. Then it got sorted out, I talked to the girl I had met originally, we grew up together, and got married. Thanks for reading. What does this dream mean?

Example: HELP! what does this dream mean?!?!?

ok i will try to tell every detail:
i was at a party it was in my old neighborhood in a house that looked small on the outside but was the size if a huge idk, museum on the inside.(almost everything was white and there were sooo many different hallways) so there were alot of people at the party and there was drinking, and smoking going on, music was playing people were making out and having sex. there were cops all around the house, and people were walking around naked then as i was sitting with my brother and some other random people talking this guy came up to me and was all hey do you wanna come with me to my house? its across the street (he looked like shane dawson with black hair and a lip piercing) i said yes, everyone was all ooooooh and i blushed the he asked if i was embarrassed for some reason so i said no. we went tot his house (wich was the house i used to babysit at) i knew he wanted to have sex so i was pretty happy. we got to his house and his parents were home so we went upstairs and made out he undressed me and we were about to have sex but his dad called him down stair to eat when he he came back he didint want to have sex anymore so we just talked and touched eachother. then i heard people calling my name and all the neighbors were looking for me. so i went home. then i woke up from my dream fell back asleep and had a simalar dream only with a different guy and no party and people did not look for me. what did all that mean? thanks for your time

Example: 25 years old, been having the same dream/nightmare since age 6?

Earliest I remember having this dream is aged 6, and I'm 25 now, I wish I knew what it means.

I'm walking home when people/army starts shooting at me and chasing me to kill me. I'm petrified and just run home, but they easily break through my door, so I need to run again but wherever I run they are right there trying to kill me. They smash apart my local area I live in, and my home. They are hunting me. Sometimes i get to hide, they find me and I'm trapped in and will definitely die, then I wake up. Last time though, a friend set me up and they got me and shot me and I'm dying, fading out of life, but I heard my mums voice and it brought me back.

When I wake up I'm petrified. I mean, I've had a gun held to me in real life, but its crazy, the dream is mire scary. I've always had scary scary dreams, but this one affects me most, to the point I needed to sleep with a bat and stuff incase people come through the door to rob/kill me.

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