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Dream About Olive Green meanings

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Example: What do these dreams mean?

I just remarried in October. I have the most awesome husband that a woman could ask for. Every female who meets him usually gets jealous. I love him so much, it's insane. My ex husband was horrible to me- mentally and physically abusive with extreme drug/alcohol problems and control issues. He still tries useing my son to control me (now).

I've been dreaming about my ex husband. The night before last I dreamt he still wanted to be with me and acted like the marriage I'm in now wasn't real. Last night, was his alter person (the psycho that came out in fights). He was with 2 of my friends (screwing them I guess?) in the bed that was in the mother in law suite of my house that he broke into and decided he was going to stay and not leave. I walked in there to get something and saw them. My one friend got up and whispered to me that she really liked him, but he still wanted to be with me. And she was all depressed/ Then I remember him going nuts about me being married to another man. And acting like I was cheating on him. I remember him irate. I don't remember all the events or sequence of the dream. Olive green seemed to be present through out the dream and I remember brown carpet. Also, most clothing was black on everyone.

I can't stand my ex husband. He is like a splinter. I don't care about him. I DO want him to fail in everything and always be unhappy. I don't think he deserves a toilet to even crap in. SO WHY IS THE BASTURD POPPING UP? I've never dreamt about him before. Even when we were married. These are the 1st dreams of him ever. Whats going on?

Dreams come and go, you might dream of something of the past, than about something that happened that same day, something that’s worrying you. It seems to me that you have dreamt about your ex husband, and the memory trigged the other dreams your constantly having. It doesn’t mean that you are starting to have feelings for him or anything again. And the story on your dream goes to show that you are worried that he might come back to screw your new marriage.

I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes we kind of get obsessed with a dream. I have some breathing problems, so when there’s a weather change get nasal congestion and breath with my mouth which leads to me having a sore throat in the morning. It’s always been like this. One day I had this symptom, and I dreamt that I had breathed in a bee with my mouth and the bee stung my throat. From that day on every time I had nasal congestion I would dream I was swallowing a bee.

I wouldn’t be so worried, it will go away!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm in a car on a street I know in a town near my house. The window's rolled down and a dirty old half black/half white looking man has a gun against my head. The gun is incredibly cold and I can see the man's gray beard and olive green beanie. He hobbles across the street with a cane to get someone else. I scream at my mom to drive. We get a little down the road and on the right there's a fat man getting out of his flatbed truck to get to a girl. The girl is about 14, naked and crying and screaming. She's walking on her knees towards the road, with her stringy dark blonde hair in her face, and she can barely balance because her arms have been cut off to above the elbows.
As a little bit of background history, I have depression because I believe I'm worthless and I'm an 18 year old girl.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I all-ways dream that I see girls wearing raincoats in the rain. and last night I had a dream that I went on holiday to the seaside and It was raining and I was in charge of a coach trip for a week and we stayed in 4 caravans and I went to the sailing shop and saw lots of different coloured cagoules. And I got all the girls one and they had their own colours. One had red another pink another dark green another light green another olive green another light blue another royal blue and purple navy blue and black. and then I said fasten them up so you don't get wet and then it rained hard and I said don't get your hair wet so put your hoods up so they did. what do my dreams mean?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I just had it today. So there was this eerie attraction, and you had to pay a small fee. The whole place was pretty much shiny silver chrome, platinum, and steel. I definitely did not want to go on the attraction (you'll understand why later in the story), but for some reason, I went on it. It's sort of like a death trap ride. So anyways, to get to the attraction, you have to ride in this ugly, olive green, old Jeep. You're right on a thin path by cliffs, and a manhole. It's light and gray, AS IF you are outside. So when you get there, there are three VATS with doors you lift. Three people per vat, and inside there is nothing but maroon velvet on the walls, floor, and ceiling. I was in the vat with one of my real-life friends and some stranger. Anyway, this CREEPY-@$$ "ride" goes like this: every one minute, there is a temperature change of +5 degrees Fahrenheit. It keeps going like this, until one person is left alive. There is no escape otherwise. When the last person is left, a large purple button comes out of the wall, and you have to press it. Then it instantly cools, you win, and the ride is over. Some workers come and take the dead people and bury them on a steep, thin hill, carrying them there in wheelbarrows. I had won in this ride. I was about 11 years old in this dream (older in real life). My friend lasted till 220 degrees Fahrenheit. I was on the ride for approximately 45 minutes. Then I started chatting with a guy from my 5th grade class about how long we lasted, and how many degrees it was, etc. Just talk about the ride. What could all of this had meant? I have a theory because it was hot in my room, especially under all the blankets, and that could have caused it to be about rising heat levels. I was at a theme park a month ago or so. Also, the ride in the dream was called "The Kamikaze". I want some theories on this, thanks for all ideas in advance. :)) Oh, also, at the end of the ride, we were at a hotel in Las Vegas, and my mom was like "Good job honey you won, its good exercise for your heart!" I thought "WTH, how is it GOOD for my heart?"

Example: What would red and green olives in a jar mean? (dream)?

I had a dream about some personal matter (family related) but I am wondering what a jar full of red and green olives would mean. I received this at the end of my dream, the red olives were put together in half of the jar with the other half is green (goes from bottom left (red olives) to upper right (green olives)). On the jar it said " Are you being treated better?" the "you" was much smaller the the rest of the text which at first i thought it said "Are being treated better?". And the words were divided into 2 columns, the "Are you being" was on the left column and the "Treated better?" on the right, i know this is alot of information, but i hope you can understand what i typed. I also know that this is only part of my dream and thanks very much for reading this through and even more thanks for your response!

Example: Dream Interpretation about a Green Rat?

I had a dream last night that a frienemy handed/placed a very large rat with olive green patches on my lap. I tried to cradle the rat, then I placed it on the floor and as I began to pet it I noticed it was soaked in urine. Any ideas as to what this means?

For more background on my friend: immature, egotistical, calculating and spiteful. We share 8 mutual friends. We bump heads because I'm the only one that ever challenges her and she gets jealous of any of her husbands mutual female friends that she views as being a "threat" in a variety of ways. Her husband is a cool guy, but no one's after him.

Me: I recognize immaturity, the ego, and being spiteful as direct products of fear, so I actively try and replace fear with love which is why we're still friends. I also am working in my dream job and live in a huge house. Moving in was when the tensions started to rise I noticed. Plus I have 8 years on her, so it's probably more of a maturity thing. I'm far from perfect, have more baggage than a Samsonite warehouse but I try to love everyone unconditionally :)

Hope this helps!

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

The other night I had a dream that I was walking around campus, just coming from a class, when an acquaintance walked up to me. He asked me if he could talk to me about something really important then blurted out that he was in love with me. I remember asking myself if I was dreaming, so when I didn't wake up right away I thought it was so real. I remember some colors like yellow and green, but other than that everything was just normal, like I was really at school. This guy is very good-looking, we're in the same major, and we used to be closer friends until he started doing things I didn't want to be around. So what does my dream mean?

Example: What does my parachuting kangaroos dream mean?

I had a dream a few nights ago where some army jets flew over my school (some were upside down), and white kangaroos parachuted out of them and landed near by. When they took off the parachutes, they turned into fat anthromorphic lamas in olive green tank tops. Does this mean anything, or am I completely loony?

Example: Help deciphering dream meaning?

So I had a dream my best friend and I went to go visit an ex boyfriend of mine. He lived in this mansion (I can't even describe the size of the mansion in this dream). So he led me down to my room and it was a very... homey, quaint room. Olive green walls, picture frames (I didn't recognize what was in them) and a large bed. I hung out in the room for a while, then my ex came in and began suggesting we get back together. I was kind of like "ummmmm..." and he ran out. So I decided to go find my best friend's room. Eventually I found it, and it was inside a volcano. I told her about what happened with my ex. Then she randomly started saying how she liked my room way better than hers because it was nice and hers was inside an actual volcano (you could see lava through the floorboards and it was HOT). Then the volcano began to erupt and my ex ran in yelling about how it was a fire drill and we needed to leave. We were in the process of evacuation when I woke up.

Side note: I was not under the influence when I dreamt this.

Also: I know some people don't believe in dream psychology, and it can be very imprecise but still, I'm curious.

Example: My first pregnancy craving green olives?

Green olives are a weird thing for me to crave because I usually dont like green olives being they are so sour but a couple of days ago I had a dream about them lol so I went and bought some and now ive been eating them like crazy! Weird? Do your cravings mean your missing something in your diet? or is it something you just want? Whats the deal?

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