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Dream About Overcoat meanings

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Example: I had this really crazy dream with a gorilla, can anyone help analyze?

I was riding around my town on a kids big wheel bike being chased by gorillas dressed in overcoats and top hats. My sister gave me a wand that was all messed up and was shooting sparks out of different directions.
It was just a really weird dream so I'm curious what it means?

My dream book states the following

To dream of this frightening big ape portends a painful misunderstanding,unless the animal was very docile or definitely friendly,in which case the dream forecasts a very unusual new friend.

Hope this helps!

Example: What does this dream mean?

i recently had a dream of fighting over a gun to protect this white women. and when i fought over the gun with the shooter,i took the gun and took it apart. then he pulled out and revolver and pointed to shooty me then we fought over it again and i shoot him six times. them i shot the white lady. as i thought she was gonna die i cursed her out. then her eyes started rolling around and she started screaming at me in a phycotic way and all of this happened in a shallow muddy lake. anyway when i starteed to run i woke up

Example: I seldom remember dreams, but this is the last one I remember having. What does it mean?

It's a bit of a long one. I've had this dream months ago, and its the last one I remember having.

One day, my little brother (who's 11 years old, me 20 years old) and I were at the local GameStop store because he wanted the latest Spider-Man game. While he's browsing the Gamecube shelf for it, I'm hanging around the cashier talking about the newest Final Fantasy game that isn't out yet. Right in the middle of the conversation, I notice a strange man with dirty blonde hair, long, wearing a brown overcoat, staring at my little brother. So I instinctively grab him and pay for the game, and get out of there ASAP. We board the city bus, and I notice that somehow, that same man got on the bus, and we were the last ones to board! I thought it strange, we left him in the store and he didn't follow us...But when we got home, I locked all the windows and doors and told my mother about the man. She just thought I was being paranoid, and thought nothing of it. Soon after... (continued)

Example: What could this dream mean?

I was in a store, and this guy came up to me and he looked scared. He said that 2 guys who threatened his life were in the store, and he needed my help to hide from him. I put him in a costume (overcoat, hat, sunglasses, mustache) the 2 guys were looking at animals. I asked them if they saw the tigers. I showed them the tigers, and heard them talking about the guy they threatened. They didn't notice him at all. They finally left, and the man thanked me, and then my mom walked in the store. I was telling her how cute the tigers were, and how I would love to have a cub, but they were expensive. I walked away from the animals, and we went to best buy. I was trying to get a credit card there, and my mom walked up to me really ticked off because she bought me a cub but I had to pay her back. I ran back to the animals and said to cancel that cub. They did, and I went back to best buy, I saw my sister and told her I was going to buy a new mac laptop. I bought it, and was playing a game, when all of a sudden I was in this maze. I struggled for a bit, and my sister helped me get out. I was standing in my kitchen and my sister in law said that my husband and son (11 months) decided to "camp out" in the back yard. I walked out there and saw this really big rattlesnake...I saw the rattle first, and my sister in law tried to shoot it but missed, so it came after us, and I punched it, and knocked it out, but the rest of the rattlesnakes, came out, and were so big, they could slither over the 5 foot stone fence we have. They looked angry, and I kept running in and out of the house, throwing things at them, yelling to my husband to stay in the tent. Once I knocked all the snakes out (some even got cut in half) I ran to check on my son. We saw a snake get up and slither into the nest, which was under our house. An old man said I made the snakes mad, and had to leave the house for my protection...then I woke up.

Example: Poll: What does it mean to dream about stealing a cigarette from my dad and smoking it?

yah! he quit right before he met my mom. he said that he had to cause he was a pack a day smoker and he cudn't even climb a fligth of stairs. my nanny also died from smoking last year when she was 65. he smoked pit weth my mom tho when they ot together anhe sstell does when hes friends now, but it was a cigarette in my dream not pot

Example: What does this dream mean?

I've been having this dream for two nights in a row.It's the same one too.It goes like this-(sorry it's long)
I'm moving out of my current house.3 people,finely dressed,walk in my house .For some reason,I feel that they are evil.As I am leaving,I go back in to get something,and one of the people(2 men wearing dark red velvet tuxedo?1 woman wearing an overcoat,quite long,same color)smiles at me.It makes me feel very uncomfortable and then when I go out of the house,an angel appears and tells me that God has requested I come.The angel teleports me to a beautiful place with lots of flowers and gold and all the colors of the world.Then the angel takes me into a room and I see only a huge white light that I can tell is extremely powerful,but loving and caring at the same time.God tells me that I am the 13th judge.He then sends me to a court room and I notice I am the only mortal.We are judging a demon I think and we judge him guilty.I take him to hell and leave him to rot.I am about to leave wherever I am when God says "You must be the 13th judge."The angels and I judge humanity ,say that they are guilty and basically cause the end of the world with God destroying the world by sending a huge wall of fire to burn everyone up.And the dream ends with God saying"You shall be the 13th judge."
What does this mean?!

Example: What does it mean to see fire in your dream?

i had this dream where i blow out the fire in different places in my room with water and then leave the room...but when i come back i c that the fire is back where it was..what does it mean?

Example: This dream really freaked me out! What does it mean?

first i was standing near a car in the parking lot and this man comes and grabs me by the waist telling me i need to look at something in his car and im like kicking and trying to get away and theres ppl in front of me near other cars and im trying to scream but nuthin comes out all they do is stare at me and i try to say help and then mouth to them call 911 and that part of the dream ends then im wit sum ppl from my high school and a teacher but its none of the high schools ive attended in real lyf and were on the beach on the sand looking down at a dead woman wearing a black dress then suddenly as if tym rewinds itself im on the run wit da same woman who is now alive and da killer is after both of us and i c him and hes wearing a black leather overcoat and then suddenly me and that woman lose each other and im frantically lookin for her coz i wanna stop her from dying and i hav to pass all these ppl wit dogs to get to the beach & the dogs are all barking at me & i cant find the woman

Example: What does a dream with aliens mean?

ok so i had a dream one night that it was in the future and i was a archaeologist and i was at this cave with the people i worked with and we were looking for remains of adam and eve and i had a tiger with me (except it wasnt a normal tiger, it had evolved so it stood on 2 legs and it wore an overcoat, hat, and sunglasses so no one me and the ppl i was working with would know it was a tiger cuz it wasn't supposed to be at a job site). and then later we found evidence that eve had like got her head cut off and thats how she really died, but there was a myth that adam got his head cut off, so me and this quy i was working with, named frank, went back to the truck to idk get something and it was really windy and we were on top of a hill and we were gonna go back into the cave but we couldnt because 3 aliens (a blue one, a green one, and a pink one)were blocking our way and some of out people were still in there. and the aliens wanted us to give them the evidence that we had and then they

Example: Wierd Dream_Don't Know What It Means?

Had a weird dream that at the time(of course) seemed absolutely real. The prevailing feeling was fear. I was in a grungy bar, never go to bars in real life, but that was the setting. Strangely enough,I was looking for a familiar face, don't know why. I spotted a dark figure on the other side of the room, who all of a sudden went from vague blob to a full blown person. This person was a very creepy man; thin, dark, wearing a dark long-rider coat. As a matter of fact, the bar was like a western bar but without the trappings, just had that feeling about it. Also, the bar was in the center of the room and evaded one end of the room from the other.

Now, getting back to the man, every time I moved he moved; as though he was inspecting me. If I tried to sneak a peek at him he would catch that movement and looked directly at me, every single time straight on, even shifted his weight to look at me. It seemed he wanted to make contact of some sort. I was filled with total fear. I then found myself on his side of the room (as people often do in dreams. the next thing I knew I felt as though this person had gotten up from his chair and was moving towards me. I felt, well what can he really do, nothing. Oh no, it seemed as though he ws trying to put his arms around me with this big overcoat and not inn a good way. I did not like it and again was so filled with fear, I woke up with a start, shaking. I felt this man ws a demon of some kind, sort of a taller, mustached version of Johnny Depp, but looked like himself. Is there any record of a an entity who operates like this or looks like this? I am not talking about the shadow people or am I and if so what would this person's intent be as far as trying to capture me? I did not stay around long enough to find out.

Not really interested in a psychiatrist's interpretation, more of a dream analysis or supernatural interpretation.

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