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Dream About Paddle Boats meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

I've had this dream on the evening of August 5th, every year, for my entire life. I always wake up and go "What the EFF!?!" but it happened again last night and I've finally decided that I'm going to post it on Yahoo! Answers to see what people think. I'm tired of keeping this to my self. It's time to fess up and face reality! So here goes:

I'm in a canoe with Shia Labouf. It's dark and foggy out, and the water is absolutely silent and still. He is paddling by himself, and I am just sitting there.

"Where are we going?" I ask.
"To where the sun greets the stars," he answers. But I have NO IDEA what he's talking about?

Then we pull up to this dock in front of a huge house. It looks like New Jersey or maybe Long Island. There is a light on upstairs and I hear a baby crying. I start to panic, but Shia looks absolutely calm, like he expected this all to happen. We get out of the boat and go into the house.

It has wood floors and old wallpaper that is peeling from the walls. There is a record playing jazz music in the corner. We still hear the baby crying. I go up the stairs and Shia follows me into the baby's room.

In the middle of the room there is this baby. It's sitting up, in this chair, in the middle of the room, and it's looking at me and it's crying, the look on his eyes says "WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME HERE?!?!"

Shia smiles and says "Go on, hold it. This baby's for us." I pick up the baby and it looks me in the eyes. It stops crying. Shia starts crying because the baby is so beautiful. He starts sobbing and saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," over and over again. Then I look back at the baby's face and it has changed into a red lizard. For some reason I am less nervous about holding the lizard then I was the baby. Then the jazz music changes to Britney Spears "Give Me More." This is usually when I wake up.


That you have a want to be and have a baby with Shia Labouf, but this is just my gusse

Example: Does my dream mean anything? I usually don't remember dreams but this one stuck with me today?

I had a dream that I was in a canoe or small boat and I was about to go into the ocean and then my role model appeared out of nowhere and pulled the front of the boat. At first I insisted that I didn't need her help even though I had no paddles. But once she pulled the boat, I just peacefully laid down. It's weird because my role model is someone that I've never met but I plan on contacting soon

Example: I had a very confusing dream containing death, what does it mean?

(If this helps before we start I'm just going to say I'm a guy) Okay, so I just woke up from a dream that I urgently need interpreted. The dream is very meaningful to only somebody who understands my social life so I'm about to give it to you in a nutshell. Shona is the girl I'm crazy about, Ben is a guy who is a good friend and used to like Shona and likes someone else now, Connor is my best friend I would die for him and Mia is the girl Connor likes and Ben has mild feelings for her aswell (confusing sorry). Also, I'm not in the same home group as Connor, Shona and Mia. Now let's get started on the dream. So one stormy day, I arrived at school and I was late so I had to sign in. I then went into my home group and saw Shona on the way in as her home group is opposite mine. All I was doing was thinking about her (as usual) and went into HG to find my HG teacher saying something about a storm so we had to get into little one person life boats (not exactly boats but life rings with a hole to sit inside of it) and were tethered together and mine broke. I then wake up about 2 km out from the shore of the sea. I was partially tethered to Connor's ring and I woke him up, he couldn't remember anything either. We paddled into shore and took a 6 hour hike back to our neighbourhood (I have a waterproof phone). My parents left me alone like I didn't exist. I then later found out that Shona had sacrificed herself to save Connor and me and I don't know how. But Shona was dead. *THE END*

Example: What do these dreams mean?

For the past 2 weeks or so I've been having a recurring dream about being stranded and unsure whether people are alive. Basically I'm on a beach, I know the beach very well because it's the beach where I got stuck in sinking sand and pulled underneath the water when I was 11, I was terrified and I thought I would die, so it's not suprising that it would be a common scene for nightmares. But on this beach in my dream their are huge sand dunes like 8ft walls that aren't there in rea life. So I'd just being on the beach, usually paddling in the water when the tide would start to come in. And by now I know what's going to happen so I turn and run, but the water is always faster than me. I almost get sweeped away by it and i only just manage to climb up to safety. Then I get up their and realise that it's only me and my grandad who made it. My mum, brother, aunt, nan and sometimes uncle are all drowing. My 1-year-old cousin who I adore is never in the dream. There are some other people who got to safety in time too, but apart from my grandad their all children aged from about 6-14. So I just stand there and watch them drown, doing nothing while my grandad goes to buy me some ice cream, which is weird...? Then a huge boat comes along and picks them all up and then sails away. Then the boat sinks and everybody on the boat (it's not just my relatives, it's the other kids families too, except their all screaming for help) swims over to a dock/port thing. And they are lifted up to the side. Meanwhile, I've climbed up to the top of an electric pylon and am now trying to wobbled my way across to the other pylon where the other children are sitting (although sometimes I skip this part). They all encourage me to come on over even though I'm sort of risking my life whilst doing it. Then my grandad comes back and tells me we need to go and see the rest of my family over at the port. So I come down and we go over to visit them, then we see my mum's very distant relative who recently had a baby and she worked as the captain of the ship that sank. Fortuantly everyone is ok and we all walk back home laughing and joking.

What I don't understand is why some people made it too safety and others didn't? My mum, auntie and uncle are my families members who not that I don't like, but I've thought were being unfair lately, escpecially my mum, who I argue with a lot for reasons that would be hard to explain. Lets just say I'm never good enough to meet her standards of perfect. So I'd understand why they all were the drowning ones, but my nan? Her and I are really close and I love her to peices. Same with my grandad, but why does my nan drown and he doesn't?

Also a few years back, I had a recurring dream that there was a storm and I lose my speech. I ran downstairs to find a nuclear factory thing in my living room then their was two pylons exactly the same as there was on the beach. Then McCaulay Culkin look-alike (what he looks like now, that is) gives me my speech back. That's weird.

I really need to know what this dream means because I wake up every night after having the beach dream, and it's almost school again and I really need to get some sleep.

Example: What does my dream mean and can i repeat it?

ok I had a really awesome dream that NASA was sending a manned space ship within 100 miles of the sun and I was on it. first me and my crew flew to the moon and refueled, they we headed to venus and were we landed there was a river and there was fish in it and once you got over the river there were trees every were. then we refueled an started for the sun. about 1000 miles away from the sun there was a space station orbiting the sun. in the space station we found that or ship had some damage so we had to go to the sun on boat looking things. there weren't enough "boats" for all of my crew so i decided I would stay behind. I watch my crew, now my family, paddle away towards the sun, but all the sudden i was on a boat an I was headed for the sun. when a small Device in my hand told me i was 101 miles away from the sun i started paddling faster but then the sun was sucking me towards it faster and faster my skin started burning i stared at the sun then i was blind it started pulling me to fast it ripped my clothes off, i couldn't breath then i felt a bam id collided with the sun and then i woke up.

Example: What does this dream mean? I think it means something!?

I had a dream I was at a beach with my family and other relatives (but I didn't reconize the relatives only my family) We were sitting at the shore and one of the relatives had a plot to kill me and my mom, dad and sister. she tied us up and put us in the middle of the ocean so that sharks would come and try to eat us and kill us. My dad came up with an idea that we all go in a boat (it came from no where) and we paddle away. But a shark did come an started gnawing on my hand. The relatives who tried to kill us caught us and tried to tie us up again. I begged for them not to, but they didn't listen,

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