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Dream About Paint meanings

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Example: Dream meaning?

Okay so someone asked me what this dream means and I don't know and now I am randomly curious too so does anyone have any idea?

"This is a dream I had Saturday night, and I'm not mentioning the actual people in it (ask if you want to know who they are).
It's rather short. So, I appear in a church, there isn't a mass going on, but there are a bunch of people, some kneeling and praying, some are just sitting quiet in their seats. So, there's a guy to my left and a girl to my right, both my age. The guy to the left loks over at me, then looks at the girl, they whisper something (I can't remember) to each other. The guy then gets up and leaves. I look at the girl, she takes out a paintbrush then starts painting on her arm in green paint. She paints a quick tree then looks up and smiles.
That's where it ends."

Obviously, dreams are a result of the unconscious and reflect areas of either interest/potential interest or more importantly some specific earlier occurrence which has been reserved in the mind. Consider the specific aspects, a)bunch of people,b)whispering in church,c)leaving of one of the chief participants,d)painting on the arm, (color factor of the painting?), d)the ending of the dream.

In reverse order: d) usually the dream is a composite of many inter-related concepts and "endings" are not usual;
c) the painting may express a wish which has been repressed
and may signal some previous work, perhaps as a volunteer in a community-based group or even a desire to do some such work in your church but may have felt either incompetent or not wanted by others, thereby expressing a sense of intimidation or insecurity; colors may or may not have been visible, but such activity may indicate some preferences on your part for creativity within certain parameters; b) whispering in a church, while not unusual, indicates a desire on your part to become better acquainted with these two individuals and may further reinforce a feeling of insecurity, a)there were no small number of people in the church at the time and yet there is no indication that you were involved in a
prayerful activity of any sort, ( confusion about the basic tenets of the church philosophy may be considered on your part, further adding to general wish for specific answers about a subject which many feel is elusive and interpretive at best.

Example: I saw a dream,i was sucking green painted boobs,what does that mean?

also i was kissing my girlfrien on her navel,ears and she was painted green on boobs and yellow on the remaining body

Example: Does dreams have meaning?

Example: What does mean to dream of woman painted toenails?

Last night I dream about two women,one was a cousin and the other I never seen before. wHAT was center about the dream was their feet. My cousin had purple toenails the other women had like a light purple nails. I would like to know what they mean.

Example: What does my dream mean (wet black kittens, volcano lava, old aqaintances, running, painting?)?

The first part of my dream: It looked like a video game scenario with obstacles etc and jumping over rocks in cave etc. I was on a trip with my 'school' for some kinda interview (I think for Uni). The people present mainly included from my old school as well as my old secondary school teachers as well as my new friends. We were in this underground cave and volcano lava was oozing out of the walls and some mixing with the crystal clear water and hence making it hot and so we were running away for our lives and me and some of the others were also trying to save an army of black cats and kittens as well. Suddenly we come to a dead end and some of the black cats also die sadly but some of them I rescue out of the water and then we see light and are saved! When shiveringide there's also another school there and we just mingle and there's loads of shivvering black kittens basking. Everyone's happy and talking about the success of their interview whereas I'm just all upset etc.

Second part: Fist I'm in a train. Then I'm at the bus-stop and my grandad and aunties are also there and I'm 'painting' a picture (which I did paint in art in my old school) but this time only in pink and red and using crayon and lisptick on canvas.

Example: What does it mean to paint furniture in a dream?

I was painting a small, square table a dark green color.

I wouldn't think much of it usually, but that was pretty much my entire dream, painting and painting and painting, trying to get it perfect.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I keep having this dream that my ex boyfriend and I are painting. In a house with no furniture. What does this mean?

Example: Meaning of henna painting in dream?

I dreamed about a woman she was painting the palm of the hand of some ladies. I liked the design. the painted palm of woman looked very nice. I also like henna painting in real life but i have never have done this to my hands and I am not sure If I would like it. probably not. any way, in dream I found myself sitting there and this lady put the henna on the palm of my hand to do the painting but I wait and wait the design didn't appear. I was thinking in dream something should be wrong with the mixture because this will never dry out and make a design. the henna was too liquid for that. the consistency of the henna was not quite correct. anyway because she was the one who would know it better I just sat there waiting for the henna to dry out so we can take it out and see the design.
I would really like to know what this dream means.

Example: What does it mean if i dream about painting my nails glittery red?

Example: What does it mean to dream about art and painting?

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