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Dream About Pen meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean.?

Okay I was dreaming about a lion where i live(I live on a farm where neighbors are miles apart)...and I'm walking with my children. As I turn around there is 2 big lions running towards us i pick up my kids and start running as fast as i can...I see my parents on ATVs waiting for us. I reach them and give them my children and tell them to go. Pleading with me I tell them to take care of my kids and tell them i will always love them. I stay behind to distract the lions so they can go. they leave and i'm standing alone in the field waiting to feel the pain. They both jump on top of me and start biting and thats when i wake up. it freaked me out but i'm so glad it was only a dream and my babies are okay.

The computer analogy is somewhat correct but the real question is WHY did THOSE images present themselves. They do have a meaning, the trick is what does it mean to you.

Dream dictionairies are extremely accurate for the person who wrote the dictionary but invalid for others.

One dream alone - no matter how powerful the dream - seldom gives an accurate reflection of what files your subconscious mind is trying to organize; I'd suggest a dream diary.

Every night before going to sleep tell yourself that you will easily remember your dreams. Keep a journal and a pen close to your bed - as soon as you wake (even if it's the middle of the night) grab your pen and write down anything you can remember in as much detail as possible. Don't get discouraged if you can't remember anything at first - just stick with it.

Soon you'll find yourself scribbling like mad when you wake up and your ability to recall will increase constantly.

Now, start paying attention to things, events and people and patterns that seem consistent. Then ask yourself what it means to you and put it into perspective with events in your waking hours.

Your subconscious mind is extremly powerful and holds many answers and solutions for you when you learn to listen in the right way(and please don't take any quick analysis done by someone else seriously - you already have the answers yourself)

Good Luck.

Example: The meaning of my dream?

In my birthday party, that my gal pals are doing the music and songs while 3 of my crushes were also there...they wore a nice tuxedo and black long pants...one of them brings a box of pencil for me,another one of them brings a box of G-tech pen for me..and the last one gives me an expensive watch to wear...sad to say it's only a dream...what do these all mean?

Example: What Did My Dream Mean?

What happened in my dream was, I was laid in bed (not my bed, I was in a weird room) just about to fall asleep, and I could feel someone staring at me. I looked over at the window and there was a thin man staring at me, wearing something like the dark brotherhood armour in Skyrim, but it was blue. He smashed the window open and came in, and I just screamed for my mum. My mum, step dad, sister and brother came in smiling, and my mum just said to the person 'Do it. I'll pay you after and the man replied with a grim smile 'Are you sure your kids want to watch? This is gonna be brutal,' and my mum replied 'Of course. We've been waiting for this moment for years.' They all laughed, except for me, and I was sat in bed crying. The man pushed me down, clamped me onto the bed with his legs, shoved his thumb into the bottom of my eyelid and popped out my eyeball, then twisted it round so I could watch myself die. He then cut my wrists, and continued to torture me slowly, and then I died so I woke up. I woke up in tears, it scared the crap out of me. Any ideas?

Example: What Do Dreams Mean?

I Had A Dream About My Current Boyfriend Fighting My Ex. And My Ex Won But My Current Wouldn't Give Up. So I Tried To Break It Up And My Ex Hit Me So we Started Fightin Then Sum Girl Jumped In And I Beat Her Up...Then My Drean Switched And We Were All On A Bus My Current Boyfriend In The Front And My Ex In The Back, I Sat In The Middle And There Were Just Staring At Me And Just As The Bus Stoped At My Stop I Woke Up?Confusing

Example: What does my dream mean?...

i had this dream a little while ago. Ok I was in my back yard and i was standing at the cow pens gate. everything was tinted red kinda like black and white but just imagine red ( in real life we do have a cow but it is not a bull) i was leaning on the gate just looking then all of a sudden i hear a heavy breath like a bull breathing i look up and i see this huge black bull it started running at me and i run towards the house i get to the house way before the bull does but for some reason i couldn't get up the steps there were only two steps so wasn't difficult you know how you make the first step on a stairs and you back up that's what i was doing over and over again i couldn't get my other foot up but the weird thing was that nothing was physically holding me but right at the last second i get up the steps and open the door thats when i wake up

Example: What does this dream mean?

I keep having this recurring dream. In it I'm about ready to graduate from college and in 3 of my classes I have A's. But in one of them I always forgot to show up, I'm behind in all the work and I'm just panicked because this one class is going to make it so I can't graduate. This last time I dreamt it, I went and sat down and was frantically trying to do the work that was due at the beginning of the class. The class was to have made a chart on how many people would've survived if certain things happened. The only one I remember is molten lava. I don't have a clue what this means considering the fact I'm graduated from college.

Example: What does this dream will mean?

when i dream this dream it's always the same thing, it is about me going to school, i haven't been in the school since 2006, i finish my high school that year but ever since i have this dream...and when i got to school in my dream i get nervous because i forgot my notebook and my pen...that is what i always think of my notebook and a pen and sometimes it is a pencil what i want, and i always ask to somebody to let me borrow some, it is always a friend and mostly in the classroom there is alot of people from 7-9 grade...help me please, thank you.

Example: What does it mean to dream about a pen?

Example: Pen pal in dream meaning?

I had a dream last night that I randomly saw my pen pal (he is from Sri Lanka) in my home town, he said 'hello' and kept walking into a fast good restaurant. When I looked inside the restaurant he was no where to be seen. It was like he was trying to ignore me, or he just did not recognise me. I felt very sad (in my dream).

I am confused by this dream. What does it mean?

Many thanks in advance

Example: I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt that I was petting two collies (lassie) in a white pen. Meaning?

Does anyone know the meaning of dreaming about dogs and especially this particular breed?

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