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Dream About Penis meanings

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Example: Attracted to girl with a penis in my dream. meaning?

I saw a question about a woman who dreamt she was a hermaphrodite, and it reminded me i had a similar dream last night.

IN REALITY I'm an 18 year old gay girl and My 17 year old step sister recently tried to set me up with one of her openly bi friends (girl A, Alice) that thought i was quite fit. So we flirted quite a bit beforehand on FB, I thought she was alright, kind of cute. Then my sister tried to set us up at her party, and things went well for all of about 5 minutes, I had my hand on her waist, then i went to get her one of my jaegermeisters from the back room and when I got back She was with the girl (girl B, Bella) she had had a crush on since forever as my dozy sister had invited her too. Fair do's, she'd only known me 5 minutes. Well they kissed apparently and unfortunately some underage people at the party spotted my booze and being a soft touch one thing led to another, and somehow while they were smooching I ended up smoking outside with a load of drunk old men moaning about love and philosophy while remarking at the number of teenagers suspiciously falling over and laughing at themselves. ANYWAY, Alice and Bella got together about 2 weeks later properly. And that lasted all of one week, before openly bi Alice realised she wasn't attracted to girls. lol. And the other girl, bella who had been in the closet and come out to everyone including her strict catholic parents was not best pleased.

IN MY DREAM, there was a second party. And at this party they were still together. However, they went into the toilets and there was loud screaming. They ran out and Alice looked really freaked out and disgusted and Bella looked dissapointed and embarrased. Alice said it was over, saying she was into girls, and ran off. I went over to bella to ask her what happened. And then she looked down and I looked down, and she had a huge b*o*n*e*r under her purple velvet dress, and for some reason, I was INCREDIBLY turned on. And she looked like she was about to cry so I gave her a side hug and she explained that she had learnt to accept herself, and she quite liked her D*i*c*k and wanted to keep it and thats why it upset her that Alice couldn't accept it. And the whole while i was just ridiculously turned on and so confused by the way I felt, I mean alice and bella are equally attractive I would say, but Bella's b*o*n*e*r in that dress really did it for me for some reason. And I was being all comforting and touchy feely and saying how crazy Alice was because I found it so sexy and I was pressed against her hip and running my hand up her thigh over her dress and then i reached over and felt up her bulge and felt more turned on than ever. And at that moment I woke up feeling disappointed and confused at the same time.

In reality I hate D*i*c*k and would rather be the one wearing a strap on any day than the other way round.I am so confused right now, It's having that wierd effect on me where I'll be convinced I want something for about two days. Like if I dream aboutsomething happening with a particular girl I wouldn't normally fancy I will be temporarily attracted to her. Fortunately this did not happen when I dreamt I had to seduce M (judy dench *shudder*) from james bond in order to infiltrate the secret service and save the world. Believe me, I wish i was joking aswell. Anyway I'm currently curious now not so much for Bella but for hermaphrodite girls...thanks brain. But I wanted to know if this dream means anything? what do you think?

PS. Bella and Alice aren't real names, coincidentally thats the name of the couple i switch off and dream about when forced to watch twilight ;)

I don't think the dream means anything- you can't be sure unless you've actually met a person who you thought was a girl until she had an erection. What is it that you find unattractive about guys? What do you find attractive about a woman?

The solution: lesbians and straight men appear to have similar sexualities. On a website where you can chat with strangers anonymously, Omegle, I asked several guys if they would rather be with a woman or with a transsexual. What four out of six of them told me was that they would rather be with a cisgender woman than a transsexual, but that transsexuals 'make them hard'. I further asked asked them if they would want to 'f**k a transsexual," and all of them sex yes in all capital letters (not kidding, try asking yourself). I asked them why, they said they didn't know, but that the thought made them really "horny".

Personally, I never have sexual dreams. I don't know why. Although I am attracted to pen*ses myself, I occasionally have a thought about women, it's usually comparative, but still sexual.

I theorize that one reason men like transsexuals was because they couldn't get pregnant, but then I realized that that couldn't be it- the six men I asked all said that they wouldn't mind pre or post operation. This also wouldn't apply to you, because you are incapable of producing sperm (at least at this time).

You occasionally have dreams like this, with the result of you having a temporary attraction. I should speculate that people do have an influence on who they love, even if the choice can not be taken so far as to 'cause the gay.' One friend, named Ka****n fancied girls, but does not allow herself to date girls. Instead, she maintains a boyfriend, and happily provides fellatio regularly to keep women off of her mind. A guy I know, named D***d B*n***z, does not like women, but he forces himself to date them in hopes of 'turning off the gay.'

I personally do not believe that anyone is truly or naturally gay or straight, but just have a strong tendency to love people of a single gender. If there was a guy who was very feminine and you didn't know he was male, and you were attracted to him, would that attraction go away when you found out? I think it would go away only because you would tell yourself that you shouldn't like him because he identifies as male.

I think you were attracted to this girl, and the fact that she had a penis turned you on because it was somewhat forbidden. It must have seemed romantic. Maybe you assumed a more masculine identity during the dream, and subconsciously retained it. Did you know that 1 in 3 transsexuals (ftm and mtf) stay gay after the operation (cisgender women lived as lesbians before the sex change, and gay guys after; same for mtfs).

Human sexuality is more colorful than the rainbow. You can't classify it, but we try. Listen to what you want, and not what you expect for yourself.

Example: What does dreaming of having penis mean?

Okay, very strange dream. I'm an 18 year old straight female, and have never really desired to be a man before.

In my dream I was an 18 year old male lying naked in a bed. In the room I was in, there was nothing except the bed; the lighting was quite dark. I remember how strange it was seeing my penis. In the room with me was a man of around 30, a woman of around 30, and another young man of maybe 17/18. They all came over to the bed and climbed on, moving closer to me. They were all quite beautiful, dark and almost gothic in their own way, like they were vampires.

The oldest man (who seemed to be the leader), moved close to my face and whispered tenderly "Please...join us..." And I felt nervous, but I lifted my hand to caress his face in a gesture of submission. Then suddenly the oldest man was naked and my penis was very erect. He slowly and gently started to push his penis into my anus and it felt so wonderful.

The woman then started to give me a ******* which also felt great (but I was not attracted to her, I was just so concentrated on the feeling of having a penis and having another penis so warm inside me). I felt so complete and loved. I loved all the attention I was getting. The younger boy then caressed my chest and kissed me softly.

I remember I felt so aroused, and was so close to cumming. It felt so wonderful! Sorry for being so graphic :\

No rude answers please.

Example: What does it mean when a woman dreams that she has a penis?

Example: What does it mean to dream about penis?

yesterday i touched my boyfriend's penis for the first time while making out really hard core. And so last night i had a dream i was re-living the whole moment... what does this mean?

Example: I had a dream that i cut my penis off what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream that I have a penis?

I'm a girl and I'm 15 years old. A few days ago I had a strange dream...I was about to take a shower and when I took my clothes off there was, well...a boy's thing. I don't know where it came from and I started touching it and it was very strange. Later when I was talking to my friends one of them (also a girl) said she had the same dream. But what does it mean? I've never seen a boy naked, not even a brother because I don't have one, so what could it possibly mean?

Example: Im a girl what does it mean to dream i have a colorful penis?

So the dream was that i was in the bathroom with my boyfriend, and he was standing in front of me while i was sitting on the toilet. . and he was playing with his penis in front of me trying to be funny, and his penis was abnormally large. and all of a sudden i looked down and i had a penis too! and it was standing straight up and kind of hurting. it seemed to be coming from lower stomach, and mine was also abnormally large. and i was holding on to it with both hands, and could not let go. it was really weird. and the most awkward part of it all is that the penis was very colorful almost as if it was a rainbow. what does this mean?

Example: I dreamt of ex boyfriend with penis for nose. what is means?

Well i dreamt of my ex boyfriend. In my dream he became very ugly. (in real life , he is pretty cute looking, with a boyish smiling face, although he's is a little on the short side). In my dream, his hair was cut very short, and hence it makes his head looks big and his forehead high. Not only that he has lots of pimples on his face, and his nose became very long and reddish and raw looking. In fact it looked pretty much like he has a penis on his nose, though i dont think it is. just that his nose now completely resembles that of a penis.

basically he looks grotesque and disgusting. I wonder what this means? Basically he looks like a sorry sight and i cant even bear to lay my eyes on him. anyone knows wat this means?

Example: What does it mean if I had a penis in a dream?

I'm a girl and I had a penis in a dream. Does this mean anything?

Example: What does it mean to dream of having a penis and still be a female?

I’m a female and I had a dream last night that I had a penis. I had a green sand casle bucket over it so no one could see it. I was thinking to myself “how in the hell did I get a penis?” Chad Michael Murray walked by the bed room I was in and went into the bathroom when that happened I heared a thudding come from the bucket so I tilted it to see if my penis was hard but it was just laying in the bucket. Then chad came into the bed room and said “hey, what’s goin on?” Then the thudding came back and chad was all like “what was that?” And I said “what was what?” He said “that thudding!” I said “I don’t know what your talking about” then I woke up. What does this mean?

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