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Dream About Phone Booth meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean...?

Okay, so last night I had a dream, and it was... kind of awkward at the end. Let me explain the dream. (Some parts I do not remember, though.)

So, I was walking out of my school after the final bell rang and was boarding the bus. All of a sudden, I look down and I don't have my shoes. I go back over to the bus driver, Kathy; and ask if I can go back into the school to look for them real quick and if she would wait there until I got back. I quickly ran inside the school and went to the classroom I had been in last during period 9; Algebra. they weren't there, yet my math teacher was... I went outside and walked over to the area where the lockers are, and searched around there. Nothing. I then realized my backpack had gone as well, even though I had it slung over my shoulder just a second ago. I then thought that I would have to look tomorrow, because I didn't want to keep Kathy and the students on our bus waiting, so I was walking down the stairs. (I don't remember what happened then, but it was kind of weird.) Then I had walked outside, and there was no bus. Gone. Nothing. Kathy-the bus driver as I had said- and all of the students on it were gone, they left without me. Even my two best friends had not. Everyone had left-- except for one person, my good friend, Ashley. She was standing there, and I had ran over and asked why she had waited for me, because she could have just went home, and I forget what she replied... but then we went inside the school and used the phone next to the desk in the lobby to try and call both my Mom and her Mom to see if they could pick us up. No one answered, no one was home, we guessed. We then walked out of the school again, and decided to just walk home. (Even though home was about two miles away.) We were walking along a road that is along a bit of a forest that is a pretty used road when getting from the main road to the school, but now there weren't really any cars on it at all. So we were walking along it and when we were about halfway through, we saw a phone booth just... standing there, just were decided to go to it and go inside to try and call. No one answered again. Then... I had sighed in defeat a bit and looked slightly away for some reason... and then, Ashley had quickly gripped my right hand/wrist with her left hand,
and... I looked at her, and she then.. kissed me. (Notice how I'm a girl, too. .__.' ) I was kind of surprised at first and my eyes widen like "What the hell" and then I don't really remember if I just stayed like that, or if I had closed my eyes and enjoyed it. I don't remember because I wok up right after that, I think.

...Does anyone know what all of this means? The losing things, the being left behind, the kiss... everything..?

Thanks. It would really help if you could tell me, because I'm kind of confused right now.

You never found your shoes, perhaps you've lost something that will never be coming back recently (or thought of it recently). Your bus left you, even though you hurried. I think this is an indication that life is going to move on without you even if you are not ready for something. It could be something as simple as handing in a resume to college before the due date is up..you know? they won't wait for you. That your friend was still waiting means you have someone you can trust to be there for you, that you won't ever truly be alone. This doesn't have to mean your friend btw.. it could be anyone. Just in this instance 'she' was likely the best person for the scenario that played out in your dream at the time. No one answering the phone? Do you sometimes feel that someone isn't listening to you? Or that you send emails and people do not reply?...as for that kissing part, I don't believe that the mind differentiates between genders in our dreams too often. By that, the scene could have just have easily been someone you find attractive..like mebbe Jay Leno or George Kastanza (women love them don't they? lol j/k). You get my meaning though, ah? It was just the 'moment' in the dream and it happend that it was your friend that was there at the time. :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

Mouthful of fish when eating a sample
Some of the food looked like plants but they were moving
Cheap Alligator shoes with teeth
Free samples
Turned into fish into my mouth sparkly
Kid that cried everytime they saw me and I wanted to kill her
Weird guy following me with a nonhuman big head
Weird white store
Guys with nice eyelashes at a makeup store
Friend kept leaving me behind
Lost my phone at a booth
Couldn't wake up and I felt like I couldn't breathe
I couldn't see everything was flashing
Couldn't tell dream from reality
Was trying to call my friend and phone was frozen and blinking
Eerie mood
These are just descriptions I can't really remember the dream itself but it ended with me going to sleep and waking up feeling like something was coming after me and grabbing my phone to try and call my friend before it got me and my phone was blinking and my hands wouldn't work like they were asleep and I felt like I couldn't breathe and it felt real like it was happening but my thoughts in the dream while that was happening was that my air conditioner was broken because I couldn't hear but when I woke up in real life I realized it was a dream and my heart was racing and I was breathing heavy. I went to sleep at 2:30 am and woke up at 4:36 am

Example: Dreams? What do they mean?

I had a dream that this guy was running and hid behind a phone booth and shot once towards us as we were trying to turn into a street. The pop of the gun was so loud I woke up, but before i did I turned to my 6 year old son and he was bleeding above the eyebrow and was limp he was shot. When I woke up i got so scared i went to check him I hugged him and kissed him and moved him to my bed. what does this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I had a dream about my friend (I will label them as M). We've been friends for a year, he's a freshman in college, I'm in HS. The dream: I went into a restaurant type thing and sat on a bench. I was looking at my phone wondering when I'll have to go home. I get this weird feeling that someone's watching, I thought about the possibility of M being there. I look up& see M with his friends. He was already staring, smiled at me when we made eye contact. All of his friends made a triumphant yay, all excited, as if they had been waiting for the moment of me realizing he was there. He got up and I came over. We hugged, he kissed me on the left cheek, and he said something about being happy to see me. I think he wanted to hug me again but we just put an arm around each other. I exclaimed about how tall he was. He looked really handsome, I think maybe he was dressed up sort of. He led me over to their booth/round table with a bench type thing. He and his friend separated, and M patted the seat beside him for me to sit there. We were all talking & laughing. That was where it pretty much ended. Thoughts?

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

In my dream, I was myself, but I was being protected by an older gentleman and a young boy, with the gentleman dressed in all
black clothing, including black hair. The young boy was dressed in a brown shirt and olive green pants. This dream must have
been in the distant future because, for one, most of the cities of the world were much larger and mostly connected. But here
is the beginning of the dream.

I begin this dream at the bottom of, to my knowledge, a high-speed train-station, located in South Bend, Indiana. For an
unknown reason, I proceed to a butchery/ meat-packing plant, where, when the owner spotted me, I ran away. After several
minutes of running, I arrive back at the train-station. Where I meet the man and boy. They introduce themselves as Arthur
and Jacob, Arthur says that Jacob must return to his mother in Munich, and that he was hired to protect him. Also Arthur
states that he will protect me on my journey, which I have no clue of what my journey is. He than says that we must hurry,
because the train will be leaving soon. All three of us than walk to the station platform which sat high above the city. We
than go to a little booth, which turns out to be a video-phone, which Arthur uses to call Jacob's mother. She appears on screen
and I could understand her, because everyone spoke English. We then board the train, which was quite large, and then it began to

When we arrived at the next stop, Arthur said that it was Cleveland, Ohio. He than went on about how Cleveland, after the city
began to become overrun by the corrupt police, most of the city fell into Lake Erie, and than, they built several large platforms
that they used to rebuild most of the city and beyond, including several large stadiums. All of the (recent) history of Cleveland
was programmed into a video-screen, that showed me what had happened. The train than travels on, and soon we arrived in Paris,
France. Arthur states, that Paris became a center for economic growth, and soon, all of the famous landmarks were surrounded by
large skyscrapers, which towered over the Eiffel Tower. We get off in a small place, which I can't remember the name of, but I
believe that it was in Germany. Arthur says that we would arrive in Munich soon, and that it was not a good place to be. After
traveling for several minutes, through very lush evergreen forests high on a cliff, I spot Munich, which was covered in smoke and
appeared to have mostly dark colored buildings.

We get off the train, and head to Jacob's house, which was a tiny flat located on the outskirts of the city. I meet her, and she
spoke to me in German, which I didn't understand. I ask Arthur, why she spoke differently. He says "Because the video-phones
translate the languages for us."

Jacob tells his mother, in broken German, that he wishs to continue the journey with us, and that he will be careful. She allows
him to go. We board the train, and Arthur states that the train will go to Columbus, Ohio next. (Columbus is my home-town)
After traveling for several hours, the train arrives in Columbus, which I didn't recognize. I saw several things that were the
same, but things had changed. For one, most of downtown was gold-plated, but the rest had fallen into disrepair. Another was that
the same butcher was in Columbus as well. We all proceed to the butcher shop, where the butcher does'nt recognize me, but says
"What are you three doing?"

We than began to run, with the butcher after us. I get seperated from the others and run into a storage room, full of carts, that
would carry the meat. I take three carts and start heading back for where we seperated, and ran into them. Arthur said that we
had to get out of there, and fast. So, he took the carts, and divided them up. We began racing for the plastic flaps. But when,
we got out of there, a group of five overly-large dogs were sitting on the top of a platform train car. We had to be fairly silent.
I went first, and I awoke the first dog, who only growled and than went to sleep. I thanked God, that the dog didn't attack. After
the others went past the dogs, we continued to take the carts and proceed through very thick evergreens till we reached a very small
town, I believe in New York State. Where Arthur says that he must leave me here, and proceed onwards to his final destination. Which
he didn't specify, and that he will contact me by video phone. He gives me some strange tokens, and says "Good Luck."

I then look and the coins, and realize that they were an International currency. I deposit some into a currency changer, which
gave me bills. I go too this motel and turn on the television, which had a commercial for Lexus on which said. " Are you tired
of riding the train? Well don't be anymore! At Lexus, we provide the finest in vehicular transporation. We won't have those gimicks
of having ' 22 Models getting 300 Miles ' instead we provide two models that give

Example: I had a strange dream where I was a superhero a couple more; just wondering what it means.?

So I had a dream that a group of friends and I were becoming superheroes. We went deep down into a parking structure where everything was a cement gray color. I couldn't really see the bad guy very well but I was aware that he had a pointy nose. While my friends fought the bad guy in their superhero outfits one of them stopped and said to me "You need to get dressed in a superhero outfit or people will know your secret identity!" I went into a phone booth where the glass was all scratched and messed up and I couldn't get changed fast enough to join the fighting. They finished fighting before I was done getting changed. After wards, we went into a warehouse located on our school campus because we were trying to find a secret base where we could get dressed BEFORE the action. Two of our friends who weren't superheroes had agreed to lend it to us even though they had been using it for a science experiment and that's why there were posters and big letters everywhere. When we were there we contimplated on how to get to the scene of the crime fast enough because we couldn't just run all the way there. We were about to make a giant fan to blow us to the scene but my dream ended and a new one started.

The second dream was where I was in the backstage of the auditorium of our school. One of the Jonas brothers walked up (I'm not sure which one cuz I'm not a fan and never have been) and said, "Are you one of those fan girls who just wants to chase us?" Then I said "No, look, I'm a twin." I pulled out my twin sister from behind me (Yes, I actually have a twin sis in real life) "Cuz you guys are triplets you know" I added. Then the Jonas guy looked relieved that I wasn't a fan girl and agreed with me. My dream ended there. I had a third part to my dream but I forgot what it was. Thanks for helping, I'm curious to know what they mean.

Example: What does this dream mean?

It was something about going to a fair and going through a gate on a motercycle without paying and the lady said they were going to kill me for not paying. So i went to go get some money but i didnt have any so I went to these people at a booth to call my stepdad to ask for money but the cell phone they gave me wasnt working and on the other phone they let me use I kept dialing the wrong number. Then I woke up

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was in the mall. I set my phone down on a table at the food court thinking that no one one get it while I went shopping. So I started walking to the store I wanted to go to and I saw a group of my friends, but I kept walking because I didn't want to talk to them. Then there was this group of boys giving me a weird look. I kept walking and I realized that someone would probably get my phone. I went back and my phone was gone. I asked the people sitting around the table if they had seen who took it and they all pointed to this guy who was running a booth thingy. It had a bunch of random stuff on it...like jars and bottles... So I asked they guy if he took my phone and he said yes, but I had to guess what all the stuff he had was for to get it back. I was trying to guess but I couldn't... and then I don't remember how...but we just changed into different people... he was now and old lady wearing hippie like clothes and I was Andy Biersack (Andy Six)... Then the lady started telling me my future and stuff...and then I woke up with that feeling you get after you have just learned a life lesson?

I know it's a little weird...but does it mean anything?

Example: Marathon Dream. Please please tell me what it meant It was so bizzare?


Okay, so the dream opens with the death of my mom (I don't remember how she died, but it was at Islands of Adventure). I then get sent to live with my aunt, who's my mom's identical twin (dream aunt) and her daughter, who looks exactly like me (again, dream cousin).

I then grow up to the age I am now (I was little at the start of the dream). The three of us go to Islands of Adventure (btw, the place in my dreams looks nothing like the real park). I want to go on this one ride that I see all my friends are lined up for, but they (cousin, aunt) refuse to let me. So we go up an escalator while I'm ranting about not going on that ride. I'm so lost in my rant, that my aunt has to remind me to step off. I then freak out because I didn't notice the escalator was ending.

The three of us then head across a pier and the begin to go up this tower, entirely made of moving walkways (there'd be a section of a moving walkway in front of you then you have to jump quickly to the next one on your right). I should probably mention now that I have an irational fear of both escalators and moving walkways. So I am freaking out as we slowly go up the tower.

We get to the top and I don't notice the one point where I need to get off the walkway, so I go through a railing, off the tower, and into the ocean below.

It is then my view point shifts, it turns out that I had been seeing things from my cousins viewpoint and it was she who had just crashed into the river. I then rush along with the safty people to help her. The lot of us climb onto a raft and manage to find her lying against some rocks.

She mumbles to me about how her stomache hurts, but inticates her broken ribs. We all watch her die. I then return to my aunt and mention how I never want to go to Islands of Adventure again and she agrees.

A couple more years past, an my aunt has remarried (this awful despondent man) and I now have a littler cousin running around. Since my twin cousin's death and her remarriage, my aunt has changed to this horrible tyrant and I want out. So I pack up my stuff, and march out the door (which has something like "Lylea's rules" and then I list of house rules written in marker underneath), much to there protests.

It's night outside, and I weave past the cars in the drive way to see a car slowing down in front of my house. I guy is in it (he kinda looks like a punk Tommy Q from Instant Star, but dream guy is also british). He tells me to get in, I do (the guy also makes it clear he's drunk). We then take of weaving through my neighborhood (not my rl neighborhood, just your average "every house is the same" one).

He tells me his name is Mort and asks me what I'm running from. I refuse to say. Then he tells me he knows just the place to go. Mort then takes me to this pub/convience store place (that is done up old style, wood and the like). We go and try out at least three different tables before making up our minds on where to sit (I want a small cozy booth, he wants a mega big table, we decide on a medium size one). After we have selected our booth, Mort stretchs out on the corner side, I just stare, while he smirks.

I ton of other guys come over to join us with a deck of cards. The group of them then play poker in front of me. Mort keeps asking all these personal questions, which I keep invading. Another guy then shows up and sits next to me, he's covered in sweat (water?) and is literally dripping every where. He was one of the guys that helped me try to save my cousin. He knows of both her death and my mom's. I signal him with a look not to mention anything in front of Mort (who looks jealously at us).

I then ask Mort to take me home, he does so, but not before asking for my phone number (which I give to him). Though I think to myself, it would never work because women in my family always die young. I go back into my aunt's house.

Months pass, my aunt apparently has a job at Islands of adventure to take care of this one water ride. She insists one night that she didn't close it properly, so we all go with her to help her shut it down.

I switch to my aunt's pov. She knows that the ride (it's like a shipwreck ride) is being feisty tonight and knows that she probably will die trying to fix and sure enough, the ride shoots a wave of water at her (while she's under the water) that kills her.

Back to my pov, my step-uncle, baby cousin, and I watch helplessly has my aunt drowns. Proving my point on why I couldn't be with anyone.

Days pass, I check my cellphone for the first time in months. Mort has left me dozens of long texts. Asking about me, telling me about himself, telling me what an idiot he is to keep writing when I don't respond...
I feel guilty, not knowing what to say, I don't want to tell him the first time I read his texts was today. Besides, what will it matter if I'm going to die?

Time passes, I'm not sure how much, but suddenly I'm in an ocean with Mort on a raft coming towards me.

Example: What does a dream about rape mean?

I had a dream a few nights ago that really scared me. I can't remember all the small parts, but I do recall the first big scene as being me naked with my boyfriend, standing up within this phone booth (a little bigger than that length wise) type place, trying to cover myself as a guy came in. I was motinioning to my boyfriend to help me but he ignored me as the guy came up behind me and started rubbing me (down there) even inserting one of his fingers.

The next big scene was a guy ontop of me having sex with me while I tried to get away desprately.

I don't know what to make of these dreams but they shook me up a bit. Does anybody know if this means anything? Or if it was just a nightmare.

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