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Dream About Phone Calls meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of a someone calling you?

I have never seen this person in real life, not even a picture. Ive talked to this person for a long time over the internet ( just a friend though) I have had two dreams so far where this person has called me over the phone and although i had never heard they're voice i did in my dreams. So now i ask what does it mean? Please and Thank you in advance :)

Someone calling you in your dream represents adulation and comfort. When we are struggling or depressed we often feel alone in our situation and sometimes world. When someone really does call us in our waking it often lends an opportunity to be honest and tell your friend what is real in your life. Doesn't it feel better knowing that you got it off your chest?

In your dream this voice seemed familiar to you even though you never met them before. The main thing here to know is that you are relevant to others and you do matter. Someone is absolutely thinking of you whether a stranger, good friend or God. It is the extension of love that causes them to reach out to you. Right now I am thinking of you too.

Example: Dream of a phone call with someone who is dead, but I don't personally know them? Confused at the meaning.?

Recently, a woman in the LGBT community was found dead, after being missing for about two weeks. I came across her girlfriends media campaign/public plea to help find her, just days before she was found. From the moment I saw the missing womans photo I felt a connection to her. Yesterday it was announced her body had been found and last night, I dreamt that her and I had a telephone conversation. It was a pleasant conversation, calming and very real, but I don't remember details of what was said (I do know, it was nothing to do with her death, more general everyday conversation). I have a dream book that I checked in, but the phone call being with someone I don't personally know and have never met, the explanation wasn't helpful or seemingly relevant. Anyone care to help me analyze this a bit and figure out what it might mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of your cell phone dropping in water? ?

I continuoulsy dream of my cell phone getting wet or dropping in water but then after I dry it off, it still works. What does it mean

Example: What does it mean to dream of talking on a cell phone?

I dreamt that I was drunk at a friend's house and borrowed their cell phone to call a guy I used to talk to all the time. In the dream he talked to me, but I kept getting sidetracked and each time I got sidetracked he got quiet and I got scared that he had hung up. It went on like this through the whole dream. I kept getting sidetracked because a whole bunch of crazy things were happening (monkeys everywhere, fights going on) and the last time I got sidetracked I asked him if he was there and he had hung up on me...

Example: What does it mean to dream about a phone with no dial tone?

I keep having this dream where I am trying to dial 911, but there is no dial tone.

Example: Dream meaning?

Dream of my crush calling me on the phone and asking to join a music class with him.

Example: Meaning of getting phone calls in dreams?

I sometimes dream of receiving phone calls from people that i haven't seen or talked to in many years. The 1st one was asking me how i was doing and how do i look now, the 2nd one was inviting me for lunch in their house, and the 3rd one wanted me to fetch her and even left her address and cellphone number for me to text her, although the 3rd one i didn't get to talk to. The message was just relayed to me by my late mom. Now these people aren't really close to me. The 1st one was a former childhood playmate, and the other 2 were people who were interested in me before. So now i'm wondering if i should interpret this dream literally or they just symbolise something? Any interpretation will be appreciated.

Example: Dreams about inpossible phone calls! wots this mean?

Iv had a lot of dreams where at some stage i need to make a phone call to some one, i need to call my mum for help or call my boyfriend to find out wen hes coming home. But i can never make the call, either my phone breaks, my vision goes blurry and i cant read the buttons or every time i dial the number i accidently press an extra button or miss one out.

ill be re-dialing over and over trying to get it right but it never works. its really frustrating and i wonder wot it means.

Any Ideas?

I posted this once before but didnt get much response and the responses i got didnt make much sense.

Example: What does it mean when you dream a phone number call you and the number calls you for real a couple days later?

I dreamed a phone number called me and the number called me a couple days later but I didn't answer. What does this mean?

Example: Please would someone suggest why I dream about making phone calls.?

I often (about once a fortnight) dream that I'm trying to make a phone call (usually a 999 call) but my mobile won't connect and then all the other phones I try to use don't work either. Could this mean anything?

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