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Dream About Phone meanings

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Example: What does it mean to dream about cell phones?

last night was the third time over the past two weeks that i have dreamt about a cell phone. Its not alot of phones surrounding me its just one big non existing phone that hasnt been created and sometimes it will be like a blackberry. Does anyone know what this means?

it means you need to get a new cell phone

Example: What does it mean to dream of your cell phone dropping in water? ?

I continuoulsy dream of my cell phone getting wet or dropping in water but then after I dry it off, it still works. What does it mean

Example: What Does It Mean To Have A Dream About A Cell Phone?

I had a dram that i had an iPhone but it had no service on it. But it was still awesome, like i sill carried it around and loved it and loved playing with it and i had the box for it that i would put it in when im not using it.

Can someone please tell me what this dream might mean?
THanks in advance.

Example: What does it mean when you have dreams about cell phones?

okay soo I lost my ipod touch a day before my christmas break this has somethin to do with this...any ways the other night I had a dream that I got this new black ugly flip phone (I have the palm pre) and like I was on that phone in my whole dream...then last night I had a dream that I stole a blackberry and a lg voyager from these two kids and the person that owned the blackberry he was black, had asked me do yu have my blackberry and I said no but it was in my bag and the other guy I guess didn't even realize it..well I was goin through there txt messages and there pictures..I love cell phones(I'm not a nerd) and I'm kind of nosey so when I look @ peoples phones I tend to have a habit of goin through that stuff..also I have wanted a lg voyager and a black berry..can someone tell me what this means?

Example: I keep having dreams about dropping my cell phone in water what does it mean?

every night i have a dream that my phone falls into water and i freak out and i try to save my phone i dry it off and i always believe that it real this is my worst fear to drop my phone in water what does this dream mean?

Example: What does a phone in your dreams mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about a phone with no dial tone?

I keep having this dream where I am trying to dial 911, but there is no dial tone.

Example: I keep having dreams of me dropping my phone in the water mean anything?

I keep having dreams of me dropping my phone in water does this mean anything?

Example: Dream meaning? Talking phone?

So I've kind of been worrying about school a lot lately. I have a guidance appointment my mom set up for me today regarding summer school that I'm worried about. Last night I dreamed of my old iPhone actually talking to me. All I remember is trying to destroy it but it would find some way to make my life hell. It was more of a nightmare than a dream. What could this mean? I've had this dream quite a few times. Could there be a connection between my worrying and this dream?

Example: Dream meaning?

I had this dream last night that this person that really means a lot to me was crying while on the phone. Then, first thing this morning as I saw her she was crying while on the phone! I felt so upset all day and I offered to listen to anything she had to say. She's really nice but quite a few years older than me. I love her though, do you think she could trust me? What can I do to help her? I just feel so helpless. Please help me!

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