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Dream About Physician meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean? (I'm a Christian so Christian interpertations would be perferred)?

No offense, but I just want to know if Gods trying to tell me something.

I asked this question earlier, but I'd like more answers :]

I always have one of those dreams that you think its real for like the first 3 or 4 minutes when you wake up. In my dream, theres always a black snake that's in my bed crawling by me. It scares me so bad that I jump out of bed, turn on the lights, and go through all of my blankets making sure theres nothing there. Once I realize that it was just a dream, I'm still so shaken over it that I have to just kinda sit there for a minute and calm down before I even lay back down on my bed. It scares me that bad.

One answer I got from the last question said that sometimes a snake can symbolize being lied to or decieved?

Answers are appreciated. Thank you!

Hi, here are the symbols that I see in this dream.

I am continually amazed at how often snakes will slither into our dream-scape! Snakes can mean several things when they appear in our dreams: a healing energy, a fear or temptation, or a masculine energy.
The snake in your dream plays two roles, the fear role and the healing role. Are you having some health problems that you fear about?
On a deeper level, the snake might have slithered into your dream to let you know it is time to heal. You might need to heal your mind of worry as well as heal any minor health issues you are suffering from. "Get thee to a physician," is what your dream mind is telling you.

Hope that helps, and better dreams to you :)

Example: Meaning of certain dreams?

lately i find myself dreaming about snakes and alligators almost every night... and when i dream about the snakes there lots like thousands and there attacking animals and they live under my house so what does snakes mean in my dream is it bad to dream of them? but when i dream of the alligators there attacking people and killing them especially little kids what could that mean... any ideas

Example: What does this dream mean?

It was January 2008 when my older brother died of cancer. Me, my younger brother, and my best friend were all feeling pain and sorrow over his death. Then on the night after the funeral, I had a dream. My brother, best friend, and I were in the basement. My best friend went into my brothers room to get a pogo stick. She saw my older brother on the couch and screaned. We all ran in, and he said he played a trick on everyone. I woke up then. Turns out my best friend and my brother had the same exact dream. What does this mean?

Example: Dream Meaning - LOUD SOUNDS!?

Hi everyone :)

I keep having one strange consistent factor in most of my dreams - a LOUD sound that just murders my eardrums.

What does it mean? Here are three examples of the loud noises.

1. I'm walking down the street at night with my family, and then this giant truck comes. All I could see were the bright yellow flashlights from the truck and the truck driver must have pressed the horn, because there was the loudest sound I ever heard in my life! It hurt my ears so bad, and I couldn't think or do anything other than cover my ears and yell in pain. My family covered their ears too, but they didn't seem to think it was louder than someone yelling. Then I woke up.

2. My family and I were climbing up lighthouse stairs (neverending stairs) to get away from the fire that took over the whole earth and was spreading up the lighthouse. In every corner there was a black radio. Which BLASTED loud, loud, loud static. Again, my ears felt like they were killing me, but my family didn't seem to notice. After a while it stopped, but it did seem like forever, and my ears felt like they would bleed.

3. This was my most recent one, and I can't remember it that well, but I was at home and suddenly there was this reeeeally loud blasting sound, like the first example, the sound was just one never ending monotone. I woke up at the end.

All these sounds are just way too much to bear. They really, really hurt me :(

Now that I wrote this, I'm noticing another consistant factor - my family is always in the picture :/

What do these dreams mean? Why are loud sounds constantly integrated into my dreams?

Thank you! :)

Example: Why do i keep dreaming about school and repeatly school buses? what does this mean?

i don't know what this means but i do have a dream to become a doctor someday and that is very important to me

Example: What does this dream mean?

I not getting married for about a year but I keep having dreams about my wedding day, there always that it doesnt go well and not many people show up. I had one last night and it took place in a hotel. I was all dressed up and i didnt walk up to the altar it started with me already up there and i was mad i didnt get to walk with my dad so they started it over with me walking in with my dad. but no one stood up or even looked as i walked in. nothing went the way i wanted it to and it my dad started saying how he was giving me away then everyone else just started interupting saying different things? what does this mean?

Example: I keep having dreams where I am a snake! what does this mean?

I dream that I'm a rattle snake and in the dream I mesmerize people into thinking I'm a man with maraca's then when I'm close I bite them. This is where it gets strange because once I bite them Its like I'm only wearing a snakes body and I climb out of the rattle snake like its a sleeping bag. But the bitten person is dying and instead of helping them I always fall down and weep over the snakes skin. Then usually the person dying suddenly bites me and I fall on my belly and begin to eat the snakes skin tail first like a burrito. But the person that I had bitten keeps attacking me and instead of fighting them off I have to keep eating the snakes skin like its the most important thing in existence. The most frustrating part is that I can never finish eating the snakes skin because when I get to the end I discover its still attached to me. Thats the part that always makes me wake up, the part where I find out I'm eating my own feet. And the wierd part is the person I bite in the beginning keeps grunting something like, "Or do you? Or oh's don't you?" This dream really frightens me and its been recurring now for a couple months and always wake up feeling a horrible sense of foreboding. I've read some books about dreams even though I mostly think that's a bunch of BS crap but I don't know anymore. Any thoughts?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of having a seizure?

I had a dream that I had a seizure. I have Epilepsy, so I'm a little worried as to why I had that dream. I witnessed part of the seizure (which was just the head twitching) and I experienced the rest of the seizure (which was the actual convulsions, the blacking out, the waking up in an unfamiliar place, the confusion after waking up, the whole nine yards). When I actually woke up from the dream, I was confused, I felt dizzy, and it felt like I actually had a seizure. I know my dreams carry on into reality for a minute or two after I wake up, but this one stayed with me for about twenty minutes. Could somebody please tell me what it means? Like I said before, I'm a little worried about it.

Example: What does this dream mean to you?

Last night I fell asleep and had not been asleep long. I don't know at what point I began dreaming. But I was looking down at myself on my bed (exactly as it is, including the colors of the walls and sheets (not sure how I could see it, it was dark) Then I open my eyes (in my dream) and could see the wall I lay against on my side. Something began pulling me VERY (terrifying) fast as if it were taking me somewhere... It felt as though I was pulled a hundred feet but still on my bed... I could see the wall getting further and further away. I could feel my entire body tingling when suddenly a Christian song began playing (only it was acapella) with the very ending of the lyrics only "Fly to Jesus - and live"... I felt like I would wake up on the floor... but I was in the same position as I was when I fell asleep. I opened my eyes (the tingling ceased) not knowing if I were alive and saw something floating in the darkness in front of me (probably because my eyes were moving so fast while I was asleep - not sure, but not claiming I saw anything extraterrestrial or demonic.) I had sleep paralysis once in my adult life, it was terrifying, but this was beyond that sort of terrifying feeling. I just don't know what to gather from this dream and want opinions. I couldn't go back to sleep for a while after that - and had to turn on the light. Never really been afraid of the dark before - but I wanted to see EVERYTHING around me. :)

Example: How can I tell what my dreams mean?

I had this weird dream about a porcelain doll on a shelf stand up and shatter to pieces then get back up again and start to walk and sing. What does it mean?

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