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Dream About Pick Up Truck meanings

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Example: Spiritual Dream Meaning, HELP!?

Spiritual Dream Interpretation. HELP!?
I had a dream that has been bothering me and it is difficult for me to ignore it. I cannot recall some of the details. In my dream a man wearing a mask was running because he was being chased by someone or a small group of people. The man ran into a public women's restroom in the building in which he was in. There was a woman present. When she saw him she screamed and attempted several times to offer the man her purse. He kept insisting he did not want the purse. He stated he was only looking for a way out! In the restroom there was a window up high. The man managed to escape out of the window (I cannot recall how he did it). When he escaped out of the window he was in a parking lot. He then exited my dream then somehow I appeared. In the distance I could see another man trying to sell a woman a tree that was on the back of a pick up truck. He was telling the woman that the tree changes color or form depending on the light (I cannot recall). As I walked closer to approach them suddenly they were no longer there and the atmosphere around me changed. The sky was a pinkish peach color and the atmosphere appeared to be mystical in nature. It seemed as though I was on another planet but not earth. I proceeded to walk toward the tree that was still sitting on the back of a pick up truck. I believe the tree was glowing. As I got close to the tree I wanted to touch it but I felt as though I was not supposed to as if I was forbidden to touch it. It was so beautiful and unlike any tree I've ever seen on Earth. I remember it had these large white flowers on it that looked like angel trumpets/trumpet lilies (not certain what the flower is actually called). Still looking at the tree in amazement, a man dressed in white was approaching me. He had an accent but clearly stated, "GOD and JESUS" does exist! He told me that he would show me anything I wanted to see, I told him that I wanted to see the past of my parents (uncertain as to why). He took me back in time and I could see the lives of people I did not know. As we reached our destination, the man said it all started with ... and I saw "APPLE PIE" written on a wall or in the sky (i cannot remember). I am not certain as to what this dream means. I feel as if GOD is trying to tell me something but I am not certain as to what it is!

WOW!? I'd love to help with that one. Daniel told the king of Babylon that it was not by his wisdom or knowledge, that he could give the interpretation to the king's dream, but because he had prayed to God to show him the meaning. Daniel was one of the holiest men ever to touch this planet and relied on the angel Gabriel to explain the meanings to even his own dreams. He did not try to decipher or figure them out. He asked God to show him the meanings. Freudian psychologists surely have a bunch of sympolic meanings for the characters in your dream, but they probably work for the devil, to confuse us. If you have a feeling that God is trying to tell you something, ask Him about it. Sit outside, read His book , and ask Him what He wants you to do

Example: What does my dream mean?

What does my dream mean?
So I was at school (Im in sixth going to seventh) And all the grade from K-6 were outside and then there were gunshots And everyone started running. (thereis only about 200 kids in my school we dont have halls we were on the playground) And these really big like army guys started catching the kid (there was a really dark overcast) and putting them in these big military trucks and i was hiding on the top of a bathroom stall and (it seemed like hours later) this guy came in he stared at me and I said "your gonna get me anyway so im just going to come down" and then i went to the handicap stall and i picked up a baby that looked about 2. and then i got in the truck with the baby and i was next to my bff nicole and then idk what happened but me,her,and my grandma we in the back of the school behind the classrooms and for some reason the was a gate between the wire fence (my grandparents live down the street) and it was really late at night and we walked to the house and then we got there and explained thing to my grandparents and nicole and i were freaking out and then we all looked at each other and then i woke up. (there was more stuff before i went to the truck but i dont really remember) Im kinda freaked out. Thanks

Example: What would this dream mean?

So I had a dream that my mom and I were at the mall picking my brother up from safeway. His friend was there in his car so my brother got into the front seat and my mom got in the back and then they just closed the doors and sped off without me. I figured I'd just walk around the block and wait for them to come back.

Somehow, Area 53 was in the city and I ended up outside of it with a friend. It was winter and we were walking up a set of stairs to get to the edge of Area 53 to see this huge statue of a man. All of a sudden the statue turned to color and started coming after us.

But then it turned into a Ford truck and it was just an advertisement saying Ford trucks could go anywhere. Then my mom picked me up at safeway and I woke up.

I don't see how this dream could mean anything other than I've been watching too much tv, so have a go at explaining it. :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had the coolest dream last night...yet i cant help but feel it means something also:
Ok, so i'm at my grandmas house and this girl (who is a family friend of my stepdad's) is there also. We are sitting there talking (though i dont know what about). Suddenly, the newspaper is hit at the door. I go out on the front step and get it. I open it up and a tiny brass beetle (it's not alive and is about the size of my thumbnail) falls to the floor. I pick it up and set it on the mantle. Then i open up the paper and the first thing i notice is an ad for a concert to be held at the mall. the ad reads: "HIM and My Chemical Romance today at Fox Valley Mall!" then under that it says in fine print: "Bring your Harley (Davidson motorcycle of course) and you and your friend get in free!" The girl that was with my grandma and i has a harley and shows me that she has remodeled it: decked out in gold beetles! So she takes me to the concert and the stage is also decked out in gold beetles.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Awile back i had a dream Where i was walking wit my friend in some sort of slum when a car wit a truck bed for the front hit us gently enough for us to ride it. This took us up a ill to a drive through Mcdonalds and i never ordered but the guy told me it was 8 dollars. I gave him a 20 and he Handed me back 2 dollars and we left. We were then at someones House which i assumed was also a jewlery store. We hopped a fence and came in through the back sliding glass door and from there i saw a Door, I picked the lock with a screwdriver and entered to find a room tat looked like mine, Except the only things in it were My bed and night stand. There was a girl on my bed and i saw that her phone was charging so i Took the phone off the charger and replaced it with my own Phone. When i looked at the girls phone it brought up a webpage that resembled a facebook. On the left collum was The girl that i like except She looked like a caveman and had one eyebrow. It Didnt really look like her but i knew it was her.

HaHa trippy. Any ideas on what this could mean?

Example: Cmon this dream has to mean something?

The only parts I remember is that I am on the back of a pickup truck and some guy that's bigger and taller than me starts picking up the front of the truck, pushing it up and down and I don't falter. He then gives up and I jump down, run, look in the trash can for a beer bottle. I break it and jam the bottle into the guy's jugular vein. I turn around and there's a line of cops with german shepherds sitting next to their owner. I can't see their face but their body language tells me they're on my side.

This is a cool dream!

But I think it's from watching a lot of X-files lol.

What does it all mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about driving a semi truck at high speed and delivering it to a dead person?

Hi, I just dreamed about driving a semi truck on a long and straight road..as I'm driving I'm shifting and getting high speed..alsom I'm calling my wife on the phone and I dnt get an answer..finally when I get to the delivery place it's my grandpa who picks up the truck..( he's been dead for 4 years now)..any help would be appreciated thanks.

Example: Whats this dream mean?

So I was hanging out with these 2 brothers I know in real life. I talk to them but only at school not outside of it, nor do i really want to. So anyways i was walking with one of them it started raining and i went home. All of a sudden it was the next day and I was just randomly flying. (it didnt surprise my dream self though as if ive done it for years) however I didnt have great control over my flight but I did have control it was difficult but possible. I flew over to my school and everyone was getting out and going home. I saw the 2 brothers again I also saw my old close friend who i dont talk to all that much any more (we still do talk, just not as much) I also saw my ex's moms boyfriends (her parents divorced in rl) truck. I landed over by my old friend to say hi and did then saw the brothers and started walking with them. I asked what was up and then my old friend said "your going to there house too cool" and she was happy about that. (idk when it happened, it was sometime after i landed but I asked my ex where she was going because her moms bf was at the school to pick her up. So all help would be appreciated :D TY

Example: What does my dream mean!?

Ok. So last night I had a dream that me and my parents were going to the hospital. We were driving a truck down the road, and then we had to stop. I got out and it was like the side of the road was just a cliff with lots of vines going up, but then at the bottom was the hospital. So I was looking down, and something I guess hit me. I was holding on to the ledge and kind of mountain climbing down the wall with the vines. Anyways, I was ok and then my dad was at the bottom asking me if I was ok. Here's the strange part; I was talking to my dad and then I looked behind him (where some woods were) and there was a guy, with a blowgun blowing darts at us. (Nerd moment) Even in my dream, I remembered from a Hunter's Safety Class that some darts could kill people. So me and my dad started backing away. He got closer and closer. He was also randomly picking up darts from the ground and shooting them. So my dad walked PAST him then the guy turned around and shot him in the neck. I started running, and the guy followed. Then all of a sudden I tripped and found an Oozie on the ground. I picked it up and shot the man until his torso was next to his legs. I got up to my dad and he pulled the dart out of his neck like it was a sticky wad of paper. I took my dad into the hospital and was yelling at the nurse telling her my dad was hurt. I had blood all over my face and hands. My dad told me to calm down and then privately talked to the nurse. She took me to a room and there were blood packets (like the ones they use to take blood, exceot these were full). So when I saw them I remember running into the middle if the hallway I fell to the ground clenching my stomach and squeezing my eyes shut, but all I could see were blurs of nurses, docters, ect.

Then I woke up from the dream and my stomach hurt. I went to the bathroom and threw up. I really am shaken by this dream and want to know what it means. Anything helps, but if you want to say something mean you can save it cause im not in the mood for mean crap. Thanks,

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night i had a dream that I was comming out of work I saw a brand new red pick up truck in the parking lot that was mine instead of my current vehicle. Does anyone know what this means?

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