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Dream About Pigs meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: "Pig eating my fish dream" meaning?

We were taking bath in a river in our city. There were two big rocks on the river bank. I took one and just tossed it. Surprisingly a lot of big fish got killed by the rock. We started collecting those fish. Suddenly we saw a big sized pig eating our fish. We could not stop it as we did not have any weapons. And we were afraid that if we stop the pig, it would bite us with its big fang. So it kept eating slowly. I don't remember what happened next.

Interesting. Here are my thoughts:

Something somewhat accidental or whimsical happened in your waking life (you throwing the rock in your dream) that brought a surprising result, a windfall (the fish that you started collecting).

But something else (the pig) took the windfall, and you did not feel you were strong enough or properly equipped to fend it off and take your prize for yourself.

What the pig actually represents may depend on your own association with pigs. This varies widely with culture, e.g. it would tend to represent something unclean to a muslim, but would tend to represent glutonny to some westerners. But what does a pig represent to you? If this were my dream, I would interpret it as gluttony taking away my good fortune, and that I am not strong enough to deal with my own gluttony.

Hope that helps.

Example: Can anyone interpret meaning of dream with eagle and pig, trapped?

i was outside in the front yard of my childhood home and this thing landed in front of me. it was like a box..or a piece of tree. there was this eagle beak..and a nail through the beak, into the tree. it was like someone nailed something right through the eagle. and then i realized inside the box/tree, the baby eagles were still alive. i needed to save them. i was so purturbed by all of this. and then there was this other box thing with a pig in it, and the pig had a nail through its snout. I got a hammer and pulled the huge nail out of the pig first, on the porch of my old house. and when i pulled it out, the piglet just looked so relieved. but then i was like oh no, where do i put the pig. its gonna run away, run wild. i need to put in somewhere! so i think i found something like a violoin case. but i also asked my sister, upstairs, to send something down. then my moms downstairs, she has the violin, getting ready to play and im thinking if we put it in the violin case itll mess it up. Thats all i remember.

Any ideas what this dream could mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a pigs head in a box?

i dreamed that i opean a box and saw a pigs head or a hogs head.It hade black fur and 2 long sharp Carboniferous teeth.

Example: Pig dream - meaning?

I had an extremely disturbing dream last night where we were taken into a factory and had to watch pigs be slaughtered like as part of a school trip? Think of a cotton candy machine, but with 4 blades, and they would stick the pig in it and it would get shredded up, and in the dream I had a strong feeling of it being my fault? And like being embarrassed that this what I was making my field trip watch? Also the factory ended up leading into the basement of my house, where they kept a bunch of worms to also shred up? I woke up feeling really unsettled, any idea what the dream meant? I have literally no rhyme or reason as to why I dreamt it

Example: What does it mean to dream of pigs?

I dreamt i was walking through a field, and there were sick, and dying baby pigs everywhere. some were crying, some already dead.

Example: What the meaning when i dream about pig ?

i dream one day i saw pig walking around at my house.. and my brother touch it..

Example: What does it mean to dream about a pig?

Last night, I dreamed something horrible. First off, I am a vegetarian. In my dream, the place I worked at served up 2 whole pigs to a family. They were supposed to be dead, but insted when the people went to cut into it the pigs would make noises. It looked like they were cooked but they didn't die. I called an animal shelter to take these pigs away to have them put down because of the tremendous pain they were in. When I talked to the boss, they said that they hit the pigs over the head and knocked them out and put them in the smoker. After the pigs were gone it seemed like my dream had nothing but bacon in it. Really disturbing to me?! Can anyone help?

Example: What does my pig dream mean?

I saw a woman she was holding a bloodied pig, it was alive, small and fat and another one bigger but didn't have blood.

Example: What does it mean to dream of guinea pigs?

I had a dream last night I was holding this brown guinea pig and playing with it. There were also two cages that had three guinea pigs in each and while I was playing with the brown one I looked back and three of the guinea pigs had given birth. There were like 5 or 6 in a litter and I was shocked at how fast they all gave birth. What could this mean if it means anything at all? I do not own guinea pigs and have never really been around any

Example: What does it mean when u dream about pigs following u tryna bite u? just curious?

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