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Dream About Pinch meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?.?

i had a dream that i was laying down on the floor in the middle of our school gym and the guy i like comes up and lays down next to me...I say hey and he answers with hi then there is a long silence...he says "ok i dont mean to b mean but u cant do this to me" i say "do what" he says "i like u. if u r gonna be in my life be there for me all the time not only sometimes" i said" oh...im sorry" then we talk for a little while longer and he ends with ok well call me later i have to go to detention.

I don't specialise in this field, so take what I say with a pinch of salt...

However, I think it means that you have a crush on this guy and you think he likes you back but is held back by something from asking you out. In your mind, he wants to be with you, but he may already have another girlfriend who is taking him further away from you.

That being said, in reality, he's probably (sorry to be blunt...) not interested in you, or he may very well be too shy to get close to you.

That being said, if you have that sort of dream about someone it usually means you share a mutual connection and you should try going out or something, because there's a decent chance you will have good chemistry together. However, like all relationships you can just as easily be shot down.

Example: Dream Meaning.. Help?

I dreamed I was bitten by a brown recluse. I had seen the spider and was trying to protect someone from it. I was pinching it with my fingers to kill it and it bit my finger. My finger started to bubble up, and I started hallucinating, but I knew it was from the spider bite. I was on my way to the hospital when I woke up. Can anyone help with a dream meaning?

Example: Dream meaning? Help!?

I keep having these repetitive dreams... I am sleeping with a face mask on and I'm trying to remove it and I remove it but it stays on... Then I hear my boyfriend come back into the room after he has left for work... I hear the living room door open and close then I hear the room door open and I feel him climb on top of me to hug me... All happening with me not being able to see but then I am able to see a tiny bit but it scares me bc I know/feel it is my boyfriend but I can't see anything... When I begin to repeatedly dream this I know I am dreaming and I start pinching my self and smacking my face to wake my self up but I don't wake up and when I do wake up my chest feels heavy and it does feel as if I have been trying to wake up... Someone please tell me what this can mean or be ?!

Example: Dream meaning of Earwig?

I had a dream I saw an Earwig. I have been looking up meanings of this, and I'm not getting the best definitions on it. It says to see an Earwig in your dream signifies a negative change that will effect your family. Could someone (if possible) give me a better interpretation on this?

Example: I had a dream about a scorpion pinching my ear and nobody could get him off. What do you think this means?

It started with the dream in my car and for some odd reason my dad was driving, my son was in the back seat trying to touch a scorpion and I pulled his hair to try to distract him from touching it. It was one of those large black ones with the huge pinchers . Well, somehow it managed to fly and no one could find it, until I felt this terrible pain on my ear. He landed right on my ear and pinched it with all his might. My dad cut his tail off and for some odd reason I could feel venom being injected into my mouth. I kept spitting it out hoping that would matter. I was paralyzed in fear and did not want to touch it. What do you think it means. I don't have any unreasonable fears of scorpions, I actually like bugs. There are several reasons I could postulate having this dream. I have been in a relationship with a man for a couple of years who does not show me kindness very often and I feel like I have slowly lost feelings for him. We often fight about him not spending enough time with his son. I have felt financially stuck because I gave up working to take care of our little boy (who is my world!). I want to pursue a life in music and have been vocally trained and am very good at it and absolutely know I could make a living at it and perform often and get great tips. However I feel stuck in limbo, almost feeling as if the universe is against me and I am being held back by something. Almost like things just wont fall into place. I don't know if these events are related to my dream, it could be something totally different but I just wanted to give you insight into my life perhaps making it easier for you to interpret it.
Also as far as my dad being in the dream, I find my father in waking life quite odd and have always thought of him as someone who only cares about money and prestige. In the dream it was almost if he was helpless trying to get the scorpion off my ear and the more he pulled at it the more poison it released. Hmmmm any takers?

Example: I KO someone by pinching their kidney in my dream! What does it mean?

I was at school when a kid, lets name him Charles, comes up to me and my friend who always hang out during school. He makes a smart *** comment, which is normal for him, but i took it to heart and pinched his kidney and he drops immediately and that apparently took a lot out of me and I drop with him. Any clue to what it means?

Example: What can this dream mean?

I had a dream I was putting pants on and felt pinching when I took off the pants their were gray fat ticks all over my legs sucking my blood so a teacher poured alcohol on my legs and my bf told me to stop crying and pulled one off which crawled towards him I then woke p and had a bloody nose im 17 weeks pregnant & idk what to think please help

Example: What does my dream mean?

Your Open Question: What does this dream mean?!?

Okay so I had a nightmare last night from most probably watching kpops video on heavy rain even so what does it mean. I am in the living room playing on my wii then for some reason i look outside that room and go into my hall. The front door is open and i am like is somebody in the house. The next moment somebody opens the door for the dogs. Somebody has sown on switched faces so that they look like each other. They run around un panickked I look up to see a man with the mask of my fathers face holding a knife. He is leaving but I get in front of him and pinch his thumb. What the earth! Maybe it is something to do with the fact that i didnt call my mother when I got home and when I get home i am home alone. Weird though...?

Asked by Daimien 28 seconds ago 4 days left to answer.
I mean i am being such a baby but it was so scary

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok so I'm an 18 year old guy and live at home. Lately I have had dreams about being sexual with my mom like every night. Some are just us kissing or taking a shower together and others are us having sex. I'm disturbed by these dreams when I wake up but in my dream I'm enjoying everything we do, and wake up horny each time. What should I do? Is this normal?

Example: What could this dream have meant?

I had a dream I was trapped back in the 1970's. I wasn't even born in the 1970's. I pinched myself in my dream.I didn't wake up. I watched the black history episode of the proud family, where Penny went back in time, could that have triggered it?

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