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Dream About Pit Bull meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream that a pit bull was attacking me...what does this mean.?

that means pitbull will be your arch nemesis forever! beware of anything that have to do with pit bull

Example: What does this dream mean?

I keep having this dream where I am outside and am attacked by pit bulls and am hurt bad. Does this mean anything.

Example: What could a dream about being between tiger and a pit bull mean?

Last night I dream about standing between a full-grown orange & black tiger and a massive, aggressive pit bull. (No, I do not own a pit bull & have never owned one.) The pit bull kept trying to attack me and the tiger kept jumping in its way to protect me. Before I woke, the last thing I remember is being backed up into a corner (it all happened in a house) screaming and crying, hoping the tiger & pit bull wouldn't hurt each other. At the same time, I hoped the tiger could keep the pit bull away from me without hurting it… but I didn't understand why the tiger was protecting me from the pit bull. Any suggestions to this dream interpretation?!

Example: Odd dream about a pit bull?

Last night, I had a really odd dream about a pit bull. I think it was in connection to my uncle's dog who recently died of old age and/or cancer. My uncle's dog (Let's call her Summer) was a Pit Bull/German Shepherd mix and I was really close to her. This dog was chocolate brown and Summer was also that color but she had different colored markings all over her. I knew this dog wasn't her in my dream. Well, I was in a room that looked almost like mine except where there was a bunch of shelves and a pile of old stuffed animals, there was a small opening with a stairwell going up. I remember the dog being called, going through a small opening to that stairwell. I tried following but I was trying to figure out how to get to that stairwell. The last thing I remembered is seeing a shadow. I think I had another dream with the same dog in it but I don't remember it that well. The really weird thing was the fact that on the day she died, I had seen a thorough-bred pit bull with Summer's exact colors. Could this dream possibly mean something?

Example: What do you think these dreams mean?

i keep dreaming about puppies. in every dream i always single out this one light tan colored pit bull puppy. the first time i called it jackie and the second i kept calling it juno. i read somewhere that juno are a womans spirit guide. why do you think i have these dreams? be nice please and thank you =]

Example: Strange dream? what does it mean?

Yesterday I had a strange dream. The bits I could remember go like this: I woke up in my bed however there was no roof on my house and the sky was a dark purple color. I sat there for a while and there was a knock at the door and I went to get out of bed but the bed evaporated and the door materelized in front of me. so I opened it and 2 pit bulls dressed as police officers barged in a one of them jabbed me with a needle in what I think was my eye or cheek. I awoke in a prison cell with cats in suits sitting around a table player some kind of card game. One of them looked at me handed me a blank card and said "raise me" and I looked down the card had gone and I looked up and the cats where gone. I sat down at the table picked up a deck of cards and woke up.

Example: I dreamed that I was attacked by pit bulls what does it mean?

I was alone in some kind of desert and I see 3 brown pit bulls charging at me. I stood my ground they tried biting at my arms and legs but did not draw blood nor did it appear that their teeth punctured my skin. It was as if I was made of hard rubber and they could not get at me. I woke up then went back to sleep and again I had a similar dream but with black and brown pit bulls. Again I woke up and did not go back to sleep.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay soo a few nights ago i had a dream.. . I was in my old neighborhood and at ma old house. I was on top of the stairs on the porch when i saw my best friend walk toward and get on a bus ...the thing is I never saw his face just his backside but Iknew it was him. Anyway I followed him and walked towards the bus. When i got right in front ov it a grey pit bull starts growling at me and its right by the door. My first thought was to jump on the hood ov the bus but when i looked up to jump the pit was on the hood. Soo i took off running towards a field (thats not starnge bcuz there was an actual field in front of my house my old neighborhood). I knew thered be a busted bottle in the feild so i ran toward it and picked it up (it wasnt a great neighborhood). I never touched the pit but i could see it behind me dead on the ground. There was no blood or anything i just knew it was dead. As i walking away i went towards the bus and put 1 leg on the step and then i woke up. PLEASE tell me what this dream means. I know it wasnt just my imagination runnin wild bcuz i dont usually rememba my dreams unless the bug me.

Example: Dream of Being Bitten by a Stray Pit Bull?

I've been having dreams of being bitten by a stray pit bull in the rain and that it chomped it, held & shook it... I woke up after that...

It could just be a dream & nothing more, but what *could* it mean?

Example: I had a Dog Dream what could it mean?

I had a dream that a male co-worker gave me a brown pit bull as a gift and I didn't want it and took it back to him and he would bring it back to me. what could be the meaning?

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