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Dream About Plaid meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I've been having really weird dreams lately. my first one is dream A, the second one dream B.

Dream A: I went to wash my hair in the kitchen sink. There was a butcher knife in the sink, I didn't know it was there, yet I sensed that it was. I washed my hair and wrapped my hair in a white towel. Suddenly my towel turned bright red with blood and My mom started pressing her hand to my head and I started screaming. What does this mean?

Dream B: My most recent one. I've been talking to this guy I'll call Bob. My dream went like this. "Bob" and I were walking in this long hallway in a college. (Not our college) I was wearing these Pink bermuda shorts with orange and green plaid on them and "Bob" was like "Are those capri's?" and I was like "Bermuda shorts actually" (I NEVER wear anything like them.) But we met up with his friends and as Bob and I were talking they were making fun of my shorts! And then we went to this haunted house where they dressed us up in gone with the wind style dresses. I was just about to go in when I realized I had to go to work.I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek (I'm not that close to him yet) Bob gave me the keys to this huge like 19 passenger van and I drove to work.

This is so confusing! Anyone who has an idea what either of these dreams mean please let me know! My dreams drive me crazy.


No one, no even the Amazing Kreskin can tell you exactly what your unconscious mind is speaking to you in dream symbols. But because the question seems sincere, I will try to shed some light on the matter.

Dream A:

There is an age that a conflict arises between a mother and daughter, and it is quite healthy. The daughter is maturing and needs to begin thinking of developing her own nest. These battle lines are often drawn around the kitchen, where mom has staked out her territory quite firmly. On an unconscious level you sense this tension, and a warning was given to you in dramatic terms, intended to have an effect. Now it is a part of your conscious mind, and you can use this information to be more sensitive to your environment. Although a knife and blood were used to stimulate your conscious mind, you are in no actual danger.

Dream B:

The strange college was a prop to tell you that you are about to achieve some form of higher learning. But what? The shorts sound hideous and were designed to create humiliation. The ridicule was predictable, and this was a twist on the "underwear dream" where you show up in public almost naked.There is something inside of you that you would like to reveal or confess, but it is too painful just now. So the gentle beating of humiliation takes some of the edge off.

The Gone With The Wind-style dress falls under the category of "dress-up" as a child, or playing house in more adult terms. "I'm not that close to him yet" reveals that at least unconsciously, you are planning a life with this fellow. The last scene sounds more like man and wife, including a vehicle sized for a large family.

The secrets of your inner mind are known only to you and God. Hopefully, this will get you thinking, and some revelation may come of it. Good luck to you!

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

This dream was really vivid and scary. Im only a 13 year old girl and I want to know what this meant. It wasn’t just a silly dream to me. What do you think it meant?

Last night I dreamt, I was at my school walking around. The halls were empty because everyone else was at a pep-rally or something in the gym. I had a back pack on, and under one arm I had my journal. But see I hardly bring my journal. And I was playing my ds, and when I looked up I saw a little girl. She looked similar to me when I was five but she didn’t look exactly like me. She was waiting outside the gym for someone. She was dressed weird. She was dressed in a school uniform type thing. She had a plaid skirt and tall white socks with little black shoes. But she was a strange big red sun hat. I talked to her (can’t remember what about) then I took her hand. The picture blurred and then I was without the girl running franticly, panicking until I reached this secret door that took me to these super creepy people under the school. I knew these people somehow. There was an old woman and her son that looked about twenty, he husband was so fat he was bed ridden and there was someone else I can’t remember. I told the people I had killed the little girl and had buried her in the woods. They told me not to worry, and to calm down that they would handle it. And apparently after that it got really weird because I started having sex with this guy, I kinda seduced him haha but it made no sense because it was like in front of the people down there and I wasn’t even dating him. (Weird I KNOW) the day after that I was back down under the school and the cops were looking for me. They rampaged the hide out type place under the school and killed everyone but me. They took me to a weird jail with this boy from school I know and we were stuck their waiting for something to happen. I wanted to cry but I didn’t let myself. I made many failed escape tries. Then a whole bunch of people like 20 kids my age, some with bats came and started beating me. I knew every one of them, some I hated some I liked. In the end I won and kicked all their butts. My dream ended zooming in on me heavily breathing looking at everyone I had beaten up.

Example: Very vivid dream, what does it mean?

Well, I had this dream over a year ago, but it's still as vivid as ever and it's been bugging me recently.

In my dream, I'm outside, and it's windy. My hair is pretty much in my face the whole time of the dream. I am wearing my school uniform (and blue-plaid skirt, a white collared shirt and white ankle socks). I'm right outside my home on the drive way (in real life, around the time of the dream, my dad had recently put asphalt on the driveway). I feel like I'm walking around searching for something.

Then, all of a sudden a maroon van pulls up beside the driveway. I get panicked and run into my house. The driver (I get the feeling it was a woman, if it helps) gets out and runs after me.

She bangs on the door telling me to open up, or else she'll call the police. I refuse, and the next thing I know the police are knocking down the door.

I run away, to wards my room and crawl out the window. Before I can fully get out... I wake up.

Any ideas?

Example: What does my dream mean?

A year ago, I moved to Virginia from California. My dream was I was back in my old apartment in California. I was with Megan, one of my old friends that lives in California, and Dylan, the guy I like who is also my very close friend but he lives in Virginia. In the dream, she lived right across the street from me, and he lived downstairs. We were watching a blood and gore movie which only him and I liked, my other friend didnt. I started to have a feeling that he started to like her, and I was pissed because I am desperately in love with him. I cant remember why, but she ended up leaving. After she left, he left too. I then was in my old apartment bedroom with my sister who no longer lives with me. I said “Wow, this is a dream. It must be a dream because Im back in California”. She looked at me and told me how it wasn’t. I asked what year it was and she said 2007 (Which would have been a time I knew Megan but not Dylan) and she said I was 11 years old (Which its 2011, and Im 15.) My other sister came in (Who also doesn’t live with me anymore) and I figured that I probably am in this time so that I can become good friends with Dylan earlier in life so that we are more close. I then think about how he actually lives in Virginia. By then my sister is next to the front door and says how “Ramsley” is very angry at me for some reason. I ask who Ramsley is, and she says how it’s the dude downstairs, so she means Dylan (Idk why she called him that). I freak because I cannot stand him being mad, so I raced back to my bedroom and get dressed in a red plaid shirt (that I got recently) with pants that are also plaid, and really sparkly sandals (Which I never would of wore this, but I was in a rush). I start running down the stairs and start knocking on his door saying how he should forgive me, and the first time we met and such, and how he should let me in. In my mind, I see him running from the apartments across the way to his house, I turn around, he’s there, and the dream ends. (There is also no reason why he would be mad at me since Im on summer break and I havent seen him recently to do anything.)

Example: What does my recurring dream mean?

My dream is not scary it just is recurring okay so it happens in either one of 3 places either in this weird cobblestone town with wrought iron fences and a big feild with dead grey trees, or a old house hidden among the trees where is it really hot and there is an outcove in the hallway where there is a bed with lavender sheets or finaly on a 4th floor of my aunt's house ( that does not really exist) where there are 4 rooms and you have to go throught one to get to the next the first room is a all gold room next all silver then a room where everyrhing is giant and finaly a tv store one you go through the tv store you start back at the begining im there with 3 other people 2 of which i actually know who they are 2 boys and one other girl and we wear grey peacoats and burgandy scarves with orange plaid we can jump through the trees that are really tall in the grey cobblestone town and we always seem like we are looking for somthing any ideas i know this is kinda really detailed but realy have no clue its not scary but i wish i knew what it mean't iv'e had this dream about 50-60 times and it's always been in one on those 3 places please help

Example: What does this dream mean? Easy ten points?

Okay so I am 15. I had a really weird dream last night. I usually can't ever remember my dreams and if I do I really don't care about them but this one has been nagging at me all day and I can still remember all of the details.

I was at a fancy dinner. It looked kind of like a wedding reception but I really don't know. Everyone was dressed really fancy, like in dresses an pearls and tuxedos, but I looked down at myself and I was just wearing jeans and a plaid shirt. Idk why but I was mortified by this and ran through a door at the end of the room. Inside it was a very fancy powder room type thing and the walls were blue. For some reason my 28 yr old youth group minister was sitting on a stool in front of the mirror. I walked up to her and said, "Courtney what are you doing?" She turned to look at me and said, "Will you please straighten my hair?" There was a hair straightener on the counter next to her. Her hair is naturally very curly, like in ringlets. I told her, "I'm not sure if it will turn out right." She looked at me again and said please? And so I finally said ok and grabbed the straightener and started straightening it. Surprisigly it straightened very easily and it turned totally stick straight. She smiled and looked in the mirror but then stood up. All the sudden it turned back into her curly hair. She smiled and said "I don't like it straight anyways." And then she threw the hair straightener at the mirror and it shattered. I woke up after that.

This has really been creeping me out all day. What does this mean? Lately I've been having a lot of really bad self image issues if that helps. I was thinking maybe the mirror part had something to do with that? I'm just so confused please help! Thanks.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream, I was in the wild wild west. I was looking for a girl names Lisa. To find her I was riding a horse. For almost the whole dream I was just riding a horse by a lot of cacti. It seemed like I rode forever. One of the things that stood out to me was that I had a six-shooter/revolver but I only had 4 bullets in it. I finally found Lisa and she said that her name was pronounced "Leyasuh." I then noticed what we were wearing. If colors matter I was wearing black chaps over black pants, a black leather vest over a royal and baby blue plaid shirt, black boots, and a black cowboy hat. She was wearing a tannish yellow jacket over a white dress shirt, brown pants, black boots, and a brown cowboy hat. I asked, "Are you Lisa?" She said "Yeah, what's it to you?" and then I woke up. WTF? Any help at all would be appreciated.

Example: I want to know what my dream means?

i had a dream a little while ago. it was about a boy who told me his name was rick. rick was 14. i was in the backseat of my car (i dont know who was driving) but we went by a house and we stopped. we were still on the street. i looked at my surroundings and there was a boy standing by the woods. he had a ripped blue plaid shirt on. it was stained with blood. his jeans were light blue (faded) and they had large holes at the knees. it was like narration. he just looked back. thats when he started talking. i have many dreams like this. scary. can you tell me what they mean?

Example: What do your dreams mean?

Anybody know any good dream meanings or dreams that you've had?
I'm doing this report thingy for the blueprint :D
anywhooo, one time i had a dream about this man with a plaid shirt and a sledge hammer in his hand. He hit himself in the knee with the hammer before spitting out my dog's tail. LOL. have you had any crazy dreams worth mentioning? know what they mean? :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was running in a field that looked like Kansas in the old days. I was running and running and running never stopping, then I came to this farm house and a girl that had red hair, a blue plaid farm dress, and her hair in braids and her family greeted me. There was a mother, father, the girl, and her brother. After we were done, I think I slept the night. Then, me and just the girl went to go run again and we kept running and then I woke up.

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