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Dream About Pluto meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does green apples in a dream means?

i had a dream last night that my husband came from work and brought me 3 green apples with him,they were fresh i didnt eat them tho. what does this dream means?

Interesting, I have never heard of this, but I shall try my best. Firstly, apples are usually red, so green apples would imply an unexpected quality to the apples, they are "special" apples, as you noted they were fresh and looked fine - there was nothing wrong with these apples, they were just different from what we usually expect in apples.

Secondly, when you bisect an apple at its "equator" you get a star, or 5 points. Five is symbolic of the human (head, two arms, two legs, think Da Vinci's drawing of the man). Five is also life all together, 4+1 = 5, North, South, East, West plus the being, or height, depth, width, time/space plus mind(the person). Five is also change, the jump from inanimate to animate, from the rigid square to the fluid star.

Three is symbolic of the lifeforce: spirit, soul, godhead (holy spirit, son, father).

I don't know anything about you, but you may have children soon, unexpectedly, or of a different sex from what you wanted though special none the less. Or some kind of change could take place.

You could look at the not eating of the apples in two ways: Firstly (in mythology), when Uranus and Rhea had Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn and Neptune, Uranus felt threatened by them and devoured them. The fact that you did not devour them may mean that you will recognize the children are "fresh" and good (interesting word choice in fresh which rhymes with "flesh"), they are to be cherish and preserved rather than "devoured" as you would a normal apple. The other way of looking at it of course is the sadder rejection of the "apples", perhaps a harder time in accepting the children or circumstances which are being presented.

Best of Luck,

Example: What in the world does this dream or nightmare mean?

Well, I had it as a 4, maybe 5 year old, and it just came to mind, like about 6 or 7 years later. Here's what it was.
OK. So I was inside a Pluto like planet, with red zones, and regular zones, and I was trying to run up to the top, the crust. I accidentally walked into a red zone and lava just rose up. I ran for my life, but I got trapped, so the lava (in my dream) killed me. It was right then I woke right up.
Please answer. I know it must mean something. Please don't answer if you say it means nothing.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream about my 4th and 5th grade cello teacher i take lessons with his wife now hes 38 hes sweet nice and funny and real cute! i reallllllly miss him and in the dream he was teaching all these kids and he was teaching me too! what does this meen?it was like all so real

Example: What do these dreams mean?

1st. I had this dream when I was only around maybe somewhere between 10-12, but is was just the sun in the sky and I heard a voice saying this is my son.
2nd.I have dreams like this one on regular accounts. But what does it mean to dream of just standing in the middle of the universe, if incase you're wanting to know any special details, I was only able to see Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and all the stars and thier constellations. So yeah what do you think about that?

Example: Does my dream mean anything?

Ok so today I had a dream that my boyfriend Who's a Scorpio put on his Xbox live Bio Pisces and Scorpio and im a Sagittarius female and I was looking at the horoscope app also and ive looked up online that a Pisces female and Scorpio males are the best match and also me and my boyfriend have been having a problem and decided to take a break do scorpios and Sagittariuses get through their problems? Is he gonna meet a Pisces woman while were on a break?

Example: I was dreaming about haveing 24 earths they crashed i gone to pluto what does it mean?

it crashed to pluto and stuff.

Example: What does a Mars Opposition Pluto mean?

My friend was looking at my birth chart and then she went "Ooooh you have mars opposite of pluto. cool."

So I was just wondering, what does it mean?

Example: Mars square pluto what does this mean?

i have scorpio in pluto

thanks only answer if u know though

Example: Pluto in 11th house in Leo and Jupiter in 11 th house in Cancer ?

Sun sign Libra ; moon and Pluto in first house in Libra . What does it mean for this person ? Thanks

Example: What does having Pluto bi quintile midheaven mean?

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