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Dream About Podium meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream a few nights ago and it was really freaky. I dreamt that I went to church with an old friend and on the side of the chapel, there was six colorfully painted crosses and a preacher standing next to them behind a podium. And then the preacher asked if any one would like to renew their faith and six people went up. (Including my parents who don't go to other churches other than the one I was raised in) And some other people came up and started attaching hooks and lines ot the crotch part. And my dad (holding my niece) said to her not to cry so he won't scream. And then they began to be lifted up onto the top of the crosses. The preacher said some words and they were lifted down. They were unhooked and then the preacher asked if there were any kids wanted to try and the ceremony was repeated. The only thing I remember afterword is going to Sunday school. And then I woke up. As I laid in bed thinking of this strange dream, I remembered that I had that dream before. Can any one please explain what they think this means? Thanks for the help!

Only you can explain to yourself what your dream means. Don't search for answer, but hold it lightly in your head. No one else holds the answer in their being. Anything they say is more s.h.i.t. that they try to fill your head up with.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a very strange dream last night and was wondering if anyone could tell me what it means.

I was taking my son to school for the first time, cute boy with my blond hair and my bf's eyes (i don't actually have any children in waking life) He was wearing an old fashioned uniform, shorts and blazer with a cap. The school was on the seafront near where i live where there is actually a library. As we were walking up the street to it (its on a corner opposite the promenade) I could hear music like a brass band or something and could see a weird glow. As we came round the corner I saw something on fire, like several boxes. When i got closer i saw the boxes were coffins and my boy ran off for a closer look before i could stop him. I ran after him and the coffins disappeared. At the main gate in the middle of the wall there was now a podium and a guy was advertising the coffins.
My son was stood a little further on where there were 5 men sat on chairs up against the wall. I went over to him and the men were singing improvised song depending on the subject someone gave them.They sounded very boy-band-ish. My son kept giving them rude words to sing about. I don't remember what the words were but the sort of things a 5 year old would consider a bit rude.
I took his hand and turned around and suddenly we were in a car heading into the car park of the school. It seemed to have students right up to (UK) college age and they all drove no matter what the age. I went to park but the spaces were really tiny and my little car took up 3 spaces. And for some reason I had a bacon sandwich with brown sauce in my mouth as i was parking!
I got out the car and all the students were all over the place shouting, smoking and swearing. I was about to get back in the car and take him home again when i heard the music again. I turned around and there was a coffin being carried into the car park.
Thats when I woke up.
Normally I don't have dreams quite as unusual or disturbing as this one. I don't have a clue what it means! Some of the stronger aspects of the dream are a little confusing as I don't have children, don't drive and don't know anyone who has died.
Would appreciate some help with this one as it's playing on my mind quite alot. Thanks.

Example: What does this weird and scaryish dream mean?!? Its about HITLER! Plz help!?

Sorry if this is long:P Anyways; i ended up having to switch schools to go to germany with my 11 year old brother. (im 13) I love him alot, we are good friends. I can get really protective of him too. There was tons of kids our ages there, some i knew. Mostly the ones i didnt get along with. The school happened to be an underground mine thing, we were all (it was seriously PACKED when we were walking through) walking as a huge group. It had dirt all around us and sometimes wood going along the ceiling and down both walls. It was really unstable and little clumps of dirt kept falling from the ceiling. We got there and everyone was just standing around a small unsturdy looking stage thing also made out of wood. We each got a wooden clipboard and a paper and a pen. Two people i couldnt ever really see their faces or clothes i just saw their figures standing next to him but freaking HITLER was our teacher! He was yelling at us and told us he would kill us if we didnt do our homework that night. Everyone acted afraid of him, and next to the stage was a little choppy thingy, the big tall wood thing with the huge sharp blade that i think in medival times they used to put people under the blade and... yea. So we all scurried back (i never knew what the homework was thats all that happened that i remember) and i ended up in this store with out my brother though i was alone it seemed to be closed with tons of toys and stuff then their was this huge ramp that you could walk up with walls of lip smacker lip gloss! I walked up there and STOLE some and then (this part is really confusing) ok before i say this part there is a couple model horses i want (i collect) and they are smokey black, palimino, and a light grey and white paint horse. Anyways, i was stealing lip gloss when i heard voices behind me and three of these guys who i grew up with until i moved last year were there! One i used to have a crush on but he was really mean, he was painted the color of the black horse i wanted! One i kinda liked and he liked me back, he was painted the paliminos color! And the other, who i was good friends with, was painted the grey and white paints colors! They were all good friends and they were talking about me as if i wernt there. One said well shes stealing we have to kill her, then one said ill do it and the other said but i love her. Then i got off the podium and found myself going back to the school. All throughout this dream it was always dark outside. We were walking back through the mine/ hallway thing. Then we went to school, he asked us for our homework then people got killed, and he was about to kill my brother but i grabbed my brothers hand and ran him out of there and then we ended up on a wooden dock thing with a big opening to the water on the side, this time my family appears with me, and gosh Hitler was there again. He was making people jump off the side with their kids, we did but then my dad found a boat so we poured out alot of tea from the boxes (hahaha) then crashed the boat into the dock, drowning Hitler. Then i woke up. I know that was really strange but what did it mean? I had this dream about four or five days ago i remember it vividly. As i do two other strange dreams which i asked in other questions that if you want you can answer too. Thanks!:)
P.S. This is my brothers account, i forgot my password on mine. My username isnt Burrito... Im a girl... lol

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was walking into a police questioning cell. With a Muslim man. He had a bunch of papers, and the police officer asked him what they were. And I answered saying they were the Quar'an. I started looking at his papers and he had some poems in the pile, I read a few and thought they were beautiful. I said something like "These are really beautiful." And then he started to read on and I was looking at the paper while he read. I can't remember the full wording but it was about all of the countries joining together and he got mixed up, he said Austria where Australia should be and Viceversa. He said the words and suddenly the place sort of exploded but no one was hurt. And We were standing at a (I think white marble) podium, I was at his side and I felt really proud. He was saying the poem. And People were running towards us and angels with golden wings were flying towards us, to listen. It was like we had some sort of plan to go back or forwards in time to change things.

It was the oddest dream I've ever had. I usually have dreams were I'm getting chased or something like that, but it was completely different. I am a religious person. But I don't have a set religion, if that makes sense. I believe that there is one God and he is good and if you live your life right, as a good person you'll go to heaven. I don't know if that has anything to do with but it might.



Hii guys i just wanted to know what this dream might mean

So had a dream when i was getting married To this guy which i knew. We were at this church and i was wearing a white gown, And every seemed white and the dream just seemed like a vision and all sudden i woke up. What might this dream mean>>>?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well, I'm a fifteen year old female and last nightn I had a very weird dream.

I'm a blunt person, sometimes mean, and last night I had a dream that I was at an award's ceremony for my school. The principal was standing at the podium on stage and said "And the most overall horrible person award goes to... [My name]". When I heard that, I was extremely happy, high-fived the girl sitting next to me, then ran up to the stage while yelling to my friend "KP I won! I did it!"
Then, when I was up on the podium, I said "This award just goes to show that with hard work, and if you believe in yourself, all your dreams will come true!"

Then I woke up. Why was I so happy about it? What does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I took a late afternoon nap today and had this dream... I can't remember all of it, only fragments.

My art teacher from this night class was in it. He was at a podium in a room but when I looked in I didn't recognize him. Then he said his name as [real name - first and last - mentioned].

Later in the dream, I was standing with my parents and he walked passed us and didn't say anything. Not sure if at that moment he didn't recognize me, ignored me or busily rushed passed me. He's never met my parents.

That's all I remember. My memory is foggy. What can this all mean?

When we dream of others, does that mean they personally have a message for us, even if on a very subconscious level? Or does he represent some symbol or another person I know?

Example: What does this dream mean (about boys)?

Okay so lately I've been having a lot of dreams about boys. Not gross, just like me and a boy talking. I know I've been posting questions about these already but this one's different from the rest. So I can't remember the full dream, just part. Me and another friend, idk who, were in my school's cafe. The rest of the tables were filled up with boys. Up at the podium some guy I don't know spoke into the mic, "Who wants to date this chick?" and next thing I knew I was up at the podium. Then a bunch of guys hands raised. Then I was back at the table. From what it looked like, it seemed like the guy I sort of like's hand was up, too. But someone's head was in the way and I couldn't tell. Then all the boys whose hands were up put them down after a split second. I spoke to my friend and said "Whoa that was too fast. I didn't get to see who's hands were up." So then I took this remote control (like for a tv) and rewinded life. I saw it again but only for a second. Then I tried to rewind again and it wouldn't work again. I gave up and I was dying to know whose hands were up. Then I woke up and the dream was over. Anyone know what this could mean? I'm really not one of those people who walks around going "My life sucks, I don't have a boyfriend." I'm okay with being single, so idk why i keep having these dreams. It's driving me crazy! i have these types of dreams like every few weeks. Anyways, sorry for the long description. if u read this all i love u. lol thanks in advance <3

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

I had the most strangest dream last night…it sounds funny now…but at the time it really didn’t! I had a dream that Barbie dolls and toys were trying to kill me!…they had formed their own government and everything…it was so bazaar. And in my dream I was looking threw this magazine and in the magazine it was talking about the toys government and what they were going to do to me. I remember looking at this magazine in my dream and saying ‘Aw no…this has gotten way out of hand’
Next part of my dream…I had to go into this room and confront them all and do this speech on a podium. The strange thing about this room is that it was my old bedroom from my old house from when I was a kid. The room was really dark…and I couldn’t see them (the dolls and the toys) so this made me feel very vulnerable and I was worried the whole time that one of these Barbie dolls was going to shoot me in the back with a gun. I can’t remember what I said in my ‘speech’ all I can remember saying is ‘I’m really sorry this has happened…I really am’ then I walked out the room. I then went downstairs into the living room were my mum and step dad were…and I asked my step dad to sort all of this out. He then said to me ‘I’m sorry Holly I can’t help you…there’s nothing I can do’ I then started to panic and I asked me mum and she said ‘Your dead.’ And I was like WHAT! And she said ‘Well lets face it…steve’s right…your dead…their going to kill you and your not going to be able to wake up to get away’
At this point in my dream…I really felt like I was going to throw up…I was sat in the corner in the living room…with my legs crossed crying my eyes out saying ‘What am I going to do! What am I going to do!’ And my mum and step dad were just ignoring me watching the tv…like it wasn’t even happening. Then the front door slowly creaked open…and I new whatever that was…was coming to get me. By this time I had just had enough and I didn’t care what my mum said…I was going to wake up! So I forced myself to wake up…and I did.

Example: I have the weirdest dreams and have no clue what they mean?

ok so none of my dreams really make since... I don't understand them cause well they'd NEVER happen... one was my best friend and i were having a bonfire with jesus...help? and yes all my dreams are that strange...

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