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Dream About Poetry meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Number's in a dream..meaning...?

This was like a few days ago i had a dream that i was in a rock band...before the four of us went on stage, our drummer ( michael) think that was his name asked what songs will we do and i said "3,5,9,11"..(which were the numbers of the track on the cd).when i said that he went to tell the two guitarist and told them the songs we were gonna perform...while were on stage i heard some of the lyrics...one of the songs:

"every where i walked you where my shadow
who ever i talked to you always stopped"

then when we were doing another song again i got a part of the lyrics

"come on feed me...i'm not a human
go on kill me...calm down,
treat me as an animal
put me on a leash again"

what does this mean in a dream?

It means you have very deep feelings. You should write them down. Poetry is a great way to get out your feelings. Maybe you will also be able to look at your journal and it will help you figure out what you dream about sometimes. You will notice that the feelings in your dreams mirror the emotions you went through that day.

I'm sure you already know what/who the songs in your dream were about...you wrote them after all!

As for the numbers meaning something, you probably have favorite songs on some of the CD's at home that are those same number tracks. That's where your mind got the numbers. And you also probably did something involving numbers that day.

Example: Do our dreams mean anything?

Do they have meaning/importance? I dream of my ex boyfriend quite frequently and randomly, I haven't even seen him since we broke up. So just wondering if dreams in general have any real importance or if I should look into them?

Example: Does my dream mean something?

It all starts in my grandparents house. i'm sitting in my moms lap. and i look out the window and see this man just standing there. staring at me. I'm the only one who notices him. He then walks on but stops at the stairs. He stays there for a few seconds then continues on. he climbs over a fence that goes into my house. We then went home. But instead we headed to our old house. When we get there, i ask my mom why we were here, and not at our new house. I get no response. Then i'm at some sort of gas station my dad is driving. and my mom is right beside him while i'm sitting in the back. The man i saw earlier walks up to me. points a gun to my head. and says"Give me the glasses" (I wear glasses in real) My mom then pulls out a gun and shoots him in many different places. He looks as if he was dying. But he was still alive. He then runs off. Then i'm at a place with urdles to jump over. i'm with my dad there. We were trying to jump over hurdles to escape from a fox chasing us. we get away. We then go home. But this time were at a house i've never even been to. I go to bed. And my dad tucks me in. I felt too scared to sleep alone because of what happened earlier. so i ask to sleep with him. He agrees and lets me get in the bed. And thats the end of my dream,

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream that shakespere and jereremy kyle were chasing me down the street.
shakespere shot jereremy but continued to chase me.
he strapped me to a lamppost and cut off my finger. all of my internal organs fell out while he wrote poetry.
what does this mean?

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

I went to the library and Mily Cyrus was there. I got so excited and got her autograph. I tried guarding the autograph the rest of the dream and didnt got to Girl Scouts. In the end I picked my autograph back from where I hid it.

The dream was mainly about this autograph from Mily Cyrus, why was this?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of rats?

I had a dream that I was walking in a tunnel their was a lot of people. I stop for a moment to fix my shoe and I see a rat pass by me. I continue walking and theirs a big bang I look up and the roof of the tunnel collapsed all I see is a WHOLE BUNCH OF RATS on the collapsed roof. Everybody starts screaming I start running and I see rats running and I try not to step on them with my feet. I see a shopping cart so I go on it and I see people running and rats passing by. That's how my dream ends, I really want to know what my dream means.

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok so before i tell you my dream, i want you to have some background information. This guy and i have been really close friends for a long time. Last year, the whole school said we were in love and i fully agreed with them. we both love each other, though we never and still haven't admitted it to each other. and no, he has never been my boyfriend and we have never been in a relationship together. we are just really close friends. Last summer i had to move to another state so before i moved, we did so many things together because he decided it would have to be my best summer i ever had. I visit my home state once a month so i am still connected with him and we hangout together every time and each time it just reminds me that we are in love. and just to remind you, we have never been in a relationship together and he has never been my boyfriend. all we have been are friends.

so heres my dream: (lets call the guy i'm talking about sam)

sam and i were sitting on the couch watching a movie (we were just friends like in real life). He put his arm around me and i brought my legs up on the couch and laid my head on his shoulder. He looked at me for a second with a surprised but happy and comforting face, then laid his head on mine and looked at me again with the same face to see my reaction. i didn't want to make him feel nervous so i close my eyes and slightly smiled. later on, he sent me this card and a glass plate with me on it as well as a title saying that we were soul mates. the card was sectioned sort of like a book with a title for each page. each page had one stanza of a poem on it. the first page said dog, but then i can't remember what the poem part said but i know it was about how many dogs and what type we will have in the future. i can't really remember any of the other pages either but i know one said kids and i think another said wedding. the last said sex and the main part of the poem was not having it a lot because he wants our love to be pure. It was about our future together and getting married and stuff. it was really nice and sweet and i loved it a lot. it made me smile and feel really happy because i knew we would get married and grow old together. Thats pretty much all i remember.

so i want to know what that might mean. i know its not because i was thinking about him before i fell asleep, because i wasn't. actually, i was thinking about the ski trip i was having the next day with my family. I also don't think its because marrying him is something i've been longing for because i've never thought about marrying him before until my dream brought it up.

Example: Dream poetry?

Has anyone else had a dream where you make up or read the most beautiful poetry ever?

Example: Well know or unknown poetry with meaning?

Any poetry that people know that has meaning in every line. eg Maya Angelou, Dr Suess, Robert Frost etc

Example: Do you think there is any meaning to this dream?

Just out of curiosity, does anyone think dreams actually mean anything? My boyfriend dreamt we were riding on a horse through a field that was dried and dying, and then all of a sudden it became green and beautiful. Then we went into a forest and built a hut together and lived there. He was laughing when he was telling me about it, but do you think perhaps there is some sort of symbolism in dreams with regards to what the person is thinking about in real life?

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