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Dream About Pole Cat meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What's the meaning of this reoccurring dream about creepy hybrid animals?

So I had these two dreams, the second one about a week after the first one. I felt really freaked out and disturbed after both of them, so I'm wondering if there's a meaning to it.

First Dream:

I'm driving my car along a quiet, deserted neighborhood road with houses on both sides (during the late morning), and I see a large leaf tumbling on the sidewalk in the wind. The bright green color really attracted my attention for some reason, and I saw the leaf sort of jump and stick onto a telephone pole. Then I realized it wasn't a leaf at all, but some kind of creature about the size of a cat with leaf-like fur on it; it had been jumping, not tumbling.

It stared straight at me, and it had four bright yellow eyes, each with perfectly round pupils! Two eyes in the place where you'd expect eyes to be, and two slightly smaller ones directly above it. The way it looked at me just freaked me out, and I sped up and drove back home. Then for some reason I reached under my bed and pulled out a large, ripped, clear plastic bag with a label on it that had a picture of a plant next to a picture of an animal, and it explained that the hybrid creature was to be released soon as a domestic pet in only tropical climates (since the plant was a tropical plant).

There was a period here where I don't remember much, but then it picked up and I was in the car again, driving along a similarly deserted neighborhood street as before. I looked out the window, and saw an eagle-sized bright green and purple bird-like creature with feathers that looked like leaves gliding about 4 feet above the road in front of me. It sort of turned around and kept pace with my car, staring at me through the side window. It too had four bright yellow eyes just like the one I'd seen before, but it had a long, serrated beak and looked more menacing.

I woke up right after that, my heart pounding, and pondered the dream for the rest of the day. That's the reason I remember it so well.

Second Dream:

I was in a tropical rain forest, where it was really muddy and wet, and I was standing close to a hut. My dad and brother were also with me, and we all carried suitcases and umbrellas. Movement on the ground caught my eye, and I saw this weird brown and yellow striped toad which was just a tad smaller than a football, and it had nasty-looking claws on the end of each of its toes. It let out one of those funny toad-noises and then jumped away a little, made another noise, jumped a little further away, and so on. When I first saw it, I noticed that it had four bright yellow eyes exactly the creatures from my first dream, and even while I was in this dream I remembered that.

I went into the hut and unpacked my suitcase, and when I looked outside through the open door, the toad was there, staring at me silently.

Then I woke up, and again, felt rather disturbed.

These dreams felt very real, like I was actually there, and the hybrids also seemed like they could be real! What do you think? Any ideas? Opinions? Theories?

What is your profession? And have you read any weird books recently or is one of your hobbies photography ?

Then the first dream is just a meaningless dream and the second one is because you thought about the first one a lot... so it stayed in the back of your head when u slept before you saw it again.. ;)

Example: I had the most disturbing dream. Could someone tell me what it means?

Hey guys.
Kinda a personal post here haha.
First of all I'm an animal lover 100%. My cat is my little best friend and I have many other animals who I love very much. Second off (just in case it may have something to do with the dream) I have a long history of mental health problems, I had a mystery psychotic illness when i was 12 and have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
Now I can't remember much of the dream but i'll give you what I can.
I remember I was in a shopping centre, and there was a sweet shop next to me. I was talking to some friends but I can't remember whether they were my close mates or not. Then I decided to go into the shop, which looked completely different on the inside (On the outside there were pictures of sweets all over the windows but there were none on the inside and you could see perfectly out) so I was walking around the shop and decided to buy some sweets. Then all of a sudden I knew I was on the run from someone and they'd just come in the door. So I got this chain whip out of my pocket (god knows how it fit in there) and climbed up this random flag pole that had appeared out of nowhere. Then a giant crab walks into the shop and I lassooed it with my whip and threw it out of the window. So I climbed down off the flag pole covered in crab blood and picked up a bloody dvd case and I knew that the crab wouldn't be dead until I ruined this dvd. So I got an axe and started chopping it up and there was blood spurting everywhere. Just as I'd finished I saw my cat who had an extremely long tail for some reason. and I just randomly went up to him and chopped off his tail, then started chopping his body in half. Yet again there was a dvd case and I went over to it and opened the box and the dvd was bleeding badly so I picked it out and snapped it into loads of little bits, thus killing my cat.

That's where the dream ended. I'm just slightly concerned as to what it could mean, because my cat is the most important thing in my life and so are my crabs (I have crabs too [In a fish tank you dirty sod] but the crab in my dream was just a random one)

Thanks for any help.

Example: What does my dream mean?

so last night i had like the scariest dream EVER. so there was this hole in my bedroom floor (about the size of a coffin). i got a flash light and looked down it, it was very deep and at the bottom there was bones from other people that had fallen down this hole. so my little sister put a bunch of stuff in the hole one of these objects was a childhood stuffed animal i had. so we went into our basement to get a pole to try to reach the toy by the time we got back upstairs to the hole we looked down it and all the stuff was gone. then i got a text message from an unknown number and it was a video a mans voice said "look how clean my room is" and the video showed my cat walking around in the room in the hole. i woke up screaming "they have lil mama" (my cat). If anyone knows what any of this could mean please let me know.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where I was driving my car home. It was dark outside. I kept falling asleep and then waking up. And one time when I started to wake up there was a guy walking towards my car like he wanting me to hit him. I barely swerved and missed. I had a scared feeling in my stomach as I kept heading home. I remember the song that was playing on the radio too. Wicked games by the weeknd. As I was driving I kept feeling like I was going too or I wanted to be pulled over by a cop. I turned left to cut through a little town to my road. I rolled through a stop sigh and immediately cop lights came on. I stopped and he came up to my car. I got the window all the way down but a little. He walked and looked at my front license plate then walked to my window. I can remember his face. He started to talk about how I was going 20 mph and I said oh good bc the speed is 25 through town. But he went on to say how he was gonna give me a speeding ticket which I thought was weird. And I told him that I was nervous and scared and trying to get home. I didn't want to tell him I almost hit a guy and that was why I was so uneasy so I just because I thought I saw a face in my rear view Mirror. He told me that it was gonna be ok and to get out of the car. So I did. I followed him down the street. He somehow had a bag full of combs and brushs in his hand and I knew he wanted to brush my hair. As we were walking he kept saying what's that and pointing to power boxes on electricity poles. And then two cats, one looked a little wet walked out on the road. We kept walking and we walked by a blue house with a fence and we could hear talking and music. We were almost to the intersection when I started to ask if I could home and saying he was creepin me out. He didn't answer and finally he said no. So I started running to the house with music and screaming help me. I'm unsure if he was chasing me but I don't think he was. I got to the fence and tried to jump it but had a little trouble. I got hal

Example: What does it mean to dream of snakes, a cat, and a rabbit?

In my dream I was with my grandmother picking blueberries inside a shed with trees growing inside. I was holding a blue rabbit when I seen the first snake. I then Dropped the rabbit. A second snake appeared in another tree. I asked my grandmother to begin to pray and we began to ran. Just as we were exiting this shed, a third snake, wrapped around my grandmother. I looked the snake in the eyes and I remember them being so black. I shouted take me; it released her, turned into a guy I know and laughed. As I was slamming the door, we seen the second snake with a cat; the cat helplessly struggling for survival. I plan on majoring in psychology next fall and would love some insight on this stuff. Any ideas?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had to reach something
or i was trying to get/fix something
and there were these hudge..big rusty short poles

and they keept going into my arms and comming out the other side...and blood was everywhere

and then when i meet these people...(family of mine) i told them..to take me to the hospital...they said i didn't need to go..but took me anyway...and the hospital lady didnt say anything about my arms...she just removed the stiches that are in my neck (in real life i have stiches in my neck..cartwheel accedent)

anyways alot more happend...and i dont remember...but any idea what..my dream is trying to tell me?

Example: Dream Meanings?! ?

Okay, so i got this amazing little dream book, and i want to tell some people what their dreams mean! So respond with what your dream was about, and ill tell you what it means!

Example: Can someone interpret this dream please?

I had a dream that i was taking care of two children at a house in a prairie. They had a cat and a rabbit. The girl was sweet and was wearing a white shirt. She kept telling me that her favorite room was the library. The little boy was a bit more quiet and kept to himself. He wore overalls and no shoes. When the parents got home, they asked me if i wanted to stay for lunch and i said yes. Just before lunch, a man wearing a mask and holding a knife appeared at the entrance of the house. He knocked at the door and of course i opened it to check who it was. Then i saw this man and closed the door quickly. I backed away and he broke the window next to the door. then he stabbed the door thrice before going around the other way. When i ran to the back door i saw the mother dead on the floor and with stab wounds all over her back. Then i called for the father. I later found him dead in the living room sitting in his chair next to the fireplace. When i went upstairs the little boy was gone, so i looked for the little girl and found her hiding in the library with the door locked. I unlocked it with the skeleton key i had and i saw her sitting in her chair. I quickly closed and locked the door. I hid under the window and stared at the little girl. A few minutes later, a giant pole came flying in and pierced through the little girl right in front of my eyes. Right after that she kept saying, "this room is my favorite.. it smells pretty". Then the police broke down the door and took her. Thats when it ended.

Then a sort of sequel to it began. I was at a birthday party and we were attacked by the same man. Two of my friends had disappeared and then later found dead near a carnival. The house was huge and so was the party. Everyone went outside while i stayed inside knowing that the man was somewhere outside looking for me and wanting revenge. The man appeared and i saw him from upstairs. I saw him take another two of my friends and throw them into the carnival where the other two bodies were found. The man never reappeared after that.

Then im at home with my best friend and she kept telling me that she wanted to meet the man. I kept telling her that it wasnt a good idea. The man soon appeared in my backyard with a chainsaw and destroyed the gate out back. He then walked towards the balcony door and simply stared at me. Then it ended.

Example: The HORRIFIC dream i had last night - could it mean anything?

It started off in a mall in Bunbury, where I was with my mother in a very big shop. The aisles where long and the shelves where at least 5 metres taller than me… I was also with my friend Elyse, when Elyse walked off and me and mom couldn’t find her so my mom told me to go check the rest of the mall… I walked out of this one shop that we were in and walked to my right where I went into a hall, I passed some kids sitting on the floor waiting to go into a movie and then as I got down the hall it got dark, I could still hear kids laughing but then all of a sudden the dream changed and I was walking along just some random street under dim street lights.
Then I realised, up on a small hill, surrounded by a few trees was a long old house, no lights where on or anything but I was still intrigued to go inside… once inside I realised it was the same house from a dream many years ago that I had and in that house, was about 5 rooms, just the one after the other of fun kids activities, in the dream many years ago, me and my best friend where in the house having fun with all the other kids but now it was just run down and dusty, no lights turned on and most of the play items had been broken.
I then walked outside and I was standing on a corner under a streetlight thinking of a way to get back to the mall… a few cars passed and then one stopped, it was a white Ute, but just one of those utes that has the two passenger front bit then the back is flat.
and when it stopped I saw a tall man who was quite bulky and was also bald, he stepped out of the car laughing and on the other side another man, not as tall, skinnier and had shaggy black hair, the bald man walked towards me, I went to scream but I couldn’t seem to, I also went to run, but my legs went heavy and It took so much effort, after about 5 steps he grabbed tightly by the shoulders and turned me around back towards the car.
I saw one last glimpse of the black haired man standing by the car in the musky, dim street lights glow before I had a blind fold wrapped tightly around my eyes and my hands tied together behind my back with rope. They threw me in the car and drove for about 5 minutes, before they dragged me out and pushed me onto the ground then pulled me up again and walked me into a house.
They took the blind fold off and walked me through a hall… the pain was peeling off the walls and it smelled old, dusty and of alchahole and bongs. The few rooms they took me past, all had a sepia tint about them and had things trashed everywhere, all very dusty and old looking. .. They then turned me to one room, and threw me in there and locked the door behind me… in the room was a chair in the corner, a small barred window very high up the wall, a dirty, torn thin mattress on the floor, the floor boards had nails sticking out and like every other room has dust all over it and some random pieces of inanimate objects scattered around the room…
I eventually fell asleep and was woken up with a cat of nine tails lashing my back… the man then walked out laughing at my tears and locked the door again…
over the course of about a week, I was whipped, stabbed and burnt several times, all over my legs, arms, face, back and tummy…
on the last day the bald man raped me then threw me aside like a piece of meat… a few hours later both men where standing outside my door talking… the bald man then came in and tightened the rope behind my back… then pulled me to my feet and walked me back down the same hallway but towards the door this time.
I saw the black haired man come through the front door with another girl, she was about my height, but skinnier and beautiful long hair. I heard the man say “we have a new one, you can throw her out” the bald man then blind folded me again and walked me outside and threw me onto the concrete where I grazed a lot of skin off my knees and cheek.
I eventually got up and walked forward a bit, I found a wooden pole and leant my back against it as I untied myself… I then took off my blind fold and shielded my eyes from the glaring sun.

I eventually got home, but I don’t remember it…
the next thing I remember is telling my friend what had happened… they where all extremely mad and proposed we go back and kill those vile men…
so we did, me, my 3 best friends and 2 other good friends, we walked up to the house and went inside… we walked into the first room to our left along the hallway, which was a kitchen, it was old and dirty, most of the cupboard doors where missing and there were very old, mouldy bowls and plates of food left around the benches… we walked into a another small hallway which only had one room coming off it, we walked into the room, which was very small and seemed to be some sort of study, by all the old books, covered in dust that where in there.
We heard someone in the small hall behind us and turned around to see the skinny, black haired man. Me and my best friend both had lighters and flammable sprays, we burnt his face off and another friend stabbed him in the stomach with a knife that she had…
before we walked back through the kitchen I grabbed an old gun I saw and loaded it with a few bullets…
we walked back through the kitchen and where walking down the long hallway again… I felt a small, but wide knife go through my side and turned around to see the tall, bald man… I shot him through the forehead.

We never found the other girl that had been kidnapped by the men.

Example: What is my Dreams meaning?

I was at a Family/Friends party and there was this skeptical guy who i didnt know who he was started talking to me about food. But later two of my friends and my sister were going in the woods and they talked to him about something and then aske me if i wanted to go in the woods and they said i should because there were alot of kittens. So we walked outside and I mentioned i saw a scary white dog befor and then there was a white dog walking down the street, we were all afraid of it and climbed the tree and waited till it passed. When we got down i mentioned again how scary it was and this time it showed up and charged for us. We got to the highest place we could and it climed up the pole my friend was on and as it reached the top it turned into a brown cat with orangish spots. It was very angry and started attacking my friends face and hands ,in that time i was next to a tree and a huge ant fell in my shirt. I then screamed to stop the cat and it stopped looked over at me then came to attack me but i grabbed it then dropped it back down. Thats when i woke up.
If anyone could interpret the meaning behind this dream and why the dog changed into a cat that would be really helpfull.

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