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Dream About Present meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream.?

what does it mean to dream an ex boyfriend leaving you and then coming back.
and then seeing him in someone elses corpse buried under the sand in the ocean and resuscitating him, then he dies again drowning in the water and bring him back to life again?

Dream is a word used to describe the subconcious experience of a sequence of images, sounds, ideas, emotions, or other sensations usually during sleep, especially REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep.


Dreams are communication from the soul or subconscious mind and requires the use of the universal language of mind in order to understand what is being presented. Your subconscious mind relates through dreams how you are doing as a thinker. It will relate your current state of conscious awareness.

Some dreams mean absolutely nothing, and others can mean a number of things. Dreams are the mind's way of dealing with problems, issues, events, people, fears, hopes, etc. and anything else that may be going on in your life at the time. But as for the books that give definitions as to what a specific dream means, there is no validity to them. For example, some books on dreams say that if you dream of a death, then it means there will soon be a birth in the family. Not true. Two people can have the same dream and it will have a different meaning for both of them. It just depends on what is going on in your life at the time. If you tend to have a recurring dream, it can possibly be due to a fear (especially if it is a disturbing dream), or even a hope you have. Some dreams mean nothing more than a movie you recently saw, and for some reason it was still on your mind subconsciously while you slept. It all just depends on what is going on in your life at the time of the dream(s).

Sometimes yes, and sometimes not. It depends on the number of times you have had it. Most dreams are like a visual thought while you are sleeping but they most likely are not going to come true. When you are sleeping your body is off but your brain is still functioning, so it leads to thoughts that seem real but are not. So it depends on what the dream was.

Example: What do our dreams mean?

when we have dreams what does it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream where i was sitting in the kitchen with my mother and my grandmother. (but it was weird because, you know how in dreams sometimes its not ACTUALLY your kitchen, but in the dream it is?) well this was actually MY kitchen. like, every detail. But we were talking about 2012 and my mother said to me "we know that Aphrodite's 2012 will be a night of survival". then, in the dream, i had a vision: It was dark, and the water was really violent, and then there was a little clay pot in a lit cave (possibly grecian or mayan or i dont know) and it had a painting on it, i couldnt see what it was, but it looked like, maybe two figures. and then the cave shook and something struck the clay pot. but, the pot wasn't broken, but the PAINTING on it was messed up as though someone had taken the two figures and crushed them.
look, i'm not saying this dream really means anything, but it kind of, like, resonated after i woke up, you know? so i just thought that i would throw it out there. So. if anything clicks or you think its total nonsense or you have anything you want to say. ANSWER. I will pick a best answer, so ANSWER. please? thank you!

Example: The meaning of writting in dream?

What is the meaning of presenting a solution to mathematical puzzle in a book form in dream

Example: Dream meaning?

Ok so my dream was like about me falling in love with this unknown dude
The dream started off with my mom freaking out about my sister being missing and I somehow knew where she was (twin telepathy) the somehow I’m ignoring her and end up going to my next next door neighbors house in this supper hot outfit and I’m talking to this girl but I didn’t see her face and while I’m talking to her I notice that there’s this dude starring at me by the corner. He had black hair and blue eyes and he was a delinquent. Somehow I end up going somewhere and end up back at that party and my mom is there in her night gown. Also I’m with my lost sister right now and my mom says what are we doing her and I walk up and kiss the black hair blue eyed guy and say to my mom this is what I’m doing here then my mom drags us out then that boy leaves I guess embarrassed and I fallen him and it turn out that he live in the trailer park right next to my house and I fallen him and I ask him if I’ll ever see him again and he just like hugs me and goes throw his fone and says put your number in and so I do but I forget my cell phone at home so he can’t put his number in. then the next day I see this little girl in the street looking lost so I offer to take her home and she lives in the trailer park to and somehow the park is having like a second Halloween and like it’s really all spooky and then the black hair blue eyed boy scares me and says take care of my little sister then cuts across this field and then I go fake trick or treating with the girl and nobody would give me any candy because they said they didn’t know me and at the ended of the dream I end up stealing a yogurt and then I woke up also I don’t even know who the guy is in this dream was I only knew my mom n sister in this dream so this dream was really weird can anyone tell me what this dream means?

Example: What does it mean to have a demon or demons present in my dream? ?

Last night, I had a dream and in this dream There was a blond woman who was pretty and this goat looking guy. The blond woman would haunt me. The setting was in a house that was big and had a spiral staircase. She would stand on the end of the staircase and only I could see her. My dad would walk down the steps and go outside where my mother, and my five year old niece were. Then she would look back at me and head to the door. I was at the top the staircase and in my mind I knew she was going to kill them.. Throughout my dream, the settings changed often and she was always there and before each location change she always gave me the option of either killing myself or she'll turn my family against me and they always did. They would try to kill me. And another demon would possess me and make me kill my family.. I have never had a dream like this. The blond lady is not familiar and illuminati signs were there.

Example: What does it mean when u have dreams about the present?

Sometimes I have dreams about the present> Examaple: I had a dream that my husband was doing cocaine and the next day I went in his pocket and it was there. (Im no longer with him) I had a dream that my bestfriend decised mom came to me and told me to take care of her baby. I told her and we did not know what it was about and 1year later she had her fist child. (it was the same baby I seen in my dream! I hade a friend that was murdered and I seen him with doves flying around him. It is so weired. My mom say that i have some sort of gift. Could someone tell me what this is!

Example: Dreams/meaning?

okay, so far i've had 2 dreams about a band. in each dream, all the guys in the band were present and in each dream, sumthing about thread-bare worn socks came up. like in the first dream, after all the guys in the band left, i saw my sister trying to put on sum old socks tht i had and i saw tht they were old worn and threadbare. and in the second dream, the singer in the band took of his shoe and showed me his sock, whcih was also old, worn and threadbare, then he proceeded to tell me tht he wore these old socks at home but on tour he had a really nice pair of socks tht he wore. does this mean anything? i'm just wondering. my friend and i were saying tht probably the band needs new socks or sumthing^^

Example: What does my dream mean ?

I had a dream that me and my family were checking put the new house we were going to live in, it was night time and a bit scary when we walked out looked up at the window and a light turned on and there was a shadow, what could this mean?

Example: Dream Meaning?

In my dream this morning, I was driving my car and noticed that I was getting low on gas. It was decreasing so quickly that I ran out of gas before an intersection and (Car shut off and stearing went hard) coasted through and into a gas station on the left. I believe I began feuling but realized I needed to ask the attendant something. As I reached the attendent I looked back and another customer was smoking or something and caused a huge explosion which I had narrowly missed. A few days later I returned to check about my car to realize the gas station had been removed and the attendent told me that my car had been destroyed. Initially I was upset but quickly realized I was lucky to not have been injured (others had died) and thanked the attendent for being there. hehe i was kinda happy thinking my insurance would pay the car off, but the dream was odd for me

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