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Dream About Priest meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What did my dream mean?

Well before i went to bed last night, i prayed. I prayed for things in my life to improve and to be happy again, i prayed that i wouldn't be lonely no more. I asked God to give me a sign through my dreams. Then that night, i had a dream that a dove flew towards me, and stayed on my shoulder the whole time. And i know that doves are a symbol of peace. In the dream i had a big smile on my face and i was so happy. The dove had a beautiful happy face. But then later in the dream, the dove was gone. I remember crying my heart out. What did it mean?

IM 13...1st of all: I'm glad you prayed to God
2nd: Your dream was a big sign
3rd: Tell this to a priest and ask him what it means
4th (my opinion): I think it meant that, many people can't always be happy. There are people who suffer: POOR: with only a grain of rice to eat, live in garbage (literally)
RICH: money doesn't matter, they might be rich but in an upsetting and horrible situation.
NORMAL (like me or my friends): people might be in a bad situation, even people you know that you think "Oh they are always happy and positive, good sense of humor too" but you haven't walked a mile in their shoes. This means anybody you know ( let's say your best friend), you might think "He/She is always happy and positive" but, has she'he told you ALL of her/his troubles? You don't know if Oprah Winfrey has problems she wants to keep to herself, even the President of the United States! All I'm saying is, the dove means (when it went to your shoulder) that you can be happy once in a while. But those who have trouble need them too. So take one step at a time. Be patient, the dove needs to go to other people who might need more help than you. When the dove leaves, you can't cry, be POSITIVE! Wake up and smell the beautiful roses that God made for us. God made you walk on this Earth! God made food! God made Adam and Eve! GOD MADE YOU! HE WANTS YOU TO BE HAPPY LIKE OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO BE! Everytime I'm sad, I say "HEY! TODAY IM GONNA WALK IN THE PARK! I'M GONNA GET A MEAT-BALL SUB! ANYTHING! Think of ways you can improve your life. And when you're happy, you know the dove is in your heart, you will have peace. You don't need to know that the dove is there.

5th: God Bless you.

Example: Does my dream mean anything?

well, there was this little baby boy who was hurt and homeless outside. people didn't give him anything to eat and made fun of him. and then this person comes along with this robe black/white and maybe a little bit green. i think he had sorta here. but it made me thought of a priest. so the priest touch the little boy and this big/huge/energy powerful wind went right threw me. it was shorta bright when it hit me, dunno how to explain it but does it mean anything maybe?

Example: Sects in dream meaning?

I had a dream that this guy that it's in my class ( hes an internationa student)was starring at me. For some reason I went to Italy. He speaks Italian and he's been there in real life. Well I was with my co worker which is my friend, she's also in our class and she looked worried. I started to follow this guy and I opened a closet and there's this sect priest and guys dressed in black in a circle. They were
doing something really cruel and creepy. I ran back and I told my friend.
In the real world thus guy likes me, and he introduced to me like 2 weeks ago. I started to ignore him and he reacted. He startes at me in a weird way while we are in class
Does anyone know what does that means ?

Example: What did my dream mean?

Earlier today, I had fallen asleep because I wanted to get some rest before the football game. Anyways, I suddenly drifted off to dreamland and it was just a mix/mesh of dreams.

In one segment of my dream, my friends decapitated my barbie doll and cut off it's hair and showed it to me. For some reason, I cried and told them they weren't my real friends. My friends were being mean to me and doing crazy stuff to me.

In the next segemtn, me and some student that I knew, but don't remember who it was in the library and my classmate, Ryan, was reading us A Christmas Carol dressed as a preist. Does anyone know what those dreams meant?

Example: Is there a meaning in this dream with priests?

Ok so I went to sleep last night at 12 am and I had to wake up at 4 to go to work and I woke up frequently, at 1, 2, 3 and between 3 and 4 am I had a weird dream. I dreamt that I was back home in Romania with my parents to spend my holidays and we were watching the news and I saw a news that a priest's wife had died, but I was actually seeing the priest, and he was very sad, so I wasn't actually watching the tv, it's like I was there. And I remember he was in black, and everything was blackish. Then another news came, about another priest which had died, and I could see 3 women. They were all dressed in white and they had like robes, you know like what muslims wear. His wife was lying on a log, with a sad face, eyes closed, she looked crucified, though the log was standing in an oblical position. And the other two women was standing around her crying.

And then, I'm not sure about this one, I heard another news about a priest whose church had burnt, and it's like I saw some ruins. But I ain't sure about this one, it's pretty vague, Maybe this one was combined with the first priest.

And I woke up after that having a really really weird feeling, and it's kind of a bad feeling, and I usually feel when a dream has a meaning or not. I went to the other room and when I turned the light on, the light made a flash and stopped working. And it's weird cause in the same night, hours before, the bathroom light did the same thing. A flash, and then stopped working.

And another weird thing is that I swapped rooms 3 days ago and I can't sleep at night since then, I wake up once every 1 hour or so and I don't feel tired at all. Maybe I just don't like this room...hmmm...

Anyway, tell me your opinion. I can give some more details if you want.

Oh and I remember the first thing when I woke up, I kept saying in my mind "black priest, white priest".

Example: What does dreaming of a priest mean?

I had dream of sharing a cab with a priest but while were riding I thought he was my roommate that I can not stand (we dont get along). So I kept asking the him why are you dressing like that, not knowing it was a really priest. So the priest kept saying I am not your roommate, I am a priest and then he asked the cab driver to let him out at the Cathedral.

Example: What does it mean if you dream of a priest with a bright white light streaming from his mouth and eyes?

Does anyone know what it means to see a priest in your dreams and when he opened his mouth a bright white light was streaming from it and his eyes? And before the priest showed up, his name was the only name in a book.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about priests?

Two nights in a row I've dreamt about priests. The first night, I was dreaming about the priest from my church when I was at primary school. He was just sort of chilling around the church. Last night, I dreamt that I was at a massive meeting, and the parish was trying to fundraise. There was a new priest there, a younger one and we were quite good friends. He kept giving sermons from the pulpit. The first night, the priest was dressed all in white robes, and last night he was dressed all in black robes. Any ideas on what this means would be much appreciated, as I've been having a lot of disturbing dreams lately. I should probably also mention that I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school, but I'm not really religious, and I don't practice, so I'm not dreaming about them because I have been to church recently or something.

Example: What does it mean to dream you are doing an exorcism on a priest?

Example: What does this dream about a priest mean? ?

I had a dream that I saw about 20 priests driving past me in like a parade style and each one had a different body part on fire...what does this mean?! I am officially freaked out!

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