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Dream About Prime Rib meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does the following dream mean? Please include details.?

I had a dream last night and here's how it went-
I was in a foyer with a friend of mine and my ex. I was really confused bcuz my ex wanted me back so I gave him a seond chance (this had already happened in real life) but in the dream he couldn't decide if he wanted me or the girl he's going to take to prom. ( he told my in real life that he just doesn't know what to do anymore) but he said he wants me but he wants the other girl to and I told him u either choose now or u don't get another chance with me and I told him my mom doesn't like him so he's going to have to prove himself and he said he's still confused about who he should choose but he still likes me.

WHat does this mean?

This is a truth dream, meaning that you truthfully know he is not completely committed to you, and that you are going to have to decide whether to end it with him or not. How could he be confused? Don't let him chose between you and the other girl: be assertive and make the choice yourself. You are not chopped liver, but prime rib, and you deserve a boy that wants you.


if u have any corny pick up lines?pls share them to me
and if u know a corny/cheesy quote that isnt really obvious like if im gonna tell one to my crush i dont want him to know xcatly that i like him if u know wut i mean =)

Example: What does this dream mean? i was eating raw meat. ?

Prime rib to be exact and I didn't notice I was eating it

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok i dreamed about that there were famous people who got kidnapped and my family lived in our old house and it turns out that it was my family who kidnapped them. One of the people kidnapped kate moss escaped and ran to our house and knocked on our door and we didn't answer on purpose she ran to our neighbor. the funny thing is that all through the dream i felt like my family did it but everyone around me didn't we just kept playing games and chilling out in our house. I felt like my dad kidnapped her but in the end of the dream when i asked him where were the others and why didn't he hid them he looked surprised and said "me?" there was a Camera crew and people in front of our house but they instead of accusing us they were friendly and brought gifts for my younger siblings. I put on some warm clothes since in the dream it was autumn and dragged my younger siblings inside, one of the woman shouted "they did it because they are from part of the southern part of the country and we northerners Ethiopians would never do that." I got mad and told her it doesn't matter which part of the country someone is from and then dragged the rest of my siblings inside the house. When i entered the house my mother came from lifetime fitness and asked if i can go and buy something from the store but i said no all of a sudden someone comes through door without asking. He was a young black kid who we didn't even know we were surprised and he had a gun he asked who took kate moss and i pointed to my dad and the kid aimed his gun and shot at him in the side of the ribs(my dad was sitting down) until i took the gun away from him and kicked him out. I looked at the gun and noticed that it was a toy gun and my dad was unharmed. I hugged my dad and asked him where the rest and he looked at me surprised and said "i dont know." and i woke up, through out the whole dream i felt like my dad took them but in the end i found out that he didn't, the weird thing is that i knew where they were and i was the only one jumpy the whole time. I though my dad took them but when kate moss ran to our house and knocked that was weird because which kidnapped person would knock on the front door of their captives and yell help. When we never opened the door she ran to our other neighbors and did the same and when they didn't open their doors she ran to another neighbor and out of sight. While this was going on i looked at my dad and he seemed normal and disconcerned and even told us not to open the door for her because she might be crazy and that's is what my dad would do normally. I had the sinking feeling throughout the dream that the kidnapper was me but i just laughed it off and put the blame on my dad.

Example: Prime Kobe, or Prime Iverson whos better?

say you were the coach. you had to build a team like fantasy. you had the 1st pick. and everyone is in their prime. who would you pick

Example: I found this... what does it mean?

Sometimes we look around and pretend our imagination is reality. Most of the time it is. When we wander in our minds we feed something that has an incurable hunger, but we insist on finding ways to escape something while simply devouring a tasteless and unsatisfying plate. Our plate doesn't always come equipped with utensils; however, when it does our hands still find their way buried in the raw stench of all that we consider beautiful. This can be horrifying to some, to believe in a wonderful meal only to create a mess within and of nothing. The scariest and most typical outcome is an empty stomach and dry mouth. All in all, if you must dream do not pretend.

Example: Grilling Survey: What was the last thing you threw on the grill?

Example: Where you work right now do they throw you a Christmas Party?

I mean the kind that you get all dressed up and have a nice sit down meal and dancing and gift giving?

Example: Is baseball fun to watch on tv?

I'm from England i might take interest in watching baseball as ive heard its got a lot of hype in the US?

Example: Confused Bride-to-be? Should I have a wedding or not?

’m so confused about what I really want. I really really want a wedding with all my friends and family watching me come down the aisle. I want to cut my cake while everyone snap pictures of us. I want to watch my aunts and uncles act a fool on the dance floor. I want to laugh with all my friends and family and I want to watch my new husband act a fool while he take the garter off my leg. The problem is I can’t afford to throw such an event. I have a huge family and it would be difficult to throw a wedding with great food, entertainment, and open bar. In my mind, I want all of these things but at the end of the day I know that I’m going to spend so much money that can really go to better use. I have student loans that I will have to start paying back next year and I much rather spend that money on my loans. I’ve considered going away to get married and then have a celebration when I get back but my parents and my fiancé parents will not be able to come. I don’t want to get married without them. I would spend less money but it will not be the wedding I dreamed of. I don’t know where my regrets will lie. I can have a honeymoon/wedding with just me and my fiancé, come back and have a party, spend a lot less money but regret not having the wedding I’ve always wanted OR I can have the wedding I want and be happy about my day but regret spending so much money when I know I have loans to pay off.

What makes it worse is that I can afford to spend the money, I just don’t want to. My fiancé and I have no help financially. If our parents were willing to chip in, I would totally do it but with no help and everything being on us, I just can’t see myself spending that kind of money. My fiancé and I would like to have a baby right after we get married, which I’m so excited about. This is another reason why I don’t want to spend a lot of money. We’ve been wanting kids for a really long time but we have some bills to clear up first, paying for this wedding would be such a setback that we don’t need. I’m so confused. In my mind, part of me is saying I should have the wedding I want so I won’t cry about it later and then another part of me is saying, do I really want to kick out this kind of money, come on I know I’m smarter than that.

Any suggestions and no mean comments, it’s not necessary at all. Oh, and sorry for this being so long.

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