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Dream About Princess meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does mean dream...?

I'm dreaming some dream like in some old year...there are servants and everybody and I'm some girl x_x dressed up as royal...anyways I keep dreaming that dream but its like...I do things I dont want to do and the next night I dream continue of that so it like episodes x_x what does that mean?

You want to live a somewhat royal life, but you don't want to live with the unpleasant things that entail a rich lifestyle. If your want/fear is not completely expressed in one dream, it will likely continue with the next dream. Dreams are a medium for your subconscious to express your fear and relieve stress.

Basically, it means nothing besides the fact that you desperately want to be rich but don't want to live like a caged princess.

Example: What does it mean to dream about vampires?

I had a dream that I was a princess named daisy
And a group of vampires were trying to
Attack me in the woods . By the way it was night time . What does it mean

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok ever since I was 5 years old (i am 15 currently) until the age of 13 I been having thses dreams where this person is telling me and "showing" me my past life. All I can remember is that person keep telling me that I am a witch and a princess from a long time ago. And I always get Deja vu a lot like everyday and even my plam readinds say I have a physic powers so what are these dreams telling me?Am I really a witch? Or is it a dream of wanting it which I doubt it because half the thigns in my dreams are extremly freaky.

Example: What does this dream mean?

There wasn't much to it, I only saw a hole bunch of stuff.

I remember going to a costume party dressed up as snow white.

I started french kissing this guy I know

At one point there were intruders in my house and I had to kick them out. I also learned that they put security cameras to monitor us in our house.

This dream wasn't very vivid, I only got a little bit of info.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night, I dreamed I was making a castle out of wood to give it to my niece as a gift. The model castle grew and grew, until it became as huge as an authentic medieval castle. When I looked, the castle was made of stone instead of wood. When I looked at my niece, she was 16 (she's currently 10), and she was a princess. I was clad in armor, on a horse, and a sword in my hand. Everyone who wished to get to her had to go through me (and my sword) first. There was a part in my dream where I was kneeling before the King and Queen (my cousin's husband and my cousin) and I was being knighted. What in the world could my dream mean?

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

I dreamt last night of a woman who had a fish (Betta fish). She treated it like her baby, and its name was ZARA (which I looked up, means princess and/or light). Anyway, the fish swam in the air and all around us, she danced, responded to singing by gently laying on the ladys face, and she had the ability to multiply, disappear and talk! But then she bit the lady and drew blood. I asked if the sharks would now come ( so maybe we were underwater) but the lady responded with a no, since it was the farming area. Naturally, I became cautious of this fish and while playing with her noticed a set of eyes, then more eyes, and more, and then the fish told me she has a total of over 1,200 eyes!

I woke up. And now I just have a nagging feeling that this dream has a hidden meaning but I cant figure it out. If anyone has a gift with interpreting dreams please help me out.

Thank you!

Example: What do dreams mean?

i have a lot of good dreams that i want them to come true ( nothing gross just good things)

Example: Princess dreams?

If you have a dream about being a princess quite often what is it supposed to mean, especially if you have low self esteem.

Example: What do you think my dream means? About Princess Diana. Details below.?

1- I do know that she died and according to the new report at the time, she and beaux crashed into a wall in a frenzied chase, trying to elude the paparazzi.

2- I have never been a great fan of Princess Diana's. I do not dislike her. I just never really thought about her. I'm in the United States, see. But I figured I might ask you guys, since... for one, it is late here. LOL Err... I will probably get back on tomorrow and ask again putting it in the United States.

3- The dream was very short and I do not understand it at all. I was on the internet at the computer I normally use. I felt like I was actually there, like it was not a dream. Weird. I received an email from Princess Diana. I guess it was kind of a thing where she was promoting herself in a campaign or something. I remember vaguely at this point, she said in the email, that I was replying to, that she was now the queen of England. Either that, or that she was just the queen and I misunderstoof her. I replied and asked her, "Are you really the queen of England now?" Yeah, right. Like her being queen of England, she would really have time to answer all these emails from people like me. LOL She does reply, however and says, "I will only answer your questions if you consider me YOUR queen." I sat there, kind of confused and shocked and thought to myself, "Hmmmm... Do I lie just to see what she says next?" I was not scared. Normally, I wake up suddenly if I'm very scared, being chased or something. There was no sudden noise that woke me up. I simply suddenly woke up. Although my dog does sleep next to me. I'm thinking maybe she nudged me. :P

Thanks for your opinions. :)

Example: What does it mean when God asks you do you wanna come see the princess in a dream?

Last night I had dream in that dream someone gave me the phone then I had hello who is this and he respond by saying it's God and he asked me do I want to come see the princess and I replied with an No. what does that dream mean?

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