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Dream About Psilocybin meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Meditating with Magic Shroom stems?

I have Anxiety that im trying to cure with meditation and just 2 mayb 4 stems of Psilocybin mushrooms, at least once a week! is there a certain technique to keep the awesome and healing energy flow up and down my spine...without being too overwhelmed ?...its surprisingly simple for me to feel the CHI for a second or two in my body, with just concentration. but somehow i tend to loose it because of my ANXIETY! for the first time Today, in a really long time... i had an awesome meditation experience for 20 minutes with with Meditation Music, Theta Waves! At one point i started to realize, wow...theres something inside of me that i need to let out... life just made sense all of a sudden. for a short minute, i felt like i needed to help the need, i smiled, and just started to heal..love just spread like a virus! a red cardinal starting flying near me and singing to me as i was meditating! unfortunately some guy with his four dogs on one leash disturbed me. dogs started barking about 2 feet away from me...they went nuts for some reason, i freaked out! i got out of there and felt an amazing feeling on my shoulders, upper back and arms! care to help me get rid of my anxiety for good? any one?

You really should try to get into a good place where no wild dogs will attack you. in your trip i mean.
And i would not really recommend having dream visions alone, because that's what you're trying to do, alone. Maybe you have a friend that you trust will stay as a guide for you?
Hallucinogenics can be a problem for people who suffer from anxiety because if you bad trip and don't have someone there to "bring you back", it can exacerbate it.
Mediation is a really great thing, it does release your energies, and you open yourself up, stick with it.
If I have any advice, it'd be get shroom meditation friends

Example: What does this poem mean?

It's about human condition and I have no idea what is going on in the poem. They guy has a bad dream, that's all I know. The topic is human condition. Tell me what you think, I appreciate it.

The Sleepwalker
Like an axe-head sunk in a stump, His face is wedged into the pillow's dark, The nose and mouth scarcely breathing, The mind without a picture.

But now a window shade Floats inward, to admit the ashen moonlight, Hovers, and then in haste falls back To crash against the screen.

In a room like this, a harrowing Dream takes shape, although he can't yet tell Whether abductors keep him here Or foes without besiege him.

Afoot now in that dream, He moves through half-familiar shapes, through shapes Made vague as if by attic-dust Or oxides undersea,

Until a doorknob's glint Alerts him, and the opening door reveals Obsidian gloom from which emerge Eight shoe-tips in a row.

Shutting the door against That bodiless surveillance, he begins To waken, and his eyes to clear, Conforming room to room

And shaking off the dream For good, except that later on, in daylight, Walking down street or corridor Upon a clear-cut errand,

His mood will briefly yield To an odd notion like an undertow, A sense that he is mortally Beset, and in need of ransom.

Example: What is the reason that illegal drugs are considered as such?

think about it. i am not a marijuana user, lsd user or a mushroom user but if they are so bad, why aren't cigarettes put in that same category of illegal. some contain rat poison. smoking it for long periods of time can cause gangrene, throat cancer and many other diseases. isnt it in some way just as bad as the 3 "drugs" i mentioned. other things can be like alcohol (sadly some people cant get laid without it) and pharmacy drugs. seriously, i know of this legal pill used to treat asthma that has the side effects of shortening the user's breathing. isnt that weird? its true after all

Example: Where are magic mushrooms stored in the body?

i know it stays for about a week but where?

Example: Can you tell me about shrooms, magic mushrooms, etc.?

Psilocybe? Psilocybin? What are all these words that have to do with shrooms?
I want to know all I can about shrooms, I'm going to do a report on them. Can you try to dull it down a tad though, I'm only in high school.

Are they poisonous? How do you take them? What do all the P- words mean? Are they illegal in California, and under what grounds? How do they grow? Where do they grow? Pretty much everything. Please don't copy and paste the wiki page. I want that wiki page, but make it easier to understand. THANKS, this is knowledge that will have a very good use and I promise I won't take shrooms.

Thanks! 10 PTS best answer

Example: Have you ever had a hallucination ?

i don't mean in the dream state, i mean an all out hallucination?

lol i remember one time i took some shrooms and i didn't feel the effects,so i walked to wawa to get some food, after i picked up my food i was walking back, and i saw a guy riding a bicycle but he was not moving. He was stuck in place, just cycling in one spot. This freaked me out but i maintained my composure and was able to walk home. But the road was shifting and they sky was drooping. It was beautiful chaos.

Example: How do I know if I''m intuitive? ?

Real experts only!

Example: So I wanna try shrooms or mushrooms whatever, can I?

I have a strong relation with god
And don't wanna mess that up... Um also how much should I take and how much do they cost?

Example: Accessing Dream Functions While Awake?

When we sleep we access parts of brain that are usually inaccessible. These parts of our brain allow for the construction of a virtual environment (dream). I would like to be able to use this part of my brain regardless of my state of consciousness and I have experienced some wild things which would suggest that this is possible. The concept falls along the lines with lucid dreaming but is about the ability to do it at anytime, anywhere and you don't have to fall asleep. You just close your eyes access the brain functions allowing for the this virtual creation of worlds.

Assuming this possible, has anyone ever done this and what are your thoughts on how to do it?

Making 100% sure I won't get this answer : "Have you heard of lucid dreaming?". That's not what I want to do. I've mastered that and now I want to experience something more powerful even than that. Please re read my post if you don't understand what I mean.

Thank you.

Example: I do drugs and I''m 13? Do I need help?

Well I'm turning 14 soon, but I'm still 13.
First off I'd like to say that I'm not trolling or "bragging" (even though I don't know why anyone would brag about this). I really want to know if I should look into therapy or something, I don't know what to do and I don't want to go down the wrong path.
Ok, well here's the story. I just finished eighth grade, and this year has been pretty ******* crappy. My parents split (my mom had been having an affair for 6 years). Let's just say I haven't been coping very well; I've gotten into drugs. Not just weed but:
-amphetamines (snorted friends adderall)
-opiates (hydromorphone)
-weed (every other day)

I'm going to high school next year, and I know there's a lot worse stuff over there. I mean, it's not like I do all this stuff everyday, but yeah I do it somewhat often. I don't know what to do, I don't want to get addicted or become ******* homeless or whatever but I might just be overreacting. Argh. But I do maintain good grades (3.7 GPA)

Help me out

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