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Dream About Psychic meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean? (is it psychic?)?

Well,a few nights ago i had this dream,but it has been so strange that i still have it clearly in my mind.It starts out with me being outside on a pitch black night (no moon) on a road & next to a police car,with 3 other men,only 2 were in uniform.The only light was that of the lights on top of the car which were orange & blue.Time passed,and we could all feel that a danger was lurking in the darkness.It was some sorta monster that we couldnt see,only hear.Slowly,it attacked one cop and ate it in the darkness,then it countinued to the other one.All while the officer(not in uniform) tired to unlock the car door but couldnt.He was screaming and banging on the window.When the thing finished with the other cop,we somehow go into the car,me in the backseat,him the driver.We escaped.The thing is,none of the cops ever seemed to notice i was there.Well then the dream shifted to a ''time travel'' It was some kinda mission,the year 1989...but i turned the dial past 2008 to 2011,but to no avail

This is quite a detailed dream. And of course it does sound psychic. Or someone is advertising into your dreams. =] The absence of light could mean you're going through a dark time in your life, where you might be hopeless. The monster indicates a threat at hand that is not tangible. The fact that it ate a police officer, an authority figure that people all turn to, indicates that you're worried or you think that no higher person can help you. Maybe you're trying to run away from a problem, but you're finding it difficult, but it sounds like you'll manage or have managed to get away. Time travel indicates that you're trying to fix something that happened in the past, but it could be that even if you hadn't done this thing in the past, it would still've happened. It also represents change, 1989 the year before a new decade, 2011 the year before the legendary 2012.

So to sum it up, There's an intangible change that you're feeling hopeless and helpless about that happened because of thing you did in the past. You're trying to avoid it, or stop it, but to no avail.

I'm not a dream interrupter, I'm not a psychic, this is just my take on it. Hope that helps.

Example: What does this dream mean? Is this psychic?

So a few months ago I had a weird dream about being at the oral surgeon, and I was in the chair and I'm being put to sleep, and the surgeon walks in and puts cold stuff on my arm and says "this is going to be cold" then be gave me the anesthesia through IV.<---that was the dream
A few weeks ago I had to go actually toget my teeth checked cuz they saw I had all my wisdom teeth
Today, I actually got the surgery. But it was the doctor in my dream! And same scenario. I'm not lying it was the same everything just like in my dream! It's crazy..what does this mean?hahaha

Example: Dream meaning: of psychic reading about your realtionship?

I had a dream last night i was in college and i was carrying a photo binder filled with photos of my life and i had alot of photos of my long term (6yrs) boyfriend and I together. I saw a crush of mine from 1st grade (elementry) who was grown up (my age) and he came up to me kinda floating dragging his feet on floor (scary) and saw the photos and started crumbling leaves 1 big one 2 small looking at me not blinking or even acknowledging himself crushing the leaves * creepy* and was telling me that he see my boyfriend and I having a very bad break up and that he does not want to marry me he continued to talk saying my boyfriend is pretty much stretching out the relationship till he finds his true love. my question is what does it mean when you dream on a psychic, leaves, break ups, marriage, Please help explaing this dream to me?

Note: My boyfriend and I are very happy together for 6 years already. We are high school sweet hearts and have a very close bond. We talk about marriage. I do not question my boyfriends love for me at all. So i dont know why i dreamed about that?

Example: Am I Psychic? What does this dream mean?

I like have dreams and then like a month later my dream will happen like that I get into a water fight and I broke a lamp while in the fight! And then that will happen! But it isn't that often. But today I pictured my grandmother when my mom saw her and my mom told me what she was wearing and I saw exactly the same thing! But I didn't see her at all. Or if I'm not psychic what would you call that?

Example: What does it mean to dream about a psychic?

Ok here is the dream as far as i can remember... I was walking down the street with my mom and there was an old creepy looking van that said now hiring come inside for inquiry's so my mom went inside just to see what it was about, I tried to stop her because it looked like no one was inside, but she went inside anyway (she never listens to me). While she was going inside i followed behind her but when I was going inside to check on her she was leaving with a really old lady following behind her. The old lady gave my mom something (idk what), and my mom was being mean to her for some unknown reason. I realized the lady my mom was talking to was a psychic so I was really apologetic to the older lady so she wouldn’t do any weird magic on me or my mom. The old lady was then following me and my mom to our door step and as I was talking to the older lady she touched my hand and i guess she read my past. As she read my past she made a concerned noise and told me she knew about the issues i had with my family in the past. I was shocked, and really scared, but curious at the same time so i talked to her on my door step. She mentioned a curse on me then she changed it to my neighborhood and she said she would take it off. it seemed like she couldn’t go inside my home and i didn’t want to invite her in, nor did i want to go all the way out my house, partly because she was so intrusive when I would drift my body out of my door frame to kind of test the waters, so I spoke to her there and she gave me her business card to get in contact with her on a better day and a few other things (idk what). At the end of the dream I let her touch my hand one more time and she let out another concerning noise, but when i asked her what she saw she smirked and told me I would have to see her another day, but the thing is i never have the same dream twice so that would be almost impossible, not to mention part of me felt like it would be walking into a trap, kind of like the feeling I got with the old creepy van. Then I woke up (with my dogs help)... What do you guys think this dream meant? Normally i feel scared when i wake up from a nightmare the feels real, so I wouldn’t call it a nightmare, but i don’t think it’s one of those dreams that makes your whole day good either. It was just freaky and weird, and I’m ok with that, but I just want to know what it meant. I know this post was really long but i wanted to be as descriptive as possible. If anything hopefully you got a really interesting read out of this, but if you can tell me what any of this means that would be really great because this is one of those dreams that needs clarifying, thinks in advance, serious, non-sarcastic posts are appreciated (:

Example: What does my dream mean? (amateur psychics welcome)?

This actually happened.

My dad and i were tramping down a hill (my dad was mowing the grass at the same time) he was coming towards a cliff edge when suddenly the lawn mower pulled him forwards, he was screaming and then just before the cliff edge i yelled out let go!

and he let go, but it was too late he stumbled over the edge

Example: Psychics, what could this dream mean?

This dream's location is some kind of business building. I am walking up a stairs in the dream and open a door. The door leads to the Hollow Earth and I get so enthusiastic and happy and don't want to leave. I observe the surroundings. I then walk back to the "Outer Earth" (back through the door) and take my mom and dad to come with me to the Inner Hollow Earth world. I then wake up. I was such in a good mood but kind of disappointed too because the dream ended. I wanted the dream to continue. It felt "almost real".

Example: What does it mean to dream about psychics?

I had a dream that i was going to get a reading from a psychic, and she only spoke spanish so my friend was there translating. I dont remember what she said but it was good things. After the reading she gave me $120. What does this mean? On top of that, now that i had this dream, i told my friend that i want to see a psychic, turns out the one she sees is a spanish speaking one, so she offered to come with me to translate.

Example: I want to know what my dream means (psychics)?

okay i was bending down on the floor on the second floor touching the floor,and the first floor was burning down but somehow i put my hands to the carpet and it was vibrating like if i was stopping the fire from going up ,nd then i heard a mans voice it said to me "Jupiter has gotten you closer to god" and then i felt like a spirit that poke me and i woke up...

Example: What does it mean to dream a psychic is telling you your future?

I had a dream I went to a psychic and it was very realistic, I thought it was real. The psychic was reading my and sensing me she told me to relax and let my future come to her. Then she said I will fall in love young and get married at a young age. I thought this dream was weird considering I'm 14 and don't really think about my future that much any one know what this dream means?

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