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Dream About Pubic Hair meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream im shaving my pubic hair? lol?

Just wondering

maybe your sub conscious wants you to shave your pubic hair haha. might as well try it. see if you feel that you have fulfilled your destiny

Example: Bizarre recurring dream - unable to shave pubic hair?

I know this is weird, but I have dreams with this element in it a few times a month, and have for a long time now. The dreams are all different, but there's a similar theme: I'm trying to shave my pubic hair or someone else's, but it doesn't get shaved off. Like, I swipe the razor, and it's all still there, over and over. It's really weird. The dreams aren't always sexual in nature, only times. I don't have any issues with pubic hair in real life (I don't shave if I'm single, if I'm dating, I shave). What the hell is going through my head at night? Does this mean something?

Example: Is it common to have dreams about my pubic hair falling out?

Every night I dream that Im in Walmart buying stuff and Im standing in the checkout line and suddenly I feel something strange and my pubic hair falls on the floor. Does anyone else have this happen?

Example: Had a dream about growing tomatoes in my pubic hair?

I had a dream about growing tomatoes in my pubic hair and they were like huge halve tomatoes and they were in my pubic hair .. ! what does this mean?

Oh and i remeber in the dream i somehow got to the DR and they said they had to remove them with surgery?
and nobody said anything to me about my vagina.

Example: I noticed that i have orange hair growing out of my pubic area what could this mean?

Example: I had a pretty weird dream bout my pubes?

I had a dream that I shaved my pubic hair, What does that mean?

Example: What do wet dreams mean?

When i was 12 i had a wet dream, no ejeculation, i didn't masturbate back then.
Usually pubic hair is the first sign of puberty
but i didn't grow pubic hair until 15
so i had a wet dream at 12
and first sign of puberty at 15
what does this mean ? PLEASE HELP

Example: What does this disgusting dream mean?

I had a dream this morning that this reporter was questioning a man who had a relationship with a young girl. He was talking in a very intense manner, and it was obvious that the reporter was intimidated by him. She was visibly shaken and she was stumbling over her words. Then the guy asked the reporter, "Want to know why she lost all her pubic hair?" And then he started pooping in this bowl, and he was pooping A LOT. It was disgusting.
What does this dream mean and why did I have it?

Example: What does my dream mean?

My name is Toni and I had a wet dream about me and my freind Elise. I am Bisexual but I never thought about liking my friend Elise. I had the dream a couple ays after Elise told me she was Bisexual.
Well here's how it goes.

Well in my dream me and Elise were in my car and we drove past the Tops grocery store. Then we got back to my house and Elise was leaning up against my bed while I went to the bathroom. Then I come back and she says

"Hey I was talking to your neighbors about what we used to do." [While she started to take her pants of showing me her pubic hair]
i replied
"Yeah I remember."

Then I went to my bed and next thing I new we were kissing. Then we had sex. I mean we had SEX I could feel it and everything. Does this mean that I love my freind Elise?

Example: Whats the purpose of pubic hair? I think it looks gross.?

So, why do we have it?

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