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Dream About Puppets meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Do our dreams mean anything?

Do they have meaning/importance? I dream of my ex boyfriend quite frequently and randomly, I haven't even seen him since we broke up. So just wondering if dreams in general have any real importance or if I should look into them?

I think dreams definitely do have meaning and they are definitely worth paying attention to. I disagree that they are just simple, meaningless reflections of our days as many reductionist thinkers would suggest, and I disagree that dreams are psychic warnings that tell the future. For me, dreams are one of the most incredible gifts in the world and allow us an insight into our innermost selves; the things buried deep within us and untapped, primal wisdom. Dreams force us to confront what we are afraid and uncomfortable with, and they shove us to look at what we need and what we desire; they help us to untangle the things which we are confused about. They do not need to make sense as much as they need to make us feel things: dreams are sensory. Dreams are not linear, they do not provide us with straightforward answers, but rather everything in a dream relies on our own creative energy: our own symbolism, our own imagery, our own metaphors. Dreaming is similar to poetry as it is not meant to make sense necessarily to the logical mind which tries to compartmentalize, rationalize and simplify, but rather it can only be understand by the perceptive, creative, and intuitive mind which looks outside of the box and relies on feeling and sensation.

For example; when I was younger I used to have recurring dreams of being chased, terrified, by people who wanted to capture me. I would do EVERYTHING to get away from them. However, when I was caught it was like I was flooded with relief and comfort. Then, I would try everything to escape again. After analyzing this dream for a while I realized that my dream was trying to untangle the confusion I felt whilst awake: the conflict between my desire to assert myself and be independent and the comfort that came with being submissive and having others take care of me and my decisions.

Understanding dreams can be enormously beneficial to emotional growth and resolving personal issues; dreams are great tools for self discovery and self development. However, do not believe people unflinchingly when they tell you that something in your dreams symbolizes something. They might say that dreaming of a foal means newness or something - people can only ever SUGGEST what symbols mean: they do not know you nearly as well as you can know yourself. For example, someone might think puppet shows symbolize a happy childhood, where as others may think puppets are creepy as ****! Everyone has different emotional responses to things, everyone has different experiences and different people will have different connotations for everything they approach. So when you're confused about what your dream means, ask yourself how you feel about it, ask yourself what comes to mind when you dream of a wolf, try to pick out symbols and themes and connect the dots for yourself - dreams can be understood only through self-examination, others can only guide you to your meaning, not pull it out for you.

As for why you may be dreaming about your ex-boyfriend; how do you feel about him? Do you miss him? Do you despise him? Are you friends with him? How is he behaving in your dream? How do you feel about him in your dream compared with real life? Do you feel insecure about him? Do you want to know if he's okay? Why do you think you are seeing him in this way? If you have not seen him in a while, what do you think has triggered him in your dream?

And remember, just because someone says 'but science said', or 'but the bible said', or 'the law said' doesn't necessarily mean they have the right of it. Everyone has different ways of thinking. Trust your intuition; all the answers you need are inside you. I recommend writing dreams down in a dream journal or talking about it with a friend - your dreams will become more vivid the more attention you pay to them.

Example: WHAT does my dream mean?

i had dream that i was in a hit and run (someone hit my vehicle and fled from the scene) and the only witness was KERMIT THE FROG.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream my sister and i went to a play/ theatre. The play was about alot of different subjects. it had puppets, ballerinas, animals,and stunt people. when watching this i was restless, wanting to go up there and do some cool stuff. my sister didnt talk laugh or anything. she just sat there looking at whats going on dully. i got out of my seat went walking all the way up to the stage it felt like it took forever! when i reached to the stage.i looked up. a man that was acting stopped to take a look at me... i walked away so he can go back to his acting. It felt like a movie. the camera (dream) was moving to see me, my sister, some guys that were next to her, the cute guy, and a couple of the members of the play. later, it zoomed in where the boys were. one was upset because the actor liked me, and i don't even know him. then my sister told me he likes me and wanted my #. i ignored them. when i walked around backstage. a group of chicks came up to me and gave me a costume and told me i'm up next. i got dressed into a mini 1800s looking dress that goes up a little over my knees. i had ballerina shoes. when i went out on stage the actor that fell in love with me at first sight looked at me and told me things. i could'nt understand what he was saying.. i didnt want to talk to him because i remembered the guy in the audience likes me and i did'nt want to make him feel bad. later he grabbed a hold of my head and brought his lips to mine. i did'nt fight back. in fact i kissed back. it was a long kiss and felt very passionate. after that they had me dancing balleto a very slow and sad tune.when i finished the whole play was finished. after everybody did their applause the man came and picked me up. we kissed again and he walked away carrying me. what does this dream mean? or can anybody explain pieces of it. this is the weirdest dream i've ever had.

Example: What does my dream mean (short description)?

I try not to look out my window,
but I get a little glimpse
and see the land covered with wooden crosses
that have blue and gray body's of jesus on them.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have dreams sometimes where i'm in destroyed cities and i'm the only one and I feel very peaceful. What does that mean? Does having social anxiety have anything to do with it?

Example: What Does it mean when you dream of a red-eyed shadow controlling you like a puppet and forcing you to kill those you love?

I have been having this recurring nightmare where I am in a dark void. No light anywhere. And a shadow man with red eyes comes up behind me and moves his arms one at a time. Mine move in sync with his, he pulls two guns and I do the same. We both begin walking at the same time. As we walk lights turn on from above and my friends and family are under them. One by one we stop. Look them in the eye, then shoot them point blank in the face. He starts laughing and I follow suit. I laugh in the faces of my closest friends, tears streaming down my face as I blow them away. When the line of lights ends I'm standing there, alone. The shadow man has faded into nothing. Then the cold barrel of a gun touches the back of my head. I hear the click of the hammer and wake up screaming.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I had a really bizarre dream. I was at a petshop and a big ghetto black guy was selling haircuts for 9 dollars. I really needed a haircut so I asked him to give me one. It was really nice so I have him 20 dollars. Then I was in the middle of a major shopping center and a herd of llamas came running by. Then a wild albino squirrel appears and mistakes one of my nipples for food and bites down hard. I then tell my mother about the squirrel biting and she decides to cut off my nipple and tells me it'll grow back. The cutting of my nipple felt really surreal. I felt like I was going to die. My breathing seemed to slow down and I would grasp for air. Afterwards I ended up in a creepy house where an old lady collected dolls and puppets and woke up.
What does my dream mean?

Example: Evil Puppet Dream?

I Had This Realy Weird Dream where this ventriliquist dummy dorve up to my house in a white van, and in the background, children were singing Laaaa La La, La Laaaa La La in a realy creepy way. I stoped my little brother from getting on the van. A Few minutes latter into the dream, he came back, only this time dressed as a kid. One kid walked onto his van and several signs came up that were had writen. They went by so fast that the onlyone that I can remember was "Sleep will soon come." He drove a way staring at me evily and I knew that kid would die, and then something about two weeks. What doses this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i was on the back poarch of my crushs house( her house was on the beach and i was sitting in a chair next to two people). my crush came out of the water and started walking toward her front door. i said to one person i really like her. the person replied by saying go after her you only live once. i then said your right and did a flip off of the back poarch and talked to my crush about going for a walk. we did and i found a yellow ball so we decided to play catch. i threw the ball over her head and then did a flip over a fence to get the ball. some guy that was mowing his lawn said he destroyed it and gave me a football. I then walked into my crushs house and was following her into the kitchen. she left the kitchen and when i went to go follow her someone told me to look at the fridge and all of the pictures that were on it. I then went out of the kitchen to find my crush. then i woke up .what does this mean

Example: What would this dream mean?

Okay, so a long time ago, I know it's weird that I'm just remembering it now, I had this dream about a guy that was supposed to be a demon. But he didn't want to go back to Hell so he asked me to help change him. He wouldn't stop killing people so I couldn't change him. When he was being dragged to Hell, he cursed me and told me that I was going to pay for leaving him the way he was and that good things would never happen to me.

What could this mean? It wasn't a prophetic dream, obviously, but I'm curious. Help please?

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